This has been SUCH a hard week! OH my goodness!! First off, how's everyone doing with school? It’s so weird that it's already another semester! It's fun to hear about the updates at home and about all the things happening. 

So basically the pictures explain our week. We went inviting because we need more investigators in our pool and to move away from the Uhton ... (no idea how to spell that in English). Anyways, we knocked on 250 doors and got rejected THE WHOLE DAY. It was the saddest thing! Sister Carper and I are eating fruit and healthy business this transfer but we decided to go get ice cream because it was just a sad week. Speaking of fruit, we've had everything under the sun. Anyways, the area just needs some love. It's been about a year and the branch has only seen one baptism. When Sister Monterrosa shared that information with me, I was so shocked and when I told Sister Carper, she had the same reaction. As solution to the problem, we're going to get creative. This week we went and saw the branch president and his wife at their home. Their story is amazing! They had been members for about 30 years and they started small but they always turn it back to the Lord and acknowledge that they are so blessed. His wife was pregnant and she would ride on a bike to get to a bus station to get to work and they do they same thing to get home. So many other experiences they've had but they really are the anchors in the ward.

Our one investigator that's been progressing really well might be moving to Asoke! SOO sad when he told us! Currently, he's not making enough money to make ends meet so he went to talk to someone in Asoke about possibly selling there. I know his financial circumstance isn't the best but he's seriously in the best location right now... his backyard is the church and he reads and prays and he's been coming to church for a month. I think I might cry if he does move. To be honest, I feel like I haven't made a difference here in Bangkhae. I feel like we do all that we possible can and at the end of the day the answer is still no. Last year, the flood hit this area the hardest and so Sister Carper and I think that it's just that people haven't bounced back from that. We think about this every hour of everyday and what we need to do. 

Speaking of Sister Carper, I love her. I'm grateful that she has a hardworking attitude and wants to finish her mission strong. She's in the same group as my trainer and so she'll “die” [finish] in December. Funny story, I've actually adopted her. I'll write home and explain that one. But today for P-day, we went to Asoke to celebrate Sister Senior’s Birthday. We thought of inviting other sisters in Bangkok to come but we wanted some time to get to know her and just have some time together. We went out to a little Mexican restaurant called La Monita's by Siam and we talked about what she does, where she goes, her responsibilities and our area and brainstormed ideas on how to get the work moving. She's seriously sooo great! She said that she'll be in a district meeting this Friday in Hong Kong so we were grateful she let us take some time out of her day.  (Oh yeah because we were at the office I picked up some mail! :) Thank you for the sticky notes, pens and treats!) 

So last story. Even though we did get rejected by just about everyone this week, we had a "last door" miracle at the end of the soy it's called a .... street? Anyways, we've been praying to find a family of four to baptize by the end of the month. So we go knocking and everyone just tells us to go somewhere else. We seriously get to the last door and it's them! They mom lets us in and she is so sweet and she's just smiling and so willing to listen. It was the greatest tender mercy but we still need to pray hard for them. 

I'm sorry if this email sound grim but it's hard ... it's always hard but I love it! I've seen some really cool things happen this week and Heavenly Father knows His work and tells us what we need to be doing. I probably have a lot more to tell you but time is twiddling away. 

 Lolee - if you're reading this, Thank you for your letter! I hope things are well in Cali and you're still learning with the missionaries!! Love ya.
For everyone: as you can tell, there's a lot of work we need to do in BangKhae ... sorry if I don't reply or haven't replied to letters but I will (eventually). Promise.  
Member from Chiang Mai came down on Sunday!!! SO HAPPY when I saw them! :D Bam got baptized on Sunday too!!! Not going to lie I cried, but I'm glad she's made this important covenant with God. Now we just need to get her parent on the happiness trail and to the temple! 

Love always 
Sister Yeo 

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