He Drank All The Water

The weeks are whizzing by.  School is starting soon?  Good luck Trav and Trina.  How was pioneer day?!  So, that was the day we had zone conference and we went on switch offs.  So I taught English in BangNa and gave the spiritual thought about pioneers and families.  That was my tribute for the day :P  Sometimes I forget about holidays.  In case you're curious, the 12 of August is Mother’s day here.  Unfortunately, I won't be calling again, although it would be cool to call on my birthday because technically, it's Father's day aka the King's birthday. 

Well, it's been another great week in Bang Khae (and BTW, that's the right way to spell it...then again, I've seen it BOTH ways on street signs).  So, even the Thai people can't decide how they want to spell it.   Haha, but we had zone conference in Asoke.  So, let’s just say we woke up early to get there on time for interviews.  My first interview with President Senior was so good.  President is hilarious and he's so smart; he has quite the sense of humor but he also is serious about the work.  We are all fired up about the vision from zone conference, which was super fitting because this week Sister Monterrosa and I found "Heaven!”  So the place we call, "The Project," has 38 buildings right?  Each has 5 floors and 8 rooms on every level.  Well, "Heaven" has 51 buildings and also 5 floors and 8 rooms every level.   We talked about it and decided that we are going to “tear it up!!”  During weekly planning this week, we set our goals and we're shooting for the moon because with that many apartments, that's like 2 wards all by itself.  It's going to be a lot of walking and climbing stairs but that's not a problem.  Sometimes, we stop on the stairs only because we are laughing so hard.  My companion's so much fun...I absolutely love working with her.

Switch off this week was also super fun.  Sister Wallace is like a pocket of sunshine.  She's this short little thing but she's so full of energy.  They are doing such great work in their area.  While I was there we got to visit 3 of their investigators and one of them is getting baptized soon!  He's paralyzed but he's so independent.  I'm not sure about his whole story but basically, he got into an accident with a car and so he's in a wheelchair and he lives by himself.  I'm not sure how the sisters found him but he keeps the commitments the sisters extend and he read and prays and just so optimistic about his situation.   So great!

Our investigators bummed me out a little this week.  THEY DON'T COME TO CHURCH!  It's seriously so frustrating.  They are all willing to read and pray but when it comes to church they either have to go to work or they are going out of town or some other crazy excuse like I have to watch my dog...uhhhh what?!?!?!?  Except, one of our investigators surprised us at church.  He's a very smart man and he's reading in Alma right now and he understands it pretty well.  He just needs something that I feel we haven't quite figured out.  He definitely could increase in his faith, but then again couldn't we all.  He's somewhat like the “show me the miracle, then I'll believe” type investigator.  But we are going with Sister Lidta on Wednesday to visit him so we'll get to follow up with him about church as well.  

Ok I LOVE our branch president.  He is phenomenal!  So for the last two weeks, President Senior and the zone and district leaders have been getting us fired up about the vision for Thailand.  So far, it's just been discussed among the missionaries.  The next step is to take it to the branches and leaders.  We have our coordination meetings on Friday nights.  BTW, our ward mission leader is perfect.  Seriously!  He's the perfect branch mission leader plus it's really nice that coordination meetings are established here; something that we didn't have in Chiang Mai after the split.  However, I hear they have a BML now so that's good.  Anyway, he came in a little towards the middle of our meeting because he also teaches a scripture study class for anyone who comes.   The elders told us that about the new rules: 2 times at church, fellowships, home/visiting teacher assigned and a calling prepared.  He says: เีีหน ดวย!!!  He was so supportive and he goes off for 20 minutes or longer about how this is exactly what the branch needs and how it will help them grow.   This far on my mission I have felt the spirit in a very distinct and strong way.  First was when Elder Holland spoke to us in the MTC; second was when we met President Senior and he gave his opening remarks to us in Chiang Mai and that night was the third time.  Same feelings!  It was so great.  I came away from that meeting so excited and energized about doing the work here in Bang Khae.  I love it! 

