Best Week of My Mission Life!!!

How is everyone?! It’s about time for midterms and fun holiday seasons. Speaking of which, what is everyone going to be for Halloween? haha I think I'm going to be snow white and a missionary. hehe I'll make sure to send you a picture. Ooo and Birthdays are coming up!! yay! Trina eat some cake for me :O I can't believe I'm hitting my hump day on Thursday. GROSS! I did get your letters and packages! I love this bag!! It's perfect and thank you for the pillow case and pens! My favorite part is “beat the Elders at everything.” haha It's true though. 

Oh, quick shout out to Jana Reedy. Hey sis I got your letter, I'll try to get back to you soon!  I'm excited for you to enter the mission! You're gonna love it!! 

I loved Chiang Mai. Alma 26, can't even begin to say the smallest part of which I feel. But it was phenomenal! I wrote about 12 pages in my journal about that 24 hours. So I decided I'll just send you a copy of my journal. :P

I’ll just share real quick about the lesson with Bon and Bam and their parents. So I was actually up there for 2 and a half days and so on Monday I went out with my MTC companion, Sister Stolworthy and we went and visited them at their house. I think Bon was so shocked because she looked at me then looked again really confused. Trust me I got that look the whole time I was there. She kept saying, whoa your Thai is so good now. I just laughed because hopefully, my Thai is better than when I was a greenie. Bam wasn't home but Bon called her and she showed up shortly then the first thing she tells me, “whoa you got skinnier.” hahah It was all sorts of happy feelings. I missed them so, so, so much. Best feeling in the world being up there with them at their home and just begin able to talk and understand each other. So then, we sat down and start to have a lesson. It was phenomenal! We talked about prayer (the lesson was for their parents who haven't quite opened up to learning) so in the middle of the lesson Bon shares her testimony and experience with prayer. Oh my goodness, she is so strong. I looked at her and started to tear up and when I was writing in my journal I was trying to figure out how to accurately describe how it felt in that moment. The only thing I got was, This was her 6 months ago in the “investigator” stop and today she is a strong member of the church bringing others into the gospel, specifically her parents; family. So I wrote something to the effect of…it was like watching your kid grown up (not that I've had any) but I was so proud of her and Bam and filled with tears of joy. Mom, Dad; they are so strong! I seriously feel so blessed to know them and be part of their life. 

We had a few set back during the week because but they became blessings by the end. Most of our daters have moved or left the area so we found ourselves with no one to teach for a day. We jumped on some less active work and made goals to find new investigators.

Our investigators here in Phitsanulok are still progressing. Last night we made very detailed goals, notes and plans how to get this branch going. I look forward to the upcoming times. 

Well sorry this wasn't as exciting of an email but I'm excited to send you pictures and a copy of my journal because it was an awesome week!

P.S. I'm going to Chiang Mai on Wendesday AGAIN!! WOOO 
We have specialized training. Heavenly Father is so nice to me, I love it. 

Have an awesome week! 
Love you all! 
Sister Yeo 

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