How is everyone doing?   From last week’s updates and letters, it sounds like everyone is enjoying their summer vacation!!! I wrote everyone a letter this morning so I will probably send all of it together in one envelope.  Trina I'm sending you another one...I'm sorry you still haven't gotten the other one. ;/  Sometimes it takes me a few days to send out letters because everyday we’re busy but hopefully you will get this one. Okay, so I have a lot to say...

The week started out great.  I got my haircut.   The hairdresser took a lot, but it will grow back.   Last P-day, we spent a lot of time with Sister Yinn because she's leaving tonight.  So we are also spending time with her today.  I'm really sad about it but I know I'll see her again.
On Tuesday, English class was super.   Pretty much no stress and everything worked out with the changes.  There’s still room to improve but that's with everything in life.   Tomorrow should be interesting because we'll have six missionaries as opposed to the normal eight.   

Wednesday we had switch offs.   I had two of my favorite days all month right in a row.   Tuesday was also a blessing because during district meeting, I got a lot of interesting answers that made sense later in the week.   Our district leader shared quotes from Elder Holland’s talk at the last conference, which was actually my favorite talk so I re-read it and then re-read what I wrote in my journal at the time.   But I learned SO much from Sister Yinn on switch offs.   I admire her a lot and who she is.   I think I already said it but I’m really going to miss her.
During the switch off we were in the car with a member who was taking us to Mae-jo (because it's an hour car ride away) and we stopped to visit a less-active member that she knows.  After the visit, when we were leaving, her car wouldn't start so Sister Yinn leaned over and said, “Start praying” and as soon as she bowed her head, the car started.   It was one of those special moments.  I like the way she teaches too because she seriously just has it down.

I'm going to skip to Saturday...YEAH, because SISTER บอล GOT BAPTIZED!!! 
It was such an amazing day.    I loved her excitement to get baptized.   We went and taught her every day prior to her baptism and she would share her testimony and how she felt about being baptized.  Her testimony during the baptism is something I won’t forget.   It was just very sincere and you can tell that she understood the covenant she made.   She younger sister (Bam) is still learning with us, and she's just as excited to get baptized.  She keeps saying, I just want the term to end.  She's waiting because she is in school and she has to study on Sundays, which is not in harmony with the Sabbath day commandment--so you know.  I believe she'll make it too because she's already sharing the gospel with her friends.  

BTW, I have a new address for letters and packages: 

1645/6 New Petchburee Road 
Maggasan, Ratchatewee
Bangkok 10400

I know you're probably worried now...I’m sorry but again I will be sure to let you know when I get things.   Long story short, Romanization from Thai to English is weird but on the plus side, people in the post office can figure it out so I'll still get it

I also sent out a box, which should get there around the squirts birthday or a little after. 

Sister Yeo 

OH YES, Next week, P-day is on Tuesday because we are meeting President Senior, so email will probably come in on Monday night for you.

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