Please excuse my bad spelling because there is SO much to tell you. Sorry if I don't respond to all your emails too. We will watch conference this weekend (due to translation) and so we are all excited for the weekend for sure!! PLUS, to make it a memorable weekend, after conference on Sunday I'm going up to CHIANG MAI on switch off with Sister Knight!!!! I'm so excited to be up there for 3 days!! I'm pretty sure I'll get to see Bon and Bam and Sister Kwan and her twins!! :D :D I'm so incredible excited. 

However, I love this area just as much. The people here are so warm and it's such a different feeling up here. Naturally, I feel like I am an “easy-going” type person and get along with everyone which makes it really nice that members here in Phitsanulok are welcoming. I've attached to just about all of them really fast. Sister June, Sister Na and Sister Mink are such fantastic members. We are actually in Sukothai with Sister Mink right now. Hopefully, if sending pictures work, I can send you some. I don't know how to explain in words but I just really, really, really love the members here. It's such a blessing! Oh and p.s., my friend Tanner was the first missionary to teach the member who is now our branch president. We went over to his house this past weekend to talk to him and his wife about how we can help the branch and we asked his conversion story and he mentioned that Tanner was the one who knocked on his door. Cool how it all works out...he's a hard working BP. 

This past weekend Sister Dukda was baptized and confirmed!! :D She has such a solid testimony and her daughter came down for her baptism and now she wants to get baptized too!! She’s such a cute girl. Sadly, she has to go back to school so she won't be able to get baptized until next year when she comes back. If she got baptized this Sunday, she would still have to wait till the following week to receive the Holy Ghost. *sigh* She'll be a freshman in college so we are hoping to help her make good friends and stay rooted in the Book of Mormon. Her mom already has shared a lot with her so Heavenly Father will take care of her for sure. 

The girl I told you about last week--Fern is still coming to church and all activities during the week! Sometimes, it just takes a little love and attention to those who don't usually get it. I think that has been one of my favorite things to do on a mission. In every ward/branch there are those outgoing people that everyone knows so missionaries tend to flock to them whereas there are those quiet members who don't necessarily put themselves into social situations. I still love to be social but it's been fun to take myself out of the scene and spend some time with those shy ones. As a result, those have become really close to my heart. She is such a cute girl and we are planning to meet her parents so we can have permission to teach her. 

Our other investigators are progressing well but most struggle with coming to church. One of the harder things we experience and not just here but in every area. Let me lay down the perfect day for you:  We woke up and worked out and studying from the good word. With the right start, we went and saw a less active couple, which is actually the same couple I went and saw 3 months ago when I was on switch offs here for the first time. For 4 hours straight we taught lessons at the church and at the Harris' home. My favorite question that I love asking every person we teach is..."Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" In answer to that question, they all said, “Yes.” Since all of you (minus Trina) have served missions, I’m sure you can relate that it’s such a happy feeling and strong spirit during that lesson to get an affirmative answer. Then, to finish off the night, we had a youth activity where we played the “tarp” game. Everyone stands on the tarp and has to flip know. They all loved it! I was grateful that I was in the YSA ward and that Bishop Bilbro called me as an FHE leader because we do these activities every week and I'm sure that had I not served in that position I would have to rack my brain for game ideas. P.S. if you have game ideas, oh and recipes, can you send them my way please?!  :-)  It was an absolutely perfect day! I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. 

Oh, hey mom and dad you'll be so proud to know...I'm still doing yard work :P hehe. We had a service project on Saturday and we cleaned up the street by the church. There was so much garbage and so much weed. I was so tired after that day. But it was another fantastic day and a good way to start and prepare for fast Sunday. Again, I'm really, really excited for this weekend to be able to listen to conference and to go to Chiang Mai!! Next week’s email might come later than usual. I'm sorry to keep you waiting but the Internet cafe is close to the Chiang Mai church, so an email will be send for sure ;-) 

If I can make a request, can you send me a copy of my baptism pictures. I forgot to ask when I was in the MTC but some investigators in the past have asked and wanted to see them and I figure it’s a good thing to have in my possession. Also can I have a copy of the Conference Ensign when it comes out in a few months? We get copies here but they belong to the missionary house. Please and thank you! :) 

Sister Yeo 

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