So lastly, I wanted to share with you most of the greatest times on my mission.  That is from 8am till 9am during personal study.  I wrote you all a "family letter" about it this morning so that'll be one story but another was Sunday.  Currently, I am in 3 places with my scripture reading:  I am in Mosiah 18; Joseph Smith History Verse 46 and Matthew 6.   It's amazing to see how truth is always connected.  I admit that I've never really studied the scriptures before my mission but I'm so grateful that every single day I get so many answers to every single question.  Every time we teach investigators, I have no reservations about telling them that if they will really study and ponder they WILL get an answer.  Heavenly Father is so great!  He always keeps promises and I learn so much…this work is so important; it's true and it's the Lord’s.  I won't boast in my strength for I know that I'm nothing but I will glory in my God.  Amen to that! 

I love being a missionary.   

Sister Yeo 


Recent Pictures up to July 23rd

My companion, Sister "Nok" and I at the Church 

Sister Nok and I 

Inviting and we found a huge centipede? 

Us missionaries at the Church.  The two on the far right are not in our district but one of their investigators came to get interviewed to be baptized!!!   Elder Saunders was in my group (far right).   It was so great seeing him 

Celebrating being a missionary for 6 months (well this Wednesday) at Swensons!! 

One of our investigators baby.  So cute eh?!

Typically how we get around.  We don't/can't use taxi's anymore 


On the third week of transfers, my mission gave to me, 3 hour meetings, vision for the mission, Siiiiissssttteeerrr Nok, more Church HQ referrals, 3 Christlike attributes and a really, really awesome week in Bang Khae.  
hahahhahahhaha.  Ok, I worked really hard on this song (okay kind of).  So you have to sing it to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas.  We just love to work hard and play hard.   It's Christmas in July right?!!?  So can I make my wish list?  J/K J/K.  But I do have one request, of which I will ask later. 

Anyways, how is everyone at home doing?   Squirt, how was your birthday?  I ate a cookie on your birthday in honor of you turning 11! :D  Mom, I got your letters!  Thank you, thank you.  Tomorrow we’re having zone conference and I'm not sure if they are bringing mail but if not I'll get things on August 16th at Transfers. 

This week was so much fun!  I haven't laughed so much on my mission.  So first things first.  CHANGE!   Our new mission president has a vision for Thailand.  He's making it known.  Last Wednesday, we had district meeting and we caught a little bit of his vision.  Basically, they want to split the stake in Thailand into two and our area/zone is a huge part of the vision.  We left the meeting so excited and ready to just get it done.  Heavenly Father helps us out a lot too!  Within this last two weeks, Sister Monterrosa and I have taught over 40 lessons and we have 20 plus new investigators 13 of whom, if not all, we hope to see get baptized in September.   We have a “potential calendar” on our wall for a few baptisms every Saturday.  I believe with all my heart we can do it.  Given that president changed the baptism rules; so now they need to come to church twice instead of 4 times before they can get baptized.  However, they also need to have a member fellowshipping them, home and visiting teachers already assigned, and a calling prepared for them, all before baptism.   I told Sister Monterrosa that I know we can do it.   Heavenly Father just blesses us so much and the more we trust Him and rely on Him from day to day...we'll see it happen.  So I'm hoping (praying even) that we will be companions for one more transfer...but the chances might be low. Either way, the work moves forward. 

This work also involves amazing members.   Sister “Nok” and Brother "Od" specifically.   They help out the missionaries SOOOO much.  Sister Nok came inviting with us for two days in a row, she worked with us for 8 hours!  Which is amazing!   She is 17 years old and she has such a great desire to be a missionary that it just amazes me.   Which is why we laughed so hard and had so much fun while seeing success this week.   She is stellar.   Brother Od is our ward mission leader and he too does so much for the missionaries while still being patient with the elders... 

Quick story: 
So this morning we went back to teach an investigator we met inviting and she had an interest to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  She was really sincere with her questions and was genuine about committing to reading the Book of Mormon.  Before we leave, we invite her to offer the closing prayer.  She was a little hesitant because she has never done it before.  We were able to explain what prayer is and why we pray and when we do, it's just like talking with Heavenly Father.  She says, "Really?  Are you sure?  Can I ask him to bless my son and to bless me?"  We respond and told her “yes.”  There was a moment of silence and she started to tear up.  She expressed how she misses her son when he is away at school and how she feels so lonely at home alone.  She only gets to see him on the weekends when he comes back; I believe he's 9 or 10 years old.  While we sat there in a few moments of silence, it just hit me...This is part of what I am called to do: "comfort those who stand in need of comfort."  We left her with a specific chapter to read in the Book of Mormon and a prayer.  I am really excited to teach her again this week! 

