When It Rains, It Pours!

How is everyone?!?!?!?  I’m sooo excited to tell you about my week.  First off, thank you for your prayers...I felt them this week, a lot!! I know that I have such an amazing family that supports and loves me.  You are the best!!!!!!!!! I got all your letters.   It's really funny when mail day comes around; the office elders and everyone always say, “just give it to Sister Yeo.”  :P Thank you!  I make sure to write all of your first and I'm trying to write friends back but I hope they understand when it comes a little slower.  However, their letters are definitely appreciated!! 

Mom - I didn't do as good of a job checking which letters I received but I'll let you know.  I'm very sure I get all of them because mail has been consistent here.   Sometimes, it's slow because we have appointments and go out to work; so by the time we make it to the post office, it's already Thursday.   I sent one last Wednesday so hopefully it will get to you by the end of the week or sometime soon. 

Dad - mom said you asked if I could get a subscription for the church magazines sent to me locally; turns out...we do have a subscription.  We just got the Ensign...a month later though but better than never.  So I guess for future reference, I'll exercise more patience. :-) I'm curious how the new building on campus is turning out..I hope work and church aren't stressful for you.

Trav - Please tell 'Illikea “thank you” for all her letters!! She's been writing me consistently since the MTC! and I'm excited to see where she gets called on her mission!!! :D  I'm glad you had a blast in Georgia!! I'll be sending you a letter home this week.  P.S. I was going to ask if you wanted the really fine tip pens but I'm already sending them home so...tah dah.

Squirt! - How's seven peaks? hehe... you're going to be one dark cookie by the end of the summer.  I'm sure mom will remind you but wear sunscreen! hahahhahahahaha

Mom, I'm sending home a package and it should get home around the 2nd week of July.  It has stuff for everyone and birthday things for certain people ;-) 

I'm not sure where to start because I LOVED this week.   This is my favorite and most meaningful week of my mission so far.   Last week, I hope I didn't sound like a complainer last week because we didn't have people to teach.   That's just missionary work, when there's no one, then, it's just an opportunity to go find someone who does want it and is ready to change.   So with that in mind, we went inviting...A LOT.   Something that our branch is really in need of is strong priesthood holders and lots of them.  Our branch is about half the size of the second branch here in Chiang Mai but the members are so missionary minded. So, we pray for families and strong men who are worthy of holding the power from God…priesthood holders. Heavenly Father is so loving that he puts in our path lots and lots of families and priesthood holders.   It's interesting how the Spirit works, because when led to neighborhoods by the Spirit, we found exactly what we were looking for.  Super blessed this week.   

Real quick- English classes are amazing!  I'm trying to make sure that our missionary purpose is fulfilled through English.  Last week, we had 120+ people come.  It was great!  Previous weeks were about 30-40 so hopefully it continues to grow.  I have a little trouble motivating some of the Elders to have the same enthusiasm about it but to also not be bossy.   English is one of the best finding tools.   Zhouli and one of the missionaries here in our district are “products” (for lack of a better word) of the program.  So I hope everyone can catch that vision. 

Oh yeah, apparently this doesn't happen often but we got a referral from Church Headquarters!  Which was another huge blessing this week, we keep getting referrals, we have 6 new investigators and we have a plethora of potentials and the cherry on top; the members are helping us teach in almost every lesson!! It’s been fantastic.  So the way church HQ referrals work is you just need to contact them within 24 hours.  So we were stressed... so stressed because Thailand isn't on a grid or anything close like America.   So to be efficient with our time because it was also out in Mae-Jo (which is about an hour and 20 min bike ride or a 45 min Roddeng ride), we asked the zone leaders if we can just Google map it.   So, it was semi helpful but we used our faith and just headed out following the Spirit. The day prior to our scavenger hunt, we asked members and our branch president if they knew where it was ... we even asked our investigators, Bon and Bam (who are still amazing by the way - love them sooo much!) NO ONE KNEW!  So yes, faith and the Spirit led us there and guess what...the guy lives in a mansion!! It was huge!! Never thought I'd teach in one of those in Thailand!  This was a win-win all around because he had sons, who are again…potential priesthood bearers.   So long story short, this week has been a lot of trials followed with even more blessings.  I honestly believe that we get out, exactly what we put in.  So last night when I was talking with Heavenly Father, I told Him “sorry” that some days I lack the patience but I'm trying my best and I know He's answering my prayers because this is THE most meaningful fast Sunday I've ever had in my life.  

I couldn't fall asleep last night for a while because I got an answer to every single question I had.  I changed my perspective about many things and it made me more grateful for the simple things I had.  I was talking with our district leader and in the discussion, I told him that when we were on our way back from San Sai, I was so thirsty because it was hot and we were riding fast to an appointment and all I wanted was a cup of water.  It was so simple but something that I take it for granted every other day.  So in the end, all I would want in this life is to have a testimony and to be converted.

I'm running short on time and I want to be sure to send this so, 
Sister Yeo  

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