Thailand is Smileland

It's already another P-day! And I've already been in country for a month! What?! 

This might be short because sending pictures took an eternity and my computer froze 4 times and then once it gave me an error screen when I was half way through.

THANK YOU for sending me the family history record.   We had a specialized training about it and I'm super excited to be able to use it in missionary work!  I translated it into Thai and later today, I'm going to shrink it to keep a copy in my scriptures.   

So, it's been raining a lot lately, which is a month or so early for the rainy season, but I LOVE IT!  So much fun riding in the rain and then, people are more inclined to invite you into their homes out of the rain and then, what do you know... “Can we share a quick message about the gospel so on and so forth?”   But we are in good health, always safe always wearing my stylish helmet.... haha.

I did make a note to thank Travis for letting me use his mission bag.  This think is amazing.  It's like it's built for missionaries!  It has all the right pockets AND it's waterproof.  Usually all my stuff is in Ziplock bags anyways but again this bag is awesome!  

[Sidenote] Tomorrow we have zone conference with the mission president so it's a big deal.  Partly because it will be his last one before he returns to the states.   They asked us to play a special musical number.  Luckily, one of the members has a flute so I've got to play for a baptism this last Saturday and practice for this song.  It's so pretty and I love the way music just helps invite the spirit.   

Yesterday was so awesome!  It was fast Sunday, plus we had different opportunities to serve in the ward.  It was so cute because now that I'm more comfortable talking to people, there's this one sister who I was talking to yesterday and she asked me, "what do you think your purpose is in life?"  A very valid question so I gave her my answer and then she said, “I think your purpose is to smile.  Because, God gave you a very nice smile and through that you will get a lot of investigators.”   They say that Thailand is “Smileland.”   She is so cute and she helps me with my Thai because her English is very good.  She wants to be a missionary too so we talk about that and about life, etc.

OH YEAH.  Mother's day!  We are going to go to the Internet cafe at 8 a.m. so I think that's about 9 p.m. your time on Sunday night... Sorry, I don't know exactly what time it would be in Utah but we will be here Monday morning 8 a.m. :-) 

Our investigator Sister บอล is progressing sooo much.  Last week she told us an experience she had with an answer to her prayer.  She was absolutely beaming.   He friend got in an accident because of the rain and was probably going to die so she prayed that he would be better and recover.  She called him the next day and he was ok!   God hears us and the desires of our hearts.   She shared her excitement and we shared our testimonies.   A few days later, after we were done teaching, she asked if we could come teach her everyday.  She said that her days are better and it's easier to make good choices when we come visit her.  So we teach her just about everyday.   You can just see her testimony grow right along with her desire.  A few lessons ago, it was so simple but she took out some notes and instead of sitting at the usual table (which tends to cause distractions because it's where she works and she has to help customers), she moved us to a different room where it was quiet and we can just feel the spirit. 

There's only 3 minutes and I’m sure I could tell you about another hour or 2 worth of things but just to be sure that this e-mail get sent... 

Things are so great!!! I love being a missionary!!! Everyday and every hour ... even in the heat or rain.  IT'S FANTASTIC! 

This work is God’s work and we only know that through prayer and scriptures and the spirit! 

LOVE YOU ALL!  I hope you have a wonderful day/week! 
Love Sister Yeo 

P.s.  When the General Conference ensign comes out, can you maybe send me a copy please? 

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