Visit with Elder Neil L. Andersen

Meeting with Elder Andersen, Elder Clayton, Elder Watson, Elder Wilson and Elder Woo
Sister Eve (one of my favorite RCs/members) and I 

Before the conference with Elder Andersen 

Elder Andersen :-) 

My cute companion Sister Mullen and I 

   I don't have time to send them all but here's an example of how goofy she was. Plus our RC Sister การ์ต่าย

Finished off the day with Sister Eye's baptism! :D

How is everyone doing?! It was so fun (and quick) talking with all of you last week! I miss you all. 

This week was phenomenal. I just feel so blessed with all the wonderful experiences I've had on my mission. I feel like over the course of a year and 4 months starting with the MTC to this very day, I have experienced so many changes in so many positive ways. We met with Elder Neil L. Andersen on Saturday morning (just the missionaries) and then had a conference with all of Bangkok on Sunday morning. I had a flood of personal revelation that I want to share all of it with you!

For today I just want to share a little bit of what I learned.  Leading up to this week, Sister Mullen and I were still working on the training manual together. Week 6 (which was last week) was about revelation though prayer. I looked at it on Sunday night of week 5 and I asked her, can we change this and study week 7?  Revelation through the Book of Mormon? (changing the order is something that the AP's and President encouraged if we felt it was right) Up until that week I didn't feel we needed to go out of order. Heavenly Father knew what our investigators needed and what we needed as well. We had several improved and powerful lessons with investigators over the course of the week and then best of all, Elder Andersen gave his talk about the Book of Mormon. 

A little after the conference, we talked about what we’ve learned on the way home. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. I'm sure you remember Prajack from my second area; Bangkhae and he is one of those people that I've personally been able to witness how the Book of Mormon changed his life. We didn't teach him but through the power of this sacred book and the spirit he was converted and baptized and received the Holy Ghost and now, the priesthood! So many good things to share. Lately I've been focusing my personal study on the 5 purposes of missionary work: Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. Heavenly Father has a vision (Moses 1:39) then He gave us a plan to accomplish it and that include those 5 points: the plan of salvation. AND THEN, He gave us the Book of Mormon, a tangible, pure true witness to know for ourselves if His Gospel is true. I could go about this for days but I feel a great sense of gratitude to Heavenly Father for my mission. If anything else, I will take away a year and a half of knowing who the Savior is and how much He loves me and not to forget--my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  

Ok, so back to the conference, the other point Elder Andersen talked about is "we are who we are". He mentioned concerning some of the Buddhist belief of reincarnation and then brought it back to Christ and how He is an exalted, perfected being. We have that potential to become like Him and we will not be someone else when we die but "we are who we are" Our spirits are eternal. I'm excited to teach that this week. I just want to tell all of our investigators and RC's. That is a beautiful statement. Our spirits are eternal! 

Overall, things in the mission are changing. We no longer have transfer meetings and I'm sad about that but I want to ask President to do one last one, not just because it will be my last one but we had transfers on Saturday and it was so incredibly crazy and hectic and everything. Of course, we won't always have an apostle here but I feel like the AP's were trying to get things done. None of the other Sister leaders knew what was going on except me. It’s not stressful but we all feel a little pressure at time. I'm excited to work with some of the Elders that have been called to be ZLs because they are mature and understand how to get things done. So much to do and now literally so little time. :(   If only we could all be missionaries forever. ;)  ... oh wait we are. 

Read the Book of Mormon every day! We will know what Heavenly Father wants us to do especially when we read His instructions! 

I love you all!! 
Have a great weekend! 

Love always, 
Sister Yeo 

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