Time Flying By Fast

Wat Phra Keoa
Wat Phra Keoa

Sister Eve's Baptism

Sister Kittima is always funny :-)

I might have fallen asleep on the floor.
But then, I studied real hard! And Sister Kittima is still funny...haha.

The weeks are going by like nothing. I'm sitting in the exact same chair I emailed you last week and it feels like that wasn't long ago. The reality of 12 weeks left is slowly starting to hit me. Even though three months is a long time, this transfer went (even though it was a special 4 week transfer) by so fast.

Sister Kittima and I find ourselves either really busy or really free some days. During our long planning we thought of ideas of productive things we can do during 1-3pm. The first councilor told us that it's usually the hottest and dangerous time to be outside. Sisters tend to work smarter than Elders, well at least that's what all my senior companions told me and so we haven't had to spend a lot of time outside in the heat. 

This week we really build a strong relationship and trust with the Bishop. Because yesterday was the fifth Sunday we had a combined RS and Priesthood class. This whole week we've been working on translation for the family history video and it was quite the process. We pretty much spent out whole week doing this. (Last night I found out from Elder Appleyard; our DL that this translation is to be used throughout all of Thailand.) All I can say is that I'm glad my companion is Thai because my Thai is not that good. Haha.  At the end of the week the Bishop was really happy that we gave all our efforts. We haven't finished working on it but we will in the coming weeks. 

Easter Sunday was great at church! We had a special program and I sang a solo. Kinda. I started singing that there were a few sisters that wanted to sing too and so they did and then everyone slowly joined it. It was really funny. The Bishop is so musically talented! I'm excited because I've missed doing special musical numbers. Since being here I think I've done 4 or more. His daughter also plays the flute but she just left to America so I want to ask another member if I can play theirs. 

This week we are focusing on finding new investigators by building trust with the members. We think that if they see that we are willing and ready to give all our effort they too will want to have involvement. The ward is already so strong but yesterday during sacrament when I looked around, two of the front rows were completely empty. That's 16 not coming to church. During our zone conference this past week when I interviewed with President Senior, I asked him what the vision is for Bangkapi. President is the type that loves surprises, so he didn't tell me much but he said he wants to split the areas to make 3 stakes not just 2. I think that is (obviously) inspired. I'm just wondering what our part will be in 3 months and on. If it happened in P-lok over 6 months then I guess we need to work twice as hard. :) 

Don't spill the beans. :P We won’t watch it till the 13th. 
OH YEAH! We are having that huge water fight soon. Remember last year? 
This year, I’m going to try to take pictures! :) 

Sister Yeo 



I can't believe it's almost April and still snowing! The world on this side is blazing hot! But it's great because the hard work pays off. This week we had so much help from everyone... again! 

I thought whitewashing would be hard because the first time we did it in Chiang Mai; I was a greenie and had no idea what Thailand was. But this time we have such a solid ward and our district leader is awesome and my companion of course knows the culture and how to get around. Our Bishop also helps us with everything. He's been serving for 7 years and on Sundays he is at the church at 8am and after church is done he visits members at their homes till 11pm. I've been really blessed that the branches I've served in and now this ward have leadership who understand the vision and work diligently.

 I'm not sure if I ever mentioned, but in our mission we don't go inviting. In fact, President Senior has almost made it against the rules to go inviting (knocking on doors and such). This week, we found ourselves sometimes during nightly planning wondering what is the best way to use the Lord's time. We spent a lot of time visiting members and teaching investigators at the church or at their homes and trying to find less actives. We also spend some time exploring the area and putting up posters for English Class. 

We've found a few new investigators and one of the girls who has been learning for about 2 months has a date to get baptized next Saturday. We taught her the first time and she said that she just wanted to learn for a while then when she felt ready she would get baptized. We taught her the restoration and told her straight forward that we are willing to teach her but we are going to meet with her less often because we need to go find and spend out time with those who will make a goal and are ready to be baptized. The next time we met with her we followed up if she prayed about baptism and she said that she wants to get baptized on the 6th! :) Her name is Sister กระต่าย (Graadai ..?) 

Another cool experience was on the bus going to an investigators house. It's takes about half an hour by bus to get to our investigators house, Sister Sai. At one of the stops a tall black guy got on the bus and sat in the seat across the isle from me. I felt like I should ask him where he's from and what brings him to Thailand. At first I didn't but then I looked in his hand and he had this small little black book. The pages looked a lot like scripture pages so after much debate I prayed then asked him those questions. We talked until we got to our destination. His name is John and he's from West Africa, he's catholic and came to Thailand to find a job hopefully teaching English. We got his contact information and later in the week we got to meet him and teach him about the Book of Mormon. I'm trying to encourage my companion to learn more English because it was actually really hard to teach in English when my brain processes gospel lessons in Thai. However she said the prayer in English and she is trying! :) Brother John also came to church and we are going to invite him to get baptized tomorrow! :) I'm really grateful that Heavenly Father helped me during this whole week. I've never felt as nervous as I did during that bus ride and that lesson but the Spirit works with us in many, many ways! 

