Week 5

IT’S SNOWING!!! The delayed weather gave us a little white surprise this morning after we left the temple.   We do not necessarily love it while wearing skirts but it’s fun to look at and of course, we tend to sing Christmas hymns.

Time is going by so fast!!  From your last letter, I read that Trina got a hair cut and she had a dentist appointment.  (Which before I forget, Mom; you'll be so proud of me, I've been brushing, gargling [sp] and FLOSSING every night.)  My teeth are still good and I take my vitamins every morning.  Hehe just thought I'd share.  

So, every Saturday, we go to TRC also known as the Training Resource Center, where volunteers (usually return missionaries but we like to call them “real people”) come so we can teach them.   This week was hilarious!  Especially, Elder Simonson (you'll recognize him in the pictures I’ll send cause he always take my camera and takes pictures of himself.   He's kinda a goober but we love him).  We had all prepared and said our prayers as companions.  We have 8 people in our district and last Saturday, we were scheduled the same time as our Phiithays (the older district ... who are now in THAILAND!!! :-] :-] ).  So, as we were filing out to go “knock on the doors,” Elder Simonson says, 'Doesn't this feel like Monsters Inc.?!'  I think Travis might understand it a little better and it might be one of those “you had to be there moment,” but it was so funny and it just gave us all big smiles right before we went to go teach.  I love our district.  Everyone is so supportive and fun to work with.

So mom as far as playing the flute, the MTC has some that you check out for an hour and so my flute is still at home ... under the bed.

There are a lot of jokes this week; rather things that made us smile [a lot].   I love the card you sent (especially the cookies one... my companions and I laughed so hard at the cover, which I'll explain in a minute.) The butterfly thing startled me, but I loved that as well!  Okay, so a few weeks back we were all sitting in class and Sister Stolworthy said, “It smells like cookies.” Just to be funny then, Elder Simonson said, “I farted.”   Since that day, any time an Elder lets one go (they don't do it on purpose, but they are boys and I guess it happens)... which is so gross because we are in the classroom all day we'll just say “who made a cookie?”  So when we saw your card, it was just so funny because that day was especially worse than others.   I think the Elders have a hard time with the food here.   Hehe

Yesterday, Elder Yuen got a letter from his non-member friend.  Before he left on his mission, Elder Yuen’s friend asked, “what's the oil valve you have on your keychain?”  Elder Yuen didn't have time to respond back so when he read his friends letter yesterday his friend asked, "Oh, do you put olive oil on your salad?”  -- Fun, fun times here at the MTC!   In 5 short weeks we will join our Phiithays in the field!!!

Okay so, each week as I make personal goals and companion goals, I try to evaluate what I could do better and what I need to learn to help the people in Thailand be really converted to this gospel and feel of our love.   I love the hour of personal study because I gain so much that I probably wouldn't have picked up if I didn't come on the Lord's mission that he planned for me.   So this week it seemed to all come together a bit more.   I really just needed a firm direction from Heavenly Father about what he wants me to become as a missionary and in the years to come.  Because, of course, this is not just 18 months of my life but rather it is the foundation for the rest of my life.   On Sunday, one of the mission presidents and his wife spoke at the fireside and it was an interactive type of talk.  Like what President Bell does during Stake conference sometimes.   So the question is, "How do I want to be remembered by the people in the mission: companions, leaders, the people etc.?"   Again, it's so amazing how things will all come into place according to the Lord's time.   Sundays here are amazing--it's just a spiritual boost for the week and I feel like I am recharged for the next 6 days ahead.   Well, I love everyday here, so it make me so excited to get to the field because I think if I can love the MTC as much as I do, I think I will love Thailand beyond words can express.  But always one day at a time, finding the tender mercies and blessings Heavenly Father is raining... or snowing down on us ;-)  Anyways, I thought about the question and I think it might be a cop-out but I felt it was right because the Spirit told me several hours earlier during personal study.   During personal study I researched each topic in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel (PMG): Christ-like attribute.   While sitting in the fireside, I thought I want to be remembered as a missionary who was able to portray every quality in PMG Chapter 6, following that the Scripture 3 Nephi 27:27 was brought to my mind.   And that's exactly it--I want to be just like Christ.  President and Sister Myers who spoke, radiated happiness.  You can just see it in their faces, the way they spoke and from their stories.   I hope that as I learn more about Christ and his qualities and characteristics, I’ll start to make them my own and also part of my life.   It made me realize that I lack a lot and my first step this week is humility.   I'm not going to be able to do anything without relying on the Lord.  No way can I learn this language or teach with the Spirit if I am not being exactly obedient and trusting all I have in Christ.   I recognize and am soooooo grateful for the help He has already given me in these 5 weeks and has given me all of my life so far.  It's amazing to know how much love that is, and that He cares for each one of us, to help us and to be loved by Him.   Everyone deserves that: the people in Thailand do, you; my family all do.  

Well the time is spent and I will send you a surprise shortly! 
Enjoy the snow and be safe driving and walking to places you go!!!
You are always in my prayers and my heart!!

Love Sister Yeo

p.s.  I laughed a little when you said Dad knocks the wall to my bedroom in the morning to wake Trina up and that you can hear the bathroom water running.   Hahaha I can definitely relate!  Not just when I was home but here at the MTC... we are across from the bathroom and we hear the flushing and slamming doors.   Isn't it great?!! :-) LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much for your letters.  Mom, you're the only one that writes me frequently and I absolutely LOVE it!!! BEST MOM EVER!!! :-)

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