Last Week At The MTC

THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!! Ah, I was so happy that I was able to see you on the balcony during conference!!!!!!!! I'm not sure where to start with the email but I hope I can get through it all.   I just want to get through all the little logistical things first because it will be the last time I e-mail you from the MTC.  (Weird saying that!)  

So how is everyone?   I hope you were able to find answers to your prayers from conference and the messages from our wonderful prophet and apostles.

Thank you for sending me the sharpie pens!!! They are perfect!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I use the black and silver ones for my journal and the colorful ones for my “Preach my Gospel” and other books. I also got the vitamins and toothpaste!  I'm super stressed about packing and the weight limit.  Later today, I'm going to send home two boxes: one of books and one of winter clothes.  

Mom I got the two belts you sent! Thank you!! Yup, I remember that picture Brother Steinagel took.   He spoke at a devotional recently and gave such a great message as always.   I remember my second day here at the MTC where he gave the workshop and just really opened my eyes to important things I need to know and do as a missionary.

I’ll sent home a copy of my travel plans so you can read the details then.  We are stopping in Hong Kong.  Mom you totally called it. :P  I'm going to go to the bookstore today and get a calling card.    I hope it works because I’m going to be super sad if I can't talk to you.   I'll call when we land in L.A.  It'll be a little bit late so I'm sorry that it's inconvenient.   I don't think we have time in Salt Lake especially with the check in and all that.   Then when we get to HK and with the time difference I don't want to call when you are sleeping.   So I'll have 15 minutes.  Mom if you write me soon, please let me know what's best and I'll do it.   Oh yeah, and since the phone at home is struggling, should I call you on dad's cell phone?  Let me know!  I hope I can connect because I realized last night I don't think I've ever used a calling card.... hmm :P

Well less than a week left and we are leaving!! So crazy to even think about it.   This morning at the temple was amazing and just calmed all my anxieties of going to the field.   It was great!

Yes Mom, haha Elder Archuletta is in the MTC.   In fact, we were hosting when he came in and he showed up in a Mercedes at a different entrance so people wouldn't rush him.   It's funny with the buzz going around about him.   But we are all have the same purpose and are all called to do the same thing; preach the gospel.  He came in a week after we started practicing but I guess they still let him sing in conference.   Last Saturday was different and spectacular.   We started our day with the usual 6:30 a.m. line up and went to grab a quick sack breakfast.   I was really excited that I forgot to eat most of it.   But yes, I did bring my curling iron, which I'm also sending home.   We took our time to get ready because it was kinda a big deal.  (Even the MTC presidency and their wives told us so)  We took two hour to get all dolled up.  I think the last time I spent that much time on myself was senior prom.  Haha

So we headed to 1M where we have our usual rehearsals and yes, again it was a big deal because there was a long line and the MTC presidency’s wives were checking each sister.   Hair, face, clothes,--the whole deal.  We rehearsed and got on the bus around 9:45 a.m. and left the MTC for the first time in two months.   We listened to part of the first session on the bus.   I loved it!   On Friday (day before), I fasted to know what I needed from this.   I got an answer later that night but didn't understand it.   EVERY single talk gave me the same answer with more and more clarity.   I studied it after we came back and I can't even explain how wonderful it felt.   It took up quite a bit of space in the journal. :-)   So when we arrived at the conference center we were in the little theater on the west side.   I felt special because I don't think many people get to be in that room.   We took a break and while I was sitting eating the snacks they gave us, Elder Achuletta was there and I didn't realize he was standing by my chair and didn't get a chance to say “hi” because two other Elder approached him.   So then, we filed out and went into the conference center.  SOOO cool being up there.   I remember Travis got a chance to sing in a priesthood session once... right?  He actually stood where Elder A stood.   hehe So, I surveyed the area for you but tried to make it look professional.   I figured that with all the flashing cameras one of them had to be yours so I just smiled the whole time.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing you all!!   I started to cry... I went back and watching it when we arrived at the MTC.  I was surprised how much I saw my face.   Again I’m not sure how to accurately describe the experience, but it was phenomenal.   Being able to sit near the general authorities and see again those who have come to the MTC to talk to us.   Sunday was just as good and I took pictures that I'll send home today.  

Well, just to finish up... it's been a great week!  Semi emotional because this is it in the MTC.   I appreciate that you update me on people who have said “hello” and remembers me.

So, if you’re asked the question, “how's sister yeo doing?”
Answer:   SO good and happy! I've learned a lot within the 2 and half months of mission.  Like President Monson said, take time to think about the eternal truths.   Being a missionary here has done that for me.  Each day, I learn more about my purpose and what I’m doing.   It's someone's SALVATION that I get to help Heavenly Father and the Spirit work through me.   Also, it’s helping with my own testimony and conversion happen.  There are a lot of thing I don't know and need to be better at... A LOT.   But I'm always thankful that Heavenly Father is patient with my weaknesses.   A lot of friends who have been missionaries told me before I came that they hated the MTC and it was probably their least favorite part.  Maybe I'm always the odd ball but I love it here.   I will miss the spirit and the people here.   It all really comes down to the attitude.   You get what you put in and if you enjoy what you have and look at the positive side of things, you can love it here at the MTC.   I've made life long friends, listened to many, many uplifting messages and devotionals, had personal revelation, learned to enjoy the simple things in life and so much more.   I'm always going to look back at the MTC as the foundation of my mission and for my life.   It's been a.m.a.z.i.n.g

Well I’m out of time but I'll be sending more letters home today (in the boxes I send).

Sister Yeo

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