Sorry, there is a lot more I want to share about the week but the computer had a problem uploading pictures so it was slow.  Oh yeah, I was asked to be the English leader again.  The program here is suffering a little bit so I hope to turn it around.  Please pray for our area and investigators please!! :D   Tomorrow is zone conference and I'll be going on switch offs so I look forward to telling you about it next week! 

Sister Yeo


Recent Pictures up to July 16th

The view from one of the buildings we were inviting in. The church is on the other side.

Bringing the world His peace ;P

Night traffic

Branch activity - That's our branch president in the red stripes .. doing push ups.  The other brother doing push ups is one of the Mission President's counselors.  Haha He interviewed Sister Bon for Baptism 

When our branch president the Elders and some members.  The Elder on the left is from Chiang Mai...His mom is Sister Deng; who helped us teach a lot.

The usual...always food...just the Thai culture.

"The Project"

Haha I had to share this :P we were in a taxi 

The church...Beautiful huh?!

The view from our balcony.

We ate at sizzlers today...hehe

At The Mall

In the Mall.  Pretty sure American Malls won't be enough when I come back. j/k 


The weeks are going by so quickly.  How is everyone doing?  Is it hot over there?  Because it is over here!  I never drank so much water in my life!  It's okay though I actually really enjoy it here.  It's not about where you serve, just how you serve; and we sure are making it fun.  I finally got around to organizing my papers and letters, etc. that I didn't get a chance to in Chiang Mai.  But I realized I never answered some of your questions...I'm sorry.  Sometimes there's so much to share and just not enough time.  But overall, all is well. 

So this week was :-))) Awesome.  I love, love, love my companion.  We have so much fun with her everyday. :P  This week, we met just about every goal and exceeded them as well.  We taught about 24 lessons and found 13 new investigators.   This week our goal is to make those people daters and start getting them to progress.   I think the area here will flourish rapidly and if we can inspire the members to be involved we'll probably just be baptizing everyone!   Heavenly Father just helped us out soo much this week.   My companion and I decided we would face challenges with optimism and faith.  She is seriously stellar.  She was sick all week and she worked sooo hard.  I constantly asked her how she was doing, because she didn't look comfortable but yet she worked and worked.   I tried to do what I could to help her but she just way too great!  We have about 3-4 regular people we teach throughout the week meaning we have A LOT of inviting time.  

Now, most missionaries here don't like it because it’s really hot in the afternoons.  We've gotten to know each other and share stories often.  Things are fantastic here in Bang Khae.   I'll be honest--I miss Chiang Mai and the investigators there; but I love it here in different ways.  This week I thought about how I can focus on leaving Bang Khae better that when I first came (like it says in Preach my gospel) and I liked the quote from the book you gave me mom.  It says, "I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances."  Basically, whether I'm in Chiang Mai, here in Bang Kae or other area, I'm still a missionary doing the Lord’s work and that alone is a blessing and a privilege.   

Oh yes, so we had a multi branch activity on Saturday and had a really good turn out.  It was SOO funny and cute because our branch presidents and all the leaders got involved.  These brethren uh to put it nicely are not the youngest; but we had this race and it was so adorable watching them run around.   It was one of those, you had to be there moments but Sister Monterrosa and I were laughing about it (in a good way) the rest of the day.   We received a few referrals and for me, I got to get to know the members better.  Later that day, we went to "The Project" to invite and we found a really adorable lady with four kids who committed to a date to get baptized!! We met our goals for the day and got a lot of new investigators and return appointments so it was a phenomenal day.   That morning, I read in Mosiah 5:5 for personal study and I saw it apply during my day.  In fact, every day Heavenly Father just gives me these little tender mercies and shows me how what I study applies in life and the lives of our investigators. 

