Photo From A Visitor

Brother Larry Hogge was visiting Thailand with his son (I think) and took this picture and emailed it to us.  Here's what he said...

"We met some really great missionaries at church yesterday and thought you'd enjoy a picture of them.  They seem to be loving their mission and the Thai people.

Larry & Shaun Hogge
Thai visitors"

Specific Prayers Are Always Answered!

It's always hard to know where to start because there is so much to say. Thanks for all your e-mails! I enjoyed reading all of them! It sounds like everyone is busy back home and life is, of course, moving forward. How's the squirt and her testing? I send out letters on Friday last week so I believe you should get them next week? I’m sending you some stamps from Thailand too…they're cute. Then again everything is cute here cause it's Asian! 

Oh and before I forget, President Smith sent this to me:

 3:15 PM (20 hours ago)
“Elder Victor Chen (Singapore) asked about you on a recent visit. He asked me to say “hello” for him. I told him that you were very happy as a missionary in Chiang Mai. :) I could tell that he thinks fondly of your mom and dad.”

[NOTE: Elder Chen is an Area Seventy over some of the Asia area.  He is also a personal friend of the family]

Just thought I'd share.   Ok, so I did better this week and made little notes of all the things that have happened and can hopefully share them in this short timeframe. First off our investigator Sister บอล is doing great!  She has such great faith and Jollie, her friend that fellowships her, is amazing. I'm confident that she will meet her date on the 26 of May!  We started teaching her the plan of salvation and we typically have to take it a little slow because she has lots of questions and we want to make sure we check for understanding.   

I don't know if I mentioned it but with the new training program, the “new missionary” – I’m taking the lead in a lot of the lessons.  
So since last week I've gotten to lead out in teaching and inviting.  It's interesting because you all know that I'm a very social person but being here in Thailand and being social is hard for me.  That’s due to the fact that I have a hard time understanding some things.   People speak different dialects everywhere in Thailand; so for one of our investigators, I really need the gift of discernment to help me. Overall, I'm working on it and stumbling over my words; but I figure if I never say anything, I won't know how to fix it. I LOVE talking with ward members though.  They are so helpful and so amazing.  I want to share some of their stories in a minute.   

Personal study is my favorite part of the morning. I loved it in the MTC and it has just increased so much more here. During my study, I plan it around our investigators and what they need and how I can help.  During the week, I thought about what makes our religion different and true from others.  I looked specifically in the first lesson of Chapter 3 in PMG and the answer circled around authority.  It's amazing to think that from the beginning of the earth, the same authority has been taught and restored; from Joseph Smith to President Monson there is an unbroken chain of power. Authority that we have surrounding us especially in our own home with you dad and Trav.  

I'm running out of time but today I thought about what baptism is.   Of course, there are those answers like the cleansing of sin and it is symbolic of death and spiritual re-birth. But what is it really? I'm not sure I've settled on an answer but I came up (though pondering... which now I've discovered what it's like to truly ponder) that baptism is a build up of faith.   Investigators are baptized because they want to make covenants with God and the promise through faith that if they obey, they will be blessed. I got so many answers this morning and always not have enough time to share. But another one of my answers came from the talk, “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” I'm so glad that I was in the YSA 215 ward.   If Trav gets a chance, please thank Bishop for me. I've read this talk multiple times on the mission and it has a lot of power. But the paragraph that I got an answer from contained a quote from Elder McConkie (BTW, fun fact: his grandson was my MTC teacher!). Anyways I liked that it talks about exact obedience because that was the MTC goal I made for coming out to the field and it works!  Of course!! :-) 

But I’m still really with the family to finish the Book of Mormon.  I’m currently in Mosiah 26. I loved how it talks about conversion because I love seeing it first hand! It's amazing!  In verse 33, I think…it says something along the lines of Alma wrote the things he heard so he could have them. I thought about that and how sometimes when we receive personal revelation we don't always take the time to write it down. In PMG, the very first few pages say that when we record our thoughts, it shows God that we treasure what he has given us and He is likely to give us more. 