Today we are going to one of the prettiest Wat's in Bangkok. Ps This week is also General Conference right? Or is that next week? Either way I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Yeo 


Traci's Homecoming Date

We received this from the Thailand Bangkok Mission Office:

Your missionary is scheduled to return home on 
5 July 2013.

Best Ward Ever!

With Sister Dukda!

S. Stolworthy (MTC Comp), S. Davies and I

Send off/Last day in P-lok

Brother Bob's baptism

New area/Ward
I'm sure you'll all excited to hear what happened at transfers. I moved from Phitsanulok and I'm back in Bangkok in an area called Bangkapi! I so incredible happy this is the only place I wanted to come to if I had to come back to Bangkok. I guess I will need to plan to come back to Thailand soon and see what the Esan is like since I will probably finish my mission in this area. My companion is Sister Kittimas and she is from Thailand from a province called Nong Kai. She is AMAZING! She is so hard working and has such greenie fire! She has such a love for the work and understands her purpose so well. I'm truly blessed to be her companion. Next transfer I'll be training. All with the rest of the mission (no surprise). We’ll have 35 missionaries coming in. Our district in particular will be really young because we have 6 missionaries here and 3 of them will be brand new. I have officially become the "oldest" person in terms of age and mission transfers in our district. :( 

The area is wonderful! The Elders prepared and have been helping us so much. They are also a blessing to us. The first day we got here they took us to some of our potential investigators and showed us a huge map and asked us what we think about the split in our area and so forth. The members brought us dinner and it was so sweet because we were all starving! There also happened to be a relief society activity on Saturday which was so perfect because we got to know all the members. There is a sister here who I met 7 or 8 months ago when I was in Bangkhae. She and her daughter gave me big hugs when they saw me and it just made me so incredible happy that they are in this branch. Oh before I forget, my last day in P-lok was perfect. Because we both had a strong feeling I was moving I did most of my packing on P-day and here and there. So we were able to work, work, work all day on Wednesday. It was also my last “youth” activity and my heart just about burst. My RC Sister Dukda walked into the kitchen and I actually screamed hehe. I can't explain how happy I was to see her after missing her for so long. The funny thing is, I told S Zatarain about her a lot the week before and just so happened that she came on my very last day in the area. It was a miracle. 

Right now we are trying to figure out what the ward needs and how we can help it grow and be strong. We met with a handful our new investigators and potentials and less actives already thanks to the Elders. Everything is good, yes as you know I will be coming home in July. :/ But I am happy to see you all. Last night I just made a collage of all your pictures in my journal. I'm so happy we will all be together forever. :) 

This week I don't have much else to report but Saturday brother Bob got baptized. When he shared his testimony, you could really feel how much this kid has changed. This quarter our mission is focusing a lot on repentance and initially I always think of it as 'we do something bad, so then we need to repent'. That's correct but there is also repenting of those smaller things that we need to change to be even more like the Savior. There is never a day where we should feel content because this is why we came to this world. To learn how to change and become perfect and meet God. 

I love you all!!
Sister Yeo 


Happy St. Patty's Day

It's been a really great week and things in Phitsanulok are still wonderful. Last Saturday Sister Oui got baptized and confirmed on Sunday!! She was so prepared and so happy to be baptized. Her testimony was simple and very sincere. 

I've thought a lot about my time here in Phitsanulok and the time I have left of my mission. This morning I looked over the last 6 months and was happy to know that every month, at least one person was baptized and Heavenly Father let me be a part of that! I love the members here so much and the investigator we have now; Sister Boom has such a great desire to be baptized that she is changing essentially everything in her life to follow the Savior. She was out of town yesterday but looked up the church in Bangkok so she could still attend sacrament meeting, Sunday school and Relief Society. Along with my "reflection" so to speak of my time here I thought about what Heavenly Father needs me to do for the rest of my time here. 

I feel like I'll be moving this Thursday and it's sad to be leaving. However, I have learned so much from everyone here and I have made some lifelong friends. The experiences have left an impression of love on me and I hope I've been able to do the same for others. 

Recently, President Senior sent out a book of "instructions" specifically for our mission. As Sister Zatarain and I studied it, we came across some rules that we thought would be hard to do. However, as we discussed it more, we concluded that obedience is what we taught Sister Boom the day before and what we teach to every single person we meet. If we ourselves can't do that, why are we even on a mission? We left everything behind to focus solely on the work! One of the rules we were asked to observe is to not write to our recent converts (of the opposite gender) more than once a transfer, which is a 3-month period. And if they respond, the office will not send them out and because of the change in office elders and AP's moving we should expect to not hear from them. (Not to worry, letters from home still get sent out to us) We both were so sad about it because we won't be able to contact people like Brother Jack, Guy and Oh, etc. after we leave this area. Luckily, there are other blessings stored up when we choose that we would obey this exactly. 

Overall, things are great! Healthier and happy! Sister Zatarain and I have had sooo much fun these last two transfers! I'm really glad that we could learn from each other. 