Right now I feel very blessed and hopeful about my goals in Bang Khae.   I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Thai and trying to finish it by the end of the transfer (August 15) so it's pretty perfect because we read a lot to our investigators.  The lady that is blind...we read to her and then the lady who is pregnant but her husband is in Taiwan; we read to her because Thai isn't her first language.  She can speak it but can't read it.  I feel like it's been helping my Thai improve a lot and quickly.  I usually use my language study hour to practice reading and writing and learning the lessons.  Seriously, Heavenly Father just takes care of us missionaries (and our families ;D) 

Well I love you all 
HAVE FUN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY SQUIRT!! I <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 You all!! 

Love you, 
Sister Yeo 


Pics From Chiang Mai to Bang Khae

Sister Deng (soooo amazing) 

Last day in Chiang Mai with Sister Bon 

At the library where we usually teach Sis. Bon 

The gate we go through everyday to get home :P 

Packing :-( 

Church building in Chiang Mai 

We found a huge field of yellow flowers... it's become my new favorite color.. reminds me of you mom :-) 

The Fourth of july 

Dinner at Sisters Bon's and Bam's 

HEY remember Jessie Carter?  She's here!!!! 

My new area!! Bang Khae. 

More of my new area ... this is in "The Project"

New Area - Bang Khae

How is everyone doing?  How was the fourth of July??  Surprisingly, we celebrated American style too and when we went out to our area, we came across a fence that was red, white and blue.  It's strange to think about holidays though...

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the break from school.   I bet it's hot, but not as hot as my new area.  I moved to a place in Bangkok called Bang Khae.  My new companion is Sister Monterrosa.  She is AWESOME!  She is from Orem but her family is from Guatemala.  She’s 22 years old and graduated from UCAS (I think that's what it's called).  She taught Spanish before she came on her mission.  She is the 3rd of four kids in her family and she is so great!  

It's been a hard week.  I didn't want to leave Chiang Mai.  I cried for a bit because we were still teaching investigators and they were progressing.  Bon is doing great and Bam is still learning; just to clarify, she is the one that is in school and will get baptized in October when she finishes school.  It was hard to leave but I had the perfect last day in Chiang Mai.  Because we met our mission president and his wife on Monday, our p-day was on Tuesday.  So our district leader called us early in the morning and I kind of expected that I was moving (It's a long story to explain).  Anyway, because he called so early, I got some packing done and then we went and did last p-day activities.  It was the fourth so...we went all out and celebrated (as much as missionaries do - so basically we ate American food and ice cream!)  I spent my day packing because I wanted to just work all day Wednesday and teach our investigators there for the last time.  We got some inviting in and a funny story to tell--we went up to this house but the guy was leaving for work.  Two little kids came and stood by him because they were curious about what we were doing.   So they ask us for a pass a long card and then they start following us while inviting.   This one kid was especially adorable!  He's 11 years old and he showed us the hood.  He took us to all his friends’ houses and gave us the scoop on everyone.  Oh yeah, earlier I wrote my testimony in a copy of the Book of Mormon I had.  Seriously the last copy I had.  I was going to give it to a family we taught a few times and have a date to get baptized but I felt that I should give it to this little kid.  We did meet his parents and we set up an appointment to meet with them...I hope they are learning right now.  We finished our night at Bon’s and Bam's house.   They asked me to teach and bear my testimony.  It was hard not to cry...they fed us dinner and that was the end of my assignment in Chiang Mai.  Of course, we finished off the night by BOOKING it home so we could get our entire luggage and get to the bus station on time.  Super appropriate ending.  It summed up my experiences there.   