So I don't have time to tell you Sister Imelda's story but she's amazing...I wrote it down in my journal because she's that wonderful! She taught us and she strengthened my testimony of the importance of missionary work.  Such a phenomenal example!   I would just encourage all of you to look for ways to fellowship and to balance your life by slowing down to enjoy the blessing of life.  God organized it this way so it is right. ;-)      

Well, we are headed to Swenson’s :-) hehe. 
I love being a missionary.  It's so amazing!  We get to do it forever. 

Love Sister Yeo 


Pictures of 1st Week in Thailand

Last pictures at the MTC with S. Rodriguez and S. Stolworthy.  This one was my favorite. 
First night in Bangkok.

The house we stayed in the first night.

The โบสถ์ (Church).

Sister Mos's Baptism! :-) 

New home for now.

First Thai meal in assigned area - Pad Thai. 
We pass through Chinatown to get to our appointments in San Sai.

I had some delicious Chicken rice. :-)

Salad concept with my companion!

Yes... you know what it is :/ [Barbeque Pork Noodles]

Curry puffs :-) 

Hanging out at the night market.

I Love Pinapples!!

Being a missionary is the best job ever!! I got all your letters (3 of them). Thank you, thank you!!! I love getting mail. :-)  Although I didn't get a chance to write any last P-day because of other errands.  They have what they call Tesco here and it's like Wallmart+Maceys+Costco and everything else you ever need in life.  How is everyone at home?  It's summer time right?  and No more school, at least for Travis, yeah?   Hang in there Trina, testing is part of life. ;-) Study hard squirt!   Mom, I ask everyone how to cook things here, so pretty soon I'll have to send home recipes and spices.  

While we are on the subject of food… it's so good here!   My companion is surprised when I told her that I've already tried things or know what they are.  I suppose it comes from being Asian and besides, the food here is really similar to Singapore.   My favorite this week were the pineapples and mangos curry puffs (apparently, they have sweet ones here) and red bean!!   It's all super cheap and close to our house so it could be “dangerous” and I could gain weight :-( boo.   But we workout a lot and our assigned area is a 40-minute bike ride away.  So that's like my second workout for the day.   With the humidity, I'm losing weight too, so I drink gallons of water.    But yes, I love food here and it's so cheap.  I can't get over the fact that all the things I like from childhood are 5 บาท.   Happiness is bought in Thailand.   [just kidding--jokes]   

It would be awesome if you came at the end of my mission.  Apparently. a lot of missionaries do that here.   In fact, yesterday, Sister Richards was at church with her dad and she's just touring the place and all that.  

Side note, do you know Haley Holland?  Maybe Travis will know her?  She is my companion’s cousin and she said she knows you...?  So yeah. 

Second side note: Since mother’s day is on the horizon, we get to Skype but I forgot what my log in was and the password.  I could probably guess but I hope it's one of those things that I gave you.   If not I can figure it out.  I'm not sure of the details on that but I will be sure to let you know.

Okay, so this week was not as good as it could have been.   I can't remember if I told you that we are whitewashing, but either way both of us are starting to familiarize ourselves with the area as well as investigators and members.   It's really hard, frustrating and makes me sad when people cancel with us.   But I know there is a reason for it and I just have to be patient and also trust that God has a plan in mind for them.   We went from 5 daters to 1, which almost made me cry because no one came to church except one of our investigators.  Apart from learning the lessons and keeping commitments, they need to come to church 4 weeks in a row to get baptized.   Most of our investigators have struggles but we are doing our best to follow the spirit to help them resolve their concerns.   

BTW, it's so weird but I haven't run into or talked to anyone that's Buddhist.  Just about everyone here in Chang Mai is Christian.   I asked our zone leader about it and they said something along the lines that it's because of mountain tribes and so forth.  So that makes it really easy to talk about Christ and how we have the restored gospel.   People seem to light up when they see the Book of Mormon.   

