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Sister's Conference Photo 2013
Funniest day!! :D

Such a happy day!

A very happy kid
Went to Sukothai today 

Look how much our branch has grown in 5 months!! 

Sister Zatarain and I 
Look at the Elders we have to deal with ... haha Just kidding. He's awesome. 

Riding around.

Being silly.

This email will be really short! Sorry but we have a family home evening in about 40 minutes and we need to run to the store and grab some treats! How is everyone this weekend?! Did you all have a happy Valentines!?? It made me giggle last week when mom said that I don't particularly like Valentine’s Day; which was absolutely correct, but this year was ok. All the sisters in the mission got together for a conference [no Elders :)] and we heard some really good talks and ate a lot of good treats…and vegetables. 

Then this week we had a BAPTISM!! Brother Guy is the funniest person I will ever meet in my life. Saturday was nothing but happiness and lots of laughs. He's totally a goof ball too! He's about as tall as Trina so the Elders that brought clothes for him are about 2 feet taller than him. The clothes were soo huge. All was well though and it worked out in the end. The cool part was that Brother Jack; who got baptized exactly 2 months ago from Saturday was the one who baptized him. I've never been so happy as I was on Saturday. As always Satan tries real hard to frustrate our work because when we met with Brother Guy on Friday he was concern because his family had issues with him changing religions. Brother Jack again shared the most powerful experience and such a strong testimony about the gift of the Holy Ghost and facing trials with faith in the Savior. The spirit was so beautiful in the one hour and it was a special moment for the two of them. I'm so happy that I've been able to stay in this area for so long and see such real growth in various individuals as well as the branch. Sunday, Brother Guy showed up really late for church which made us worried because he needed to be confirmed to have a complete baptism; but don't worry he was confirmed and welcomed into the branch. He sat by Brother Jack and I and he said, "I slept in because yesterday, I was so happy after being baptized that I slept the best that I have in a while." It was such an awesome thing to hear. 

The branch here is growing. I think I tell you this every week but it really is and the members are all "putting their shoulder to the wheel". I don't want to leave!! ah. 

Not much else to report. We are happy and healthy and going to Chiang Mai on Friday. Elder Gong is here and it will be fun to see him and his wife. I'm sure you remember that she was my Chinese teacher at Provo High…so I'm hoping we don't try to speak in Chinese because I've forgotten it all and every time I come across a Chinese speaker, I answer them in Thai. Anyway, this Saturday our two other investigators are getting BAPTIZED!! Yeahhhh Sister Nook and Praaw passed their interviews yesterday and it will be another fantastic weekend. 

All our recent converts: Brother Oh, Sister Na, Sister Deng, Brother Art, Brother Jack Brother Taow and Sister Dukda are all doing well. Almost every week we see all of them at church... going strong and preparing to go to the temple. The gospel is beautiful! 

This week there were 2 people that walked into the church and walked out essentially wanting to change their lives. We had the Elders meet with them because the first guy had a lot of family problems and was about to take his life. The second was addicted to alcohol and wanted to get rid of the addiction. The Harris' (the senior couple) decided they will spend 2pm - 5pm at the church for people to walk in and get tours and we put a sign up welcoming all visitors. 

I don't have the capacity to explain how exciting the work is!! But I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father is right here in P-lok laboring with us. Caring for every detail and preparing the way for us. So many miracles! 

Well I guess this was longer than I expected but sorry I won't get around to emailing you all personally. 

Love you all!!! 

Sister Yeo  

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