A Very Interesting P-day.

Sorry for the late e-mail.   Usually by now you've received word but today we had some bad luck with the Internet.   We came here around 11am but for 15 minutes I sat and waited for the Internet to start working.   Luckily, I was able to read your e-mails and print them but when it came time for met to begin writing mine, the Internet died completely.   The Elders walked in after coming from a different Internet Cafe and said that one was out too.  So we just went with a back up plan and made sure we put time in our schedules to email home later. :-)

Real quick, I got a lot of mail this week!!! :-) I got the “Rice Krispys,” chocolates, the Ensign, the blouses you sent, the cards and pictures as well as letters.   Thank you very much mom, dad, Trina and Travis.  I know you all are very supportive and I am very happy to have all of you back home and always sending me your love and encouragement.
Dad - Do you know a Drew Thompson?  He work at BYU as an OIT accountant.  He's my district leaders dad. 

Trav - HAVE FUN IN GEORGIA ... you can mow the lawn at our house too ;-) bahahahha jk,jk 

Trina I wrote you a letter and I'll send it out tomorrow or Wednesday.  :-)  Good Job on the spelling bee!!!  :D I know you worked hard and studied a lot.  Have fun with summer and learn a new skill or hobby :-) 

Mom - You're the best!! I think the letter I wrote to you should arrive this week or early was about 5-6 pages so maybe it’s slow because of the weight? I hope you get it...if not, I wrote you another one this morning and I’ll send it out when I send Trina's as well :-)

This week was a little harder than last week. It's almost as if things are slowing down but life is still great as a missionary!  Just to clarify real quick, I'm still in Chiang Mai and Sister Murray is still my companion.  Because I'm in training, we are together for two transfers.  And then, when I'm doing training, I'll most likely stay for one more transfer in Chiang Mai making it a total of 3 moves.   I'm totally okay with it since that’s just how it works here in our mission.  That just means in 5 week, I'll need to lead the area when a new companion comes.  -_-   It'll be good though... I'm learning a lot.   Anyways, Sister Bon and Bam are still learning with us and I'm not sure if I ever told you that their date changed but Bon will be baptized in June and Bam later in the year.   Bam is finishing her last year in college so her school schedule is difficult and she has class on Sunday.  The AP's told us that technically that's breaking the Sabbath and she will need to wait till the term ends and that will be in October.   The day we went to teach them and tell them that information, they took it so well!  Both of them! They said that it's what God wants and at first, she was thinking that learning in a month was fast but now she has more time to understand and be converted before she is baptized.   It seriously so amazing how much faith they both have.  We are working to encourage them to get their parents to sit down with us and learn because they are around when we go teach anyways, but they want to wait till their daughters learn.  Ah…patience.   I'm learning a lot of it on a mission.  I just love it. 

In other news, our numbers and lessons were few this week.  Many of our investigators dropped us and people don't answer their phones.   It's been very sad but we know that Heavenly Father just has a different time table for them, and in time when they are ready, they will learn with us again or when other missionaries are inspired to pull them out of the 'formers' pile.  

Anyways I'm going to try to send pictures from this morning.   We went up the mountains in a Roddeng... I got sick but we washed the drivers car off with my water bottle.  Heh... sorry, TMI.

Also, some random facts for the week: 
Father's day here (The king’s birthday) is my birthday December 5. 
My branch asked me to speak in Sacrament... Pray for me please!!!! The other missionaries that have been here longer haven't given one but I know it'll help me with Thai. 
Mom to answer your question, my district leader is awesome...really strong testimony and good example.  Zone leaders are quirky by also very kind. 

Have a great week!!! 
p.s. we went out proselyting for 3 hours before emailing and we found potentially 3 new investigators. SO GOOD!!! :) 

You're always in my prayers and I love you so much!! Thank you for all you do, I know Heavenly Father watches over you as much as He watches over me. 

Love Sister Yeo

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