Last Transfer For Me?

Eating at Swensons with my new companion 

The Bangkapi Ward 

They like to put things in my hair :P 

I hope you're counting down in your heads. Thank you for all your emails. If in the coming weeks emails are short, I hope you'll understand. But in all reality I'll probably have a lot to say. When do I not :P 555+

This week brought challenges. I think Heavenly Father knew that Sister Mullen and I were completely happy and love each other and having success that He decided to split us up. My new companion is Sister Davies. Travis knows her. Sister Mullen is now doing amazing things up in Korat with my other previous companion Sister Kittima. I'm way happy that the two of them are together but it was definitely an emotional week for me. I love Sister Mullen lots and I know she's needed up there. As for Sister Davies, she is a great missionary so it'll be great to see what the Lord has in store for us to do! 

On a very positive note we are starting to see the strength of the youth emerge. Yesterday we participated in a meeting with the Young Men and Young Women's presidents for a missionary youth activity. The Laurels class president and Priest class president have planned to have everyone meet at the church at 7a.m. and have a missionary day. They will do personal and companionship study and then go out proselyting with us from 10-1p.m. This really helped strengthen my faith in the rising generation in Thailand. So many of the youth want to be full-time missionaries and just want to help us teach investigators all the time. It's really going to accelerate the work here in Bangkapi. 

Also, do you remember Brother Somnik? The one who had cancer? He came to church yesterday!!!! It was a miracle. Everyone was so welcoming towards him and very happy to see him, as much as we were of course. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts for him. He is going to be going back to the hospital but his wife has told us that she will call us when he is healthy and we will continue teaching him. This week in Mission Leadership council we talked a lot about strengthening the youth. They will be the future leaders of Thailand! We need to help them have a deepened conversion to the gospel and specifically to the Book of Mormon. I love, love, love this book. We are starting just about every activity to help members, LA, RC investigators be engaged in the Book of Mormon and use it in their everyday life. 

Also, this week I've been reading a lot in the Ensign from the previous general conference and I love the emphasis on the Savior (an exalted actual being) and the Book of Mormon. The words of our prophet and his apostles are true. They truly do uplift us and guide us. 

I love you all! 

Sister Yeo