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This week's email will be short because I want to send a personal one to everyone but just for everyone in general…family and who ever reads the blog. 


This week we went on switch offs again to BangNa with Sister Wallace and Sister Skalla. In fact, we are with them right now because we are spending the night and then going to a training tomorrow morning in our zone. It's been so fun with them. Anyways, I wasn't haven't the best day during switch offs. Although I got to ride a bike and it was such a fantastic experience to be back on a bike again, the day just wasn't a cheerful one for me. I was searching deep in my heart to feel some sunshine in my soul again so I decided I would talk to Heavenly Father. I'm riding down the street, carefully paying attention to traffic and so I just spilled out everything I was feeling that day. I did it out loud too because hey, no one would hear me and if they did they wouldn't understand. Despite my lows, I just got an answer through a telephone call. My companion called me and it was such a tender mercy. LOVE IT. Missions are the best. 

I've never relied so much on my Heavenly Father for literally everything.  That was Saturday. Then Sunday (yesterday) was mother's day here in Thailand—it’s the Queen’s birthday. At church they had this activity, which we weren't sure if it was appropriate in the chapel but always respecting the culture. Anyways Thai people have SUCH respect for their parents. During one part of the presentation, the kids will kneel in front of their mothers and say thank you and hug them. I started bawling. SOO homesick. I missed you all so much. I just wanted a hug and then afterwards the members ask us, "do you miss your mom?" uh.... YEAH! I've cried so much this week. I feel like an emotional basket case but then we went and taught a few lessons and all is well in Zion. Love you all to pieces but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else but missionary work right now. I learn so much and it makes me want to be closer to the Savior, to know him better and to do His will and his work. 

So many things I could share from my mission thus far but Alma 26:16 comes to mind. Can't begin to express the feelings in my heart. 

Sister Yeo  

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