My bike and I are becoming friends.  I'm figuring out tricks of how to ride safer and smarter (in a skirt!)   I'm not too intimidated by riding bikes here only because most drivers are really considerate.  They tend to leave a huge gap between us; probably big enough for another car to fit; either that or drive into the other lane to pass us.  So riding is NBD.   So Mom yes, I wear my helmet and go slow sometimes when I need it.   OH YEAH, my bike pedal totally broke off in the middle of the road.  It’s the funniest thing ever when riding with one pedal.   But I got it fixed the next morning and the guy did it for free.   We had specialized training this week so I told the AP I'd like to file in a complaint... jokingly but really kinda serious.   Then, I got chased by a dog for the first time.   There are dogs everywhere!!!!! Not a fan of it at all.   But anyways, we were coming back from an appointment and I saw one following me and then it started growling and following me so my thoughts are 1) scream 2) do I kick it or 3) ride away fast?  The thoughts of President Smith’s advice came to mind... “Kick it till kingdom come.”   Luckily I didn't have to and just rode away.   The mosquitoes here like me more than any other crawling thing.   I have about 20-ish bites everywhere.   We bought a mosquito net and a plethora of bug spray.  The Benadryl stuff we bought come in handy a lot so I don't scratch. 

Before I forget, this month our specialized training is about Family History.  That was the only thing I forgot to bring with me.  If it's okay, could you send me a copy please?  If you scan it and email it I can print it out here at the cafe. 

My second favorite thing this week was แืืืจกing. Basically, handing out flyers for English class.   We go down to the market and it's soooo crowded… so it's perfect.  It's reminds me of that one market in Singapore; sadly, I can't remember the name of it.   English class is super helpful for finding new investigators.   And at the end of the night we get food for Sunday and I ate the best coconut waffle ever!  Again like the ones Trav and I ate at the mall in Singapore but probably 100 times better.   My companion got a chocolate one and it was so good.   Haha, Food = Happiness here in Thailand.   I'll make sure to make some when I get home.

I always feel like I’m forgetting things but I will do better to write down little notes throughout the week.   The weather in Chang Mai is perfect.   Bangkok was super sticky but here it is heaven.  So the nickname is fitting.  The members are amazing and yesterday one of the friends of our investigator, Jollie (which is actually how our investigator learned about the church) attended 2 blocks of church with her!  That's 6 hours ... She is amazing!  I talked to them afterwards and Jollie said "Oh I'm going back to China in 2 months so I want to introduce Bon to everyone so she has lots of friends."   SO AMAZING!!  Every ward needs members like that.   It's even better because Jollie was baptized in February.  It's seriously so good.   We visited Sister Mos yesterday; she was the one who was baptized last week and so she will get confirmed this Sunday :-) 


All is well!  I'm not sick or anything and I eat super good and exercise to work it off.  We are finding people every time we go out to invite.   I love it when we don't go home “empty-handed.”  Our investigators are progressing and we pray for them to progress towards baptism; all on the Lord timing.  

I love you all.   Thanks for all your support!!! :D 

Sister Yeo


First Week in Thailand!!

I'm in THAILAND! Coolest mission ever!! 

I feel like it's been ages since I've talked' to all of you!! The keyboard is in Thai and so its fun to look at but it's just like an American one; with Thai Script. 

First off, the HK airport was so empty!   Everything was closed because we got there around 5am.   I was starving ... but we all survived. During the last flight I talked to a guy from the Netherlands, he was pretty cool. 

First day in Thailand was sooo fast! We landed around 10:30 a.m. and then roamed around to find our mission president.   Our group (16 of us missionaries) is the largest there has been in 7 years.   When we walked around the airport it was funny to see all the people look and stare at us.   So Sister Rodriguez, Sister Stolworthy and I rode back to the church with President and Sister Smith and they told us about Thailand and some fun stories about our teachers.   There will be a new mission president in July and so our address will change, when it gets to that point I'll send it to you because they haven't told us where it will be.   It's a pretty convenient spot in Bangkok because right now the mission home is about 30-ish minutes away.   I totally fell asleep during the ride to the church.  We were all beat from the trip.  We did some logistical things, then, met with President Smith.   