Although I was sad to leave, I am really grateful that Heavenly Father gave me a change to be a part of those people's lives and they are now a part of mine.  I know I'll see them one day.  SO, my new area is very, very different!  It's been hard adjusting because this is a walking area.  So I no longer ride my bike, instead we take taxis and songtaws and walk everywhere.  I had to take stuff out of my bag because it started to get heavy and hurts.  But I enjoy it here. The church is about a 5 min car ride away and it is BEAUTIFUL.  It looks like the Provo tabernacle but white.  I forgot to take a picture but I will and send it soon.  There's also "The Project," which is 39 buildings each with about 42 apartments (I’ll let you do the math).  I've been so exhausted these last few days.  1) I’m not used to walking.  2) There are stairs... after stairs...after stairs.  3) Its SO much hotter here!!  Anyways, I sat down and made some goals for this transfer.  It's going to be a great transfer...I can feel it.  This area has so much potential and the ward mission leader is fantastic.   Seriously amazing, think of the perfect ward mission leader; that's ours plus 10 times better!   He helps the missionaries so much!  

Right now we are teaching a family.  I feel that they are ready to get baptized but they have some issues with not being legally married and other issues.  p.s. their daughter is incredibly adorable.  She just smiles at you like you are her best friend.  But we taught them about faith and committed them to come to church.  The father said he wasn't sure but they would try to go.  Sunday morning comes around and THEY CAME! 10 mins before sacrament started.  The members greeted them and welcomed them warmly.  Our branch president talked to the husband (who is having some LOC and WOW problems) then our BP told us he would come with us to help teach them.  

There is another lady whose name is Mu.   She is pregnant with her third child and she is so faithful.  She can't read Thai so we will read with her.  But she and her husband were originally learning with the missionaries and one was ready to get baptized but not the other.  Then it switch but when both were ready, the husband went to Taiwan to work... for 3 YEARS@!  meh.  And she can't get baptized first because they aren't legally married.  There is a plan though, and Heavenly Father has it all figured out for them.  

Lastly, before I go we read with this lady named Dii.  She is maybe 70+ and lives with her daughter; she is also blind.   Makes reading the Book of Mormon a problem.  But we read with her's helped my Thai a lot.  (sidenote: I love reading in the Book of Mormon; it's actually addicting and sometimes, I can't put it down :P) Anyways, her daughter isn't really interested in learning and doesn't really take care of her mom and I feel like she doesn't love her.  I asked Sister Monterrosa if there was the scriptures in Thai on tape because I feel that it would give her comfort and hope.  This lady is seriously so sweet; she just needs someone to love her. 

Well I love being a missionary...always wearing a smile!! 

Sister Yeo 

p.s. The new address is 

1645/6 New Petchburee Road 
Maggasan, Ratchatewee
Bangkok 10400

I've been getting mail every week.   Haven't missed anything. I got the blue blazer (which is super cute!) The chocolates!! Such a good 5th of July surprise... yes the 5th of July :P and letters and teddy grahams and vitamins.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


New Mission President and Wife

With New Mission President

Sister Senior and us


My keyboard doesn't work again so if there are no spaces it's because this board is stuck!

I have a lot to tell you about this week. I hope everyone is well.   Thank you for the letters and packages!  So first of all... I'm done with Training!! Tomorrow, we are going down to Bangkok for transfers and sadly, I'm leaving Chiang Mai.   So just to clarify, everyone does 2 transfers (3 months) of training.  Don't worry; I wasn't put on a special case. :P It's been fun here in heaven and now I'm ready for my next assignment.  Originally, I was super bummed about leaving but I realized there are other people in other areas I get to meet.  A few weeks ago I thought, "What have I done in Chiang Mai and whom have I helped grow in their faith."  I couldn't think of it because I was new and I couldn't speak the language with people other than bear my testimony.  But I thought more about it this morning during personal study and I'm grateful for what I've experienced these last three months.  Heavenly Father has let me be a part of Sister Bon and Bam's life and Sister Kwan and her twins ( story about this family this week) and just a handful of people and members who have also been put in my life.   I'm grateful for my companion, Sister Yinn and my district leader.   So I'll find out at transfers where my next area is.   Since today is p-day, I'm trying to pack all my stuff so I can just work all day tomorrow and teach our investigators before I leave.   

Also, I don't think I mentioned that we were in a threesome this week.  Because Sister Yinn left, her companion Sister Farnsworth joined us.  Yes, another threesome.  But I loved it; Sister Farnsworth was actually the one who I went out with doing “Dan Jones” on my first day in the country.  She is spectacular!  She really understands her purpose and just commits everyone to change and be baptized.  So I saw a lot of tender mercies from Heavenly Father this week, A LOT.   