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!! hehe 

Sister Yeo


Finding God's Will

Is it summer yet?? It's blazing hot here!!! It definitely is starting to be hot season. Except, this morning it's been raining so there’s been a nice break/cool breeze; even a little chilly. 

Well what can I say? The tender mercies of God will never cease to amaze me. I wish that in a few simple words I can explain how much God is in the details of everything. This week we faced another empty investigator pool. After our last three investigators got baptized, we had no one to teach and those who were somewhat progressing suddenly went MIA. It's interesting how much my perspective and stress levels have changed in this area. 3 months ago, when we were faced with this problem I was so stressed and I felt that with S. Zatarain still being somewhat new, I had to help set a good example for her and that I wasn't quite living up to it. But of course Heavenly Father just wanted us to show that we were willing to work and then He would take care of the rest. The result: 3 baptism! (all of which are doing well and I'll tell you a story soon) Now that we have this same problem, I don't feel that same stress and we just worked and give our best every day. Well, as we are taught in the church, we are to fellowship those who are new and help nourish and give them the good word of God. We spent most of our time visiting all 9 of our recent converts. That itself takes quite a bit of time. We also visited less actives and just worked and prayed so much to find new investigators. 

So the plot thickens. Sunday comes and we are still in need of 80 people at church to get a new church building for Phitsanulok. One of our former investigators, Boom came again. She's been coming for about three weeks but during the week days she's a little flaky and won't make a firm appointment to meet with us. The three hours of church was so filled with the Spirit and there was something different. Fast and testimony meetings always seem to be my favorite because a miracle occurs. I wasn't there for Relief Society because I helped Sister Mink in Primary (which was so much fun and made me miss teaching Primary in our ward) but S. Zatarain came and found me after church and told me that Boom said she's ready to get baptized. All she said was she's ready with no further explanation. She'll be baptized on the 30th of this month after district conference!!! Yesterday, was a bunch of little miracles! Sister Bang, one of my absolute favorite members is going to Utah at the end of July for a student exchange program. She's been applying and trying with so many programs to get a host family and finally she got it! So I'm excited after I get home, I'll get to see her and welcome her come to Utah and then you can meet her too! :) 

Next is brother Gap. He's been an ETERNAL investigator. He's been coming to church for a year but still hasn't been baptized because he can't get permission from his parents. They want him to do a Buddhist tradition first and he'd have to wait till he's 20 years old and right now he's 17 and then he can be baptized. So yesterday during our lesson we asked him, “Have you explained to your parents what baptism is?” He told us what he said to them and we realized that his parents probably don't understand him based on what he told us. I shared with him my favorite scripture in D&C and why I wanted to be a missionary. I told him why it was so important to me. We committed him to pray about why it's so important to get baptized for him personally. Then we committed him to pick a date for himself on when he wants to get baptized. I gave him my calendar and he said the 10th. We clarified and he said March. THAT'S THIS SUNDAY! S. Zatarain and I sat there for a minute and thought. We asked him a few more questions and then made another appointment to meet with his parents. We are seeing them tonight with the branch president to explain what baptism is and why it is a blessing and ask their permission. 

This morning S. Zatarain and I talked about his lesson and how we can most effectively teach so that his parents will feel the Spirit. They don't need to know the mechanics of baptism; the details of who stands where and who say's what. We talked about how it revolves around faith. We want to help them understand who God is and what kind of love He has for them. We want them to know the Savior and feel that their son is not just getting baptized. He's following the Savior who will teach him perfectly how to be like Him and how to be saved. Part of the reason they want Gap to do this Buddhist tradition is because they believe that is how they'll go to heaven. Baptism is the first step but we all can't be saved if we don't have faith in the one who will lead and show us how to be saved. Baptism is our purpose but it is more so the individual’s desire to act as a result of their faith. It's God's plan for him, he'll be baptized on Sunday!! 

Our prayers are answered every single day. We almost lost the phone on Wednesday. S. Zatarain realized it wasn't in her bag. We said a prayer and backtracked but we didn't find it. We got to the church and Brother Guy said, "Did you lose your phone? Someone called Brother Fair and he went to go pick it up for you." It was such a neat experience. Speaking of Brother Guy, he is the CUTEST recent convert. He has such "new member fire"! During dinner yesterday night, the elders told us they were teaching with him and when the investigator sat down Brother Guy assigned who would say the opening prayer and closing prayer. Then during the lesson he pulled out the missionary pamphlets and would explain parts of it. He also wants EVERY church book possible. He's been persistently asking the Elders for a Preach My Gospel book ever since he found out about it. The best part was when he found out about the triple combination: Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price. The Elders let him borrow Brother Gap’s for a lesson and at the end they needed it back to give back to Brother Gap. When the Elders explained and showed us what his face looked like we couldn't help but giggle. They said he looked like a kid who just got his ice cream cone taken away. Anyways, he is the perfect member missionary. When he got a calling to be a home teacher he called us right away and talked for 10 minutes about how excited he was. I love, love, love all the RC I get to know and work with. 

Have a great week! 

S. Yeo