First thing we ate in Thailand?  Pizza... haha, which is a smart idea considering we all just got off a plane and some of us didn't feel well.  Don't worry I was fine and I'm still good! :-) We did some Dan Jones and it was awesome!! We drove to an area and a bunch of us went out and tried to place a Book of Mormon.  I went with Sister Farnsworth, she said I was going to take the lead... which at first was a little intimidating but I thought, hey I’m a missionary and at worse; I have a temporary companion.   It was good, like usual it took some searching but we found a lady who accepted and every night I pray that she'll call the missionaries and be taught.   Because it was in Bangkok (not our area) we left her a pass along card and explained how to learn more.   We passed out the rest of our pass along cards and met 3 super sweet sisters.    I pray for them too because they were so kind to let us come in to their house and talk for a minute.   

For the rest of the night we got our stuff and went to President's house to eat and sleep.  The food here is SO GOOD!! hehehehe We had soooo much FRUITS.  Mango, pineapple, Japanese pears, dragon fruit and another fruit that I don't know the name but it's like lychee.   I loved it.   We had rice and Massaman Curry and then had chicken and vegetables.   Nothing like the MTC. ;-) haha.  They gave us some health rules about water, dogs, etc. and then I went to sleep.   Literally, I laid down and thought this:  I’m going to rest for 5 minutes and then I'll write in my journal.     Yeah, right ... I woke up the next morning, journal still in the same place.  

Breakfast was just as good the next day!  Again, lots of fruit and sandwiches; things that you make mom and super good fruit juices.  We grabbed our stuff and went back to the church to meet our trainers.   It was such a bittersweet thing.   I was really sad leaving my 2 MTC companions; but I always have those memories.   We introduced ourselves in Thai to the missionaries there.   

My new companion is Sister Murray.  She's from Salt Lake Utah and graduated in Physics.  She's awesome!   We are currently serving in Chang Mai.  All the areas have nicknames and ours is called Heaven!  Which is so true because it's not as hot as Bangkok.   I was so sticky for the first two days but here it has been nice as far as I can tell.  Then again most of the time we have been WET!  The 2nd day in Bangkok was like a play day.  Because of Songkrang [Thai New Year’s celebration] it was an early P-day.   You'll probably laugh at what we did.   After leaving the church, 6 of us sisters went to a Mexican restaurant.  It's hilarious how most of the things I’ve eaten aren't Thai.  haha   After that we went to the mall.   Yup!  The malls here are just like the ones in Singapore.  

Being fresh out of the MTC and wanting to just teach everyone I asked my companion a gajillion questions and I had her help me memorize the baptism invitation.  Apparently the one I memorized in the MTC is wrong -_-   meh.   There are a lot of things I need to memorize; I wish they would tell us that in the MTC.   We pass cards to some people at the mall and the number one question I always get is," ben khon thai may?"  Meaning are you Thai?   Then I'll tell them that I'm Chinese and then they'll nod their heads and say, “ohhh” and then say, “you're beautiful.”   Pretty much how that it all goes down. 

Getting to Chang Mai was very long.  It's a 12-hour bus ride and sleeping on that bus was NOT fun.  I guess I could sleep but it was hard. Then, we had a full day of activities.   Oh yeah, let me tell you about Songkrang.  ITS CRAZY!!!!!!!!   They are not kidding when they said it was a huge water fight.   Bangkok was worse because they also touch your face and put...well it's essentially chalk.  It gets in your hair and clothes and you're just covered.   We, of course, went with the Elders because they are our protection.  Very thankful there are a lot of them.   That was Songkrang in Bangkok.   Not sure if I’m even spelling it right.  Songkrang in Chang Mai ... At one point I thought I was going to die.  JUST KIDDING mom!  Sorry!!  Not funny!!!  It's just a lot of water and it was my first day on a bike so 1) be aware of traffic and 2) dodge the people throwing (ice) water at you while trying to do #1.  I said a lot of prayers during that bike ride.  But I’m getting the feel for it and my companion and the other two sisters always wait for me.   hehe.   Today may or may not be the last day of Songkrang but I sure hope it is.  