The ward is so amazing!  They are taking care of Sister Bon.  Our branch president gave her so many of the church manuals and then extended a calling already!  She is serving in the young women and taught her first lesson Sunday. The relief society is already on visiting teaching.   Such a great ward!!!! 

Yesterday, we met our new mission president, President and Sister Senior.  Last Saturday, President Smith and Sister Smith flew home so our presidents only overlapped in country for about 2 hours-ish.  I already love our new mission president.   He gave a few remarks and I had a very spiritual experience that I treasure and want to share just a little.  

It starts with fast Sunday.  I had a lot of questions and I felt like I wasn't getting answers.   I knew it was on the Lord's time but it was something that was on my mind since being in country.  One question was about being happy and how do I know that I am genuinely happy not just something I do all the time.  The other question was specific problems with investigators.  I remember giving one of the most sincere prayers for the twins’ family.   I LOVE those two cute little girls with all my heart.  It's sad to leave them but we've been teaching them because we are trying to help the mom and dad be strong and active in the church; specifically the dad.   Except every time we go teach, he leaves or avoids us.  I want their twins to have the gospel in their life, one day during a lesson they were coloring and I started visualizing what their futures are going to be like and who they will be, either with or without the gospel.   I pray every often for their dad and so the night we were fasting, I asked Heavenly Father about it and I remember being very hopeful that he will come to church.   Sunday comes around and typically they ask me to lead the music.  I love serving in that way. (It would be good to have the members do it but I enjoy it)  What I love about it is seeing everyone's face and watching investigators and less-actives trickle into the back seats.  I think I smiled till my cheeks hurt.  So after the sacrament, I got off the stand to sit by one of our investigators, Lolee, who is leaving to America next week.  :-(  Testimony meeting started and one of the members who I've gotten to know pretty well got up to bear her testimony.   I look back because the twins are sitting behind us and I see their dad!!!!!! I don't even know how I contained all my happiness.   The member that was sharing her testimony sang a hymn, “Each life that touches ours for good;” and it just made me cry.  I got an answer to my prayer; Heavenly Father keeps His promises.  Every experience with fast Sunday since being here in Thailand has been so memorable.  Now, Monday morning comes are we are getting ready to meet our new mission president.  We also sang a super pretty arrangement of amazing grace.   Our new president doesn't speak Thai, but I know he's supposed to be here in Thailand with us.  Earlier in the MTC, Elder Holland came to speak to us.   I remember how I felt the spirit during his talk, I can't describe it, but I remember it very distinctly.  As we listened to our new president I felt the exact same way I did in the MTC four months ago.   More answers, more promises kept.  

I haven't shared my testimony with you but I feel that I should now because I know I am exactly where I should be.   Everything I have in this life is because I have a loving Heavenly Father who just knows what I need and how I need it; although I don't deserve it at times.  I know He's given me this special opportunity to represent His Son because He trusts me and wants me to know and understand my potential by serving others.   I testify He keeps His promises when we do our part.  I've had a lot of rewarding personal study hours because He knows I need to be taught a lot of things.  I have gained a greater testimony of faith in the last two transfers.   Why do we go to church?  Why do we read our scriptures?  Why do we get baptized?   That’s because faith in Jesus Christ will bring us happiness.  Like my experience in Church seeing the twins’ dad and hearing that song; it's the kind of happiness that you don't get anywhere else except in this church, because it’s the only true church established by the power of God.   The Savior led the way; He not only redeemed us He gives us hope to become someone better than we were yesterday or in our past.   A lot of times out here I’ve expected way too much out of myself and then get discouraged when I can't reach my goals.  I remember praying and expressing that and being comforted that I don't have to be perfect right this second.  I need faith that I will be perfect one day and then work everyday by being exactly obedient to reach perfection.   I know all these things are true.  The gospel is perfect!   Nothing frustrates God's work and it's a privilege that I am a part of it. I leave you a little of my testimony in our Saviors name, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Have an amazing week! 
Sister Yeo