Trasfer #4

Thanks for the update everyone! I love reading your emails and about what’s going on at home.  Mom you're so great! I had a handful... no an armful of mail to take home and read during transfers this last week. I love it all! 

So many good things happened this week. I have a new companion her name is Sister Carper and we’re still walking around in BangKhae. She got right to work when we came back and she has such a good attitude and love for this work. She wants to help this branch grow and increase in their faith so it will be a fun transfer to look forward to. She is a hard working and so passionate about being a missionary. 

We are trying a new approach this transfer as far as working with members. It is something that I wanted to do with Sister Monterrosa but didn't quite get the chance. We are thinking of putting together a fireside for the members to help them have the faith in the work and building up the branch. Also, we want to build up the unity between members and missionaries. We are going to make visits to less actives and especially, part member families. I am excited about our goals and I know we can reach them; especially, working with the Elders and members. 

We had a pretty stressful Friday night because the Elder's investigator who was going to be baptized Saturday night had to have a second interview. It just caused confusion and stress for the ward mission leader and for all of us. I'm pretty sure the Elders just forgot that HUGE detail. I had to just pray for more charity to not be mad at them. If it were our baptism, I probably would have been WAY more upset but still was a little irked. I'm not sure if the district leader and the zone leader had some miscommunication or didn't understand that the investigators need to have passed the second interview before having a set baptismal date. 

At the end of the day, I love being a missionary. Mom, thanks for sending me the talk from Elder Bednar from the 2008 Ensign titled “Pray always.” It was Friday morning and I wasn't sure where to start studying because I have this huge long list of things that I do want to hit up one day but looking at all of it, I got overwhelmed just thinking about the area, the work, the members and a new companion. I just went brain dead. I looked to my left and saw the talk sitting there and it was such a good hour of study. I loved what he said and the 3 points he gave. 

One of our investigators’ name is ประจาก. Sorry, not sure how to spell that in English. Anyways, he is the sweetest man! He sells Roti (the stuff that dad loved to eat growing up) and every time he sees us he just has this huge smile and a question about the Book of Mormon. He came to church the last 3 weeks. We just don't have a member to teach with us so we haven't been able to teach him for a week or so. We see him everyday but we just need a member!!!! ugh  He's progressing though because he read and really ponders the scriptures. 

Um, transfers are bitter sweet. It was crazy to see all the changes and the people finishing their missions. It just reminded me of how I'll reach that day ... haha just kidding never want to leave mission life. (yet) 

Well I love you all!!! 
Sister Yeo 

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