Now the good stuff:  The branch is AMAZING!! We had our first baptism yesterday.  Yup!  Kinda freebee though because we met her yesterday too.  She is solid though!  Reading through all the records I’m really, really excited to work with these people and they are so kind.  Yesterday at church I could just feel how sincere they are.   The bishop is fantastic.   We met with him yesterday and with the Elders and talked about goals and how we can help the ward grow.   He is on the ball!   He's 27 years old and was released from his mission 2 years ago.   I seriously love the ward.  They are amazing!   We have 6 more baptisms in the coming weeks.  So our goal this week is to get to know them and to introduce ourselves.  I can understand now why they call this place Heaven. 

Well I'm going to try to send some pictures but everything is good.   If you can tell Trina that I have the hairdryer, I didn't send it home.  And dad, I’m not sure what time I’ll be e-mailing but Monday's are P-days and of course it will be before 6pm here.   Mom, YES I can receive letters!!  Packages are the ones that I’ll get every 6 weeks.  I've gotten 3 letters from some friends already.  I'll try to send a letter out to your family too today; it's on my list of things to do.   The food is so good :-) hehe

I love you all!!   


Arrival In Thailand

Dear Yeo Family, I am happy to report that your daughter has arrived safely in Bangkok and is in excellent spirits.  She has been interviewed by President Smith and oriented by the office staff.  She will receive her first assignment tomorrow morning at the regular transfer meeting.

     Her preparation day will be on Mondays and her email address is the same that she used at the MTC.  We encourage you to send her an email this week so that she will have a letter when she checks her email next Monday.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions during her missionary service.

--Sister Johnson
Thailand Bangkok Mission Secretary


Last Week At The MTC

THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!! Ah, I was so happy that I was able to see you on the balcony during conference!!!!!!!! I'm not sure where to start with the email but I hope I can get through it all.   I just want to get through all the little logistical things first because it will be the last time I e-mail you from the MTC.  (Weird saying that!)  

So how is everyone?   I hope you were able to find answers to your prayers from conference and the messages from our wonderful prophet and apostles.

Thank you for sending me the sharpie pens!!! They are perfect!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I use the black and silver ones for my journal and the colorful ones for my “Preach my Gospel” and other books. I also got the vitamins and toothpaste!  I'm super stressed about packing and the weight limit.  Later today, I'm going to send home two boxes: one of books and one of winter clothes.  

Mom I got the two belts you sent! Thank you!! Yup, I remember that picture Brother Steinagel took.   He spoke at a devotional recently and gave such a great message as always.   I remember my second day here at the MTC where he gave the workshop and just really opened my eyes to important things I need to know and do as a missionary.

I’ll sent home a copy of my travel plans so you can read the details then.  We are stopping in Hong Kong.  Mom you totally called it. :P  I'm going to go to the bookstore today and get a calling card.    I hope it works because I’m going to be super sad if I can't talk to you.   I'll call when we land in L.A.  It'll be a little bit late so I'm sorry that it's inconvenient.   I don't think we have time in Salt Lake especially with the check in and all that.   Then when we get to HK and with the time difference I don't want to call when you are sleeping.   So I'll have 15 minutes.  Mom if you write me soon, please let me know what's best and I'll do it.   Oh yeah, and since the phone at home is struggling, should I call you on dad's cell phone?  Let me know!  I hope I can connect because I realized last night I don't think I've ever used a calling card.... hmm :P

Well less than a week left and we are leaving!! So crazy to even think about it.   This morning at the temple was amazing and just calmed all my anxieties of going to the field.   It was great!

