I Love Pinapples!!

Being a missionary is the best job ever!! I got all your letters (3 of them). Thank you, thank you!!! I love getting mail. :-)  Although I didn't get a chance to write any last P-day because of other errands.  They have what they call Tesco here and it's like Wallmart+Maceys+Costco and everything else you ever need in life.  How is everyone at home?  It's summer time right?  and No more school, at least for Travis, yeah?   Hang in there Trina, testing is part of life. ;-) Study hard squirt!   Mom, I ask everyone how to cook things here, so pretty soon I'll have to send home recipes and spices.  

While we are on the subject of food… it's so good here!   My companion is surprised when I told her that I've already tried things or know what they are.  I suppose it comes from being Asian and besides, the food here is really similar to Singapore.   My favorite this week were the pineapples and mangos curry puffs (apparently, they have sweet ones here) and red bean!!   It's all super cheap and close to our house so it could be “dangerous” and I could gain weight :-( boo.   But we workout a lot and our assigned area is a 40-minute bike ride away.  So that's like my second workout for the day.   With the humidity, I'm losing weight too, so I drink gallons of water.    But yes, I love food here and it's so cheap.  I can't get over the fact that all the things I like from childhood are 5 บาท.   Happiness is bought in Thailand.   [just kidding--jokes]   

It would be awesome if you came at the end of my mission.  Apparently. a lot of missionaries do that here.   In fact, yesterday, Sister Richards was at church with her dad and she's just touring the place and all that.  

Side note, do you know Haley Holland?  Maybe Travis will know her?  She is my companion’s cousin and she said she knows you...?  So yeah. 

Second side note: Since mother’s day is on the horizon, we get to Skype but I forgot what my log in was and the password.  I could probably guess but I hope it's one of those things that I gave you.   If not I can figure it out.  I'm not sure of the details on that but I will be sure to let you know.

Okay, so this week was not as good as it could have been.   I can't remember if I told you that we are whitewashing, but either way both of us are starting to familiarize ourselves with the area as well as investigators and members.   It's really hard, frustrating and makes me sad when people cancel with us.   But I know there is a reason for it and I just have to be patient and also trust that God has a plan in mind for them.   We went from 5 daters to 1, which almost made me cry because no one came to church except one of our investigators.  Apart from learning the lessons and keeping commitments, they need to come to church 4 weeks in a row to get baptized.   Most of our investigators have struggles but we are doing our best to follow the spirit to help them resolve their concerns.   

BTW, it's so weird but I haven't run into or talked to anyone that's Buddhist.  Just about everyone here in Chang Mai is Christian.   I asked our zone leader about it and they said something along the lines that it's because of mountain tribes and so forth.  So that makes it really easy to talk about Christ and how we have the restored gospel.   People seem to light up when they see the Book of Mormon.   

My bike and I are becoming friends.  I'm figuring out tricks of how to ride safer and smarter (in a skirt!)   I'm not too intimidated by riding bikes here only because most drivers are really considerate.  They tend to leave a huge gap between us; probably big enough for another car to fit; either that or drive into the other lane to pass us.  So riding is NBD.   So Mom yes, I wear my helmet and go slow sometimes when I need it.   OH YEAH, my bike pedal totally broke off in the middle of the road.  It’s the funniest thing ever when riding with one pedal.   But I got it fixed the next morning and the guy did it for free.   We had specialized training this week so I told the AP I'd like to file in a complaint... jokingly but really kinda serious.   Then, I got chased by a dog for the first time.   There are dogs everywhere!!!!! Not a fan of it at all.   But anyways, we were coming back from an appointment and I saw one following me and then it started growling and following me so my thoughts are 1) scream 2) do I kick it or 3) ride away fast?  The thoughts of President Smith’s advice came to mind... “Kick it till kingdom come.”   Luckily I didn't have to and just rode away.   The mosquitoes here like me more than any other crawling thing.   I have about 20-ish bites everywhere.   We bought a mosquito net and a plethora of bug spray.  The Benadryl stuff we bought come in handy a lot so I don't scratch. 

Before I forget, this month our specialized training is about Family History.  That was the only thing I forgot to bring with me.  If it's okay, could you send me a copy please?  If you scan it and email it I can print it out here at the cafe. 

My second favorite thing this week was แืืืจกing. Basically, handing out flyers for English class.   We go down to the market and it's soooo crowded… so it's perfect.  It's reminds me of that one market in Singapore; sadly, I can't remember the name of it.   English class is super helpful for finding new investigators.   And at the end of the night we get food for Sunday and I ate the best coconut waffle ever!  Again like the ones Trav and I ate at the mall in Singapore but probably 100 times better.   My companion got a chocolate one and it was so good.   Haha, Food = Happiness here in Thailand.   I'll make sure to make some when I get home.

I always feel like I’m forgetting things but I will do better to write down little notes throughout the week.   The weather in Chang Mai is perfect.   Bangkok was super sticky but here it is heaven.  So the nickname is fitting.  The members are amazing and yesterday one of the friends of our investigator, Jollie (which is actually how our investigator learned about the church) attended 2 blocks of church with her!  That's 6 hours ... She is amazing!  I talked to them afterwards and Jollie said "Oh I'm going back to China in 2 months so I want to introduce Bon to everyone so she has lots of friends."   SO AMAZING!!  Every ward needs members like that.   It's even better because Jollie was baptized in February.  It's seriously so good.   We visited Sister Mos yesterday; she was the one who was baptized last week and so she will get confirmed this Sunday :-) 


All is well!  I'm not sick or anything and I eat super good and exercise to work it off.  We are finding people every time we go out to invite.   I love it when we don't go home “empty-handed.”  Our investigators are progressing and we pray for them to progress towards baptism; all on the Lord timing.  

I love you all.   Thanks for all your support!!! :D 

Sister Yeo

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