Camping and Miracles and Happy Valentines Day!

Brother Guy!! 

Branch Service Project 

Happy New Year 

This week has been so fun! OH, my gosh! I love P-lok SOOO much!! First, the interesting news and then the awesome news. In terms of camping, the water at our house was turned off. :P We've been “camping” since Friday. One of my former companions here forgot to pay the water bill so they finally cut us off. The funny thing is, they never came and followed up with us; which is why it still hadn't been paid yet. Not to worry, I called the land lady and things are squared away. They'll turn on our water tomorrow. We took our showers at Sister Harris' house. Elder Harris was kind and left the house while we were over and went to the grocery store until we were done. It's been fun and the experience helped us to appreciate the simple things in life, like plumbing. J

Now the good news: Brother Guy is getting baptized on Saturday!!!! :D He passed his interview yesterday and this weekend Brother Jack (who got baptized two months ago, also the friend that referred Brother Guy to us) is going to baptized him!! :D :D :D 
Jack is literally one of my favorite people.  Right before the interview Brother Guy was really nervous and so they (him and Brother Jack) went outside and stood on the balcony of the church and just talked and I think it helped him feel calmer. Anyways, we are going to meet his mom tonight when we will invite her to the baptism and also invite her to learn the gospel! 

Yesterday, we had another miracle and this week, it is Brother Oh. He is another recent convert (RC) but started to go less active shortly after his baptism. We kept an eye out for him a lot; especially, since he lives down the street from us. He and his girlfriend were living together even though we seriously taught him everything, committed him to prayer, and committed him to do something to get back to keeping this commandment. Last month Sister Zatarain and I committed him to fasting. When we followed up with him, he said he wasn't sure if he got an answer yet. He fasted that his younger brother will be interested in learning the gospel. Well, for the last few days he has been incredible happy and we were sure why. Then he told us that three days ago, his girlfriend moved out of the house!! Yesterday night, his brother came to learn with us and he accepted a soft commitment to get baptized!!! It is really the happiest I've seen Brother Oh in the 5 months that I've been here. It was such a great week!! 

Church attendance is at 70 and we are just so close but not quite there yet. I feel like a huge part of the branch has “caught the fire” and wants to have their own building but there is just a little bit more that we need to do to reach our goal. Somehow, we are always missing random people on Sunday and it seems like we can never get everyone together on one Sunday. I was telling Sister Zatarain that I feel like our week just builds up to Sunday and we just need to have the faith that our work for the week was what the Lord wanted us to do and then when Sunday does come, He will take care of the rest. Every Sunday morning when church starts, we have 40 people and it’s so heart wrenching but then 10 minutes later everyone shows up. Guess it’s just church culture to always be 5-10 minutes fashionably late. Hmm? 

Our two other investigators, Nook and Praaw came to church as well!! They are doing great! They are both getting baptized next Saturday. They still have a little more to learn and still need to be interviewed but right now, they are progressing towards that goal and we are helping as well. This week, we have a lot to solidify with them and we are a little pressed for time because we are going down to Bangkok for a “Sister's Conference" with Sister Senior and all the other sisters in the mission on Valentine’s Day. It should be fun and we are both excited but it's taking two of our work days out instead of one. However no complaints, all will work out and it will be great! The youth group is really growing here and these three people getting baptized have really been prepared by the Lord! It's been neat to teach them and see how much it impacts them as well as the branch. Like that talk from General Conference; we are seeing REAL GROWTH. 

I hope you all had a fun Chinese New Year and ate a lot of yummy food. Ironically, we ate American food yesterday. However, in honor of my Chinese heritage I did wear red! J  What's the temperature over there now? BTW, Sister Harris showed us a video of students from Olympus high school in Utah that opened their mission calls and we saw three of the new missionaries coming here to Thailand. Two elders and one sister from that video. In April, we will have around 18 missionaries finish their missions and 32 come in!!! It's so sweet! A large part of our mission will be in training and are very young! 

Well, all is well on this end of the world. Sister Zatarain and I are loving it up here and she's great and we're learning a lot of things together. She hilarious, I'm pretty sure I tell you every week but we are always laughing about something.  
Oh yes… 

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Love you all so much <3   
Sister Yeo 

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