Yes Mom, haha Elder Archuletta is in the MTC.   In fact, we were hosting when he came in and he showed up in a Mercedes at a different entrance so people wouldn't rush him.   It's funny with the buzz going around about him.   But we are all have the same purpose and are all called to do the same thing; preach the gospel.  He came in a week after we started practicing but I guess they still let him sing in conference.   Last Saturday was different and spectacular.   We started our day with the usual 6:30 a.m. line up and went to grab a quick sack breakfast.   I was really excited that I forgot to eat most of it.   But yes, I did bring my curling iron, which I'm also sending home.   We took our time to get ready because it was kinda a big deal.  (Even the MTC presidency and their wives told us so)  We took two hour to get all dolled up.  I think the last time I spent that much time on myself was senior prom.  Haha

So we headed to 1M where we have our usual rehearsals and yes, again it was a big deal because there was a long line and the MTC presidency’s wives were checking each sister.   Hair, face, clothes,--the whole deal.  We rehearsed and got on the bus around 9:45 a.m. and left the MTC for the first time in two months.   We listened to part of the first session on the bus.   I loved it!   On Friday (day before), I fasted to know what I needed from this.   I got an answer later that night but didn't understand it.   EVERY single talk gave me the same answer with more and more clarity.   I studied it after we came back and I can't even explain how wonderful it felt.   It took up quite a bit of space in the journal. :-)   So when we arrived at the conference center we were in the little theater on the west side.   I felt special because I don't think many people get to be in that room.   We took a break and while I was sitting eating the snacks they gave us, Elder Achuletta was there and I didn't realize he was standing by my chair and didn't get a chance to say “hi” because two other Elder approached him.   So then, we filed out and went into the conference center.  SOOO cool being up there.   I remember Travis got a chance to sing in a priesthood session once... right?  He actually stood where Elder A stood.   hehe So, I surveyed the area for you but tried to make it look professional.   I figured that with all the flashing cameras one of them had to be yours so I just smiled the whole time.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing you all!!   I started to cry... I went back and watching it when we arrived at the MTC.  I was surprised how much I saw my face.   Again I’m not sure how to accurately describe the experience, but it was phenomenal.   Being able to sit near the general authorities and see again those who have come to the MTC to talk to us.   Sunday was just as good and I took pictures that I'll send home today.  

Well, just to finish up... it's been a great week!  Semi emotional because this is it in the MTC.   I appreciate that you update me on people who have said “hello” and remembers me.

So, if you’re asked the question, “how's sister yeo doing?”
Answer:   SO good and happy! I've learned a lot within the 2 and half months of mission.  Like President Monson said, take time to think about the eternal truths.   Being a missionary here has done that for me.  Each day, I learn more about my purpose and what I’m doing.   It's someone's SALVATION that I get to help Heavenly Father and the Spirit work through me.   Also, it’s helping with my own testimony and conversion happen.  There are a lot of thing I don't know and need to be better at... A LOT.   But I'm always thankful that Heavenly Father is patient with my weaknesses.   A lot of friends who have been missionaries told me before I came that they hated the MTC and it was probably their least favorite part.  Maybe I'm always the odd ball but I love it here.   I will miss the spirit and the people here.   It all really comes down to the attitude.   You get what you put in and if you enjoy what you have and look at the positive side of things, you can love it here at the MTC.   I've made life long friends, listened to many, many uplifting messages and devotionals, had personal revelation, learned to enjoy the simple things in life and so much more.   I'm always going to look back at the MTC as the foundation of my mission and for my life.   It's been a.m.a.z.i.n.g

Well I’m out of time but I'll be sending more letters home today (in the boxes I send).

Sister Yeo


Traci Singing at General Conference

Some of you might have seen Traci at the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference singing in the Provo MTC Choir.  So, here's some screen captures of the videos that are now available online for download at  Find the April 2012 conference and click on the "show music" link right at the top and then scroll down to the Saturday afternoon session.

Yes, David Archuletta is in the MTC Choir too.  Rumour has it that he's going to Chile Santiago

Can you spot Traci in this picture?

At the end of the session, we were able to catch her attention and she waved to us.  We were on the balcony level.  So near and yet so far.  We never got to talk to her though.