MTC Drop-off Day

Okay, after all the tears have dried and the emotions are under control (somewhat), here's what transpired today.

We went to the Olive Gardens for lunch.  This has become a tradition of sorts, with Travis just before he entered the MTC 5 years ago, and now Traci.  She had a baked Ziti but couldn't finish it because she was feeling a little "ancy" about going in to the MTC.

We got done and had some time before she needed to report in at 1:20 p.m. so we drove to the Provo Temple to snap some pixs.   There were many others who thought and did the same thing.  When the time came, Traci drove (with the rest of us as passengers) to the MTC.  We got a little "kick" out of it at the gates.  I'll see if I can get the video uploaded soon.  This new format of dropping missionaries off at curb-side is different but efficient.  There were a whole bunch of Elders who were "hosts" for the day that greeted her at curb-side.  They welcomed her, helped with her luggage, gave us a moment for goodbyes, and then hoisted her away.

We were able to get a couple of pictures taken.  Then, after some final hugs, she's off with them.  What a bitter-sweet feeling!  Knowing that she's off doing what the Lord wants her to do and yet not being able to see her for the next 18 months.  I'm sure many of you who are her friends might feel the same way.

BTW, thanks to all for coming to her "farewell" and/or then, over to our house.  She had a wonderful time!  I hope you did too.  I'm waiting for her to send pictures from her camera and will upload them when I get them.

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