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How is everyone doing?  The keyboard I'm using is a little wonky so sometimes, I might not capitalize things. Thank you all for your letters!!! Mom, I got that book you gave me (the purple one and the one from John Bytheway).   It's funny because two weeks ago, I was thinking about that and how I saw Travis had it and then, wah-lah you sent me one!! Thank you!  I also got the cards and other letters you sent.   I think when we go to transfers; I'll get the packages you sent.  So that will be the first week of July. 

The new address is for both letters and packages.   For the next few or several months, they will keep forwarding mail from the old address to the new address.   In the mean time…I'm still getting mail!!! :D hehe THANK YOU, THANK YOU. 

Well this week has been a little odd/difficult/successful/weird/sad/happy and all the above.   

Last Monday, we went to the zoo!! I took a lot of pictures and the memory cards are actually in a different package. So it should get there sooner than the box I sent with gifts, etc.  The Zoo here is huge!!! It was fun to see all the animals and such.   

For English class, we've had a lot of people continue to come so we've been trying to change things and accommodate everyone.   It makes it a lot easier when everyone works together; which they do minus two but there's only so much you can do.   Overall, I love serving as an English leader.   I get to know a lot of people (which I love to do) and a lot of the members that help as well.   I really appreciate our district because everyone is trying to make it a success each week. 

Wednesday...well, it was hard.   It was um...yeah, not sure what to say about it.   It wasn't as good as most days but I'll probably fill you in later. 

Thursday, we had lots of appointments at the church.  Which for us is a blessing because since it's rainy season we tend to ride home from our area (which is now 40 minutes or longer because we've been going further out) and it also rains.  We get home soaked; as if we've jumped in a pool and walked out.  BUT we are safe; we wear our raincoats, we have these super handy lights so cars know where we are at and we aren't sick.   No worries (mom ;] ) 

So while we were at the church, one of the members came to help us teach.  Partly because as missionaries, we have a rule that if we have a male investigator, we can't teach them unless another female is there too. So, we were all waiting at the church; and he didn't show up.   I would have been upset/sad but I had a really good talk with this member.   She is actually the one I sent home a picture of.  She's my age and she's been through a lot.   Basically, we talked about her struggles and her family.   She left home a few months ago because her family said that if she continues to be a member of this church, they would basically disown her.  So instead of rejecting her belief she left her home.   Which I personally feel is better but it absolutely broke my heart to listen to how much she misses them.   I felt extra bad because mail came and I got letters from home and she asked if my family missed me and if I miss them.  She said that she tries to call her parents and they don't answer her calls; they won't talk to her at all.   I wanted to cry with her but I told her that Heavenly Father knows her and he loves her and will never forget her.   I told her that the Savior knows exactly what it feels like to be forgotten and rejected.   

She understands the gospel so well.   She told me how she gained a testimony of the gospel and that all she needs in her life is God.   I honestly love this girl.  She is amazing!

Friday and Saturday went by like a blur. Friday was amazing because one of the members that we always work with took us around to meet a bunch of her friends that are either less active or are investigators.  We taught so many in those three hours.   Member missionaries with full time missionaries do wonders and miracles.   Even if they just feed us or give us a referral means so much.   I want to be like these people and so involved in the work after the mission.  

OH YEAH…I forgot to mention that last Monday, we went to Bon and Bam's house!!!! IT'S HUGE!!! They were super excited that we went.   We've been teaching them at the library for the last few months.  We are planning on going there again tonight.

Finally Saturday, we spent ALL day at the church.   It was crazy.   We want to work more closely with the leaders in both branches and for them to get to know us as well as an opportunity for us to serve them.  Saturday night, we made them dinner.   We made spaghetti--haha since we're all American.  One of the Elders, Elder Wagstaff can bake SO well.   It was actually quite impressive.   He's the one in the middle of the picture I sent home.   Anyways, I think the activity was a success and very spiritual as well from hearing everyone's conversion stories. 

Well I hope I get to all of your questions.  If I don't, I'm sorry.  I do my best to keep track in my planner.   One day I'll send home a picture of my planner... it's kinda really OCD.   hehehehe 

p.s.  Sister Yinn is finishing her mission in a week.   I'm really sad about that... I look up to her a lot. 

She always says to say “hi” to you and I think I've been forgetting so...tah dah better late than never.

Sister Yeo 

p.s.   So typically I print out your emails here at the Internet Cafe and then, I try to respond to questions, etc. in written letters or next week’s email.   So you can send them as long as you want!!! :-) I enjoy reading them at lunch.   It cost about 2 baht to print, which is less than a penny...I guess. 

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