I Love The YSA 215th Ward

This week went by really fast. I don't really remember the first few days but overall it was a really good week. 

Monday we spent time with a member; Sister Mink, who is essentially the definition of a ward missionary. She really hard working and sweet but she is going to America at the end of November so she will be missed. Tuesday was a little crazy because we had to change English class around because the Harris' went to Chiang Mai early and then we went on Wednesday. In the end it all worked out. I love English class...haha I think I'm the exception to the normal missionary. All my past companions either hate English or hate Inviting and those are the things I love. Then again what is there not to love about missionary work? 

When we went back to Chiang Mai, it was more so...whoa, I'm back again. This time it was fun seeing the zone and other missionaries and President Senior. Just as we were about to the bus station to return to P-lok, Sister Kwan (the mom of the twins I taught when I served in CM) pulled into the parking lot. I literally screamed! haha Yes, still a girl. Sadly, her twins weren't with her but I was still excited to see her. She was the only person I didn't get to see when I went on switch offs; which made me sad but this week I did. Heavenly Father is just toooo nice to me. Bam also stopped by the church and we got to chat for a few minutes. I love that girl. 

Oh yeah, so hump day was good. Sadly, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. S. King had to register for classes so we went to an Internet cafe. However, I did get to watch part of the Relief Society Broadcast, so that was good. 

Saturday however, made up for Wednesday because my last companion, Sister Carper sent me a huge package!! J She got me Mac and Cheese, Cheerios and things I used to eat all the time in my last area. It made me happy all day. S. Carper also called me Wednesday night and wished me a happy hump day J She's great... I love her ด้วย

So two cool stories for the week: On Wednesday, the Elders got a phone call from a lady who was waiting outside the church. She has been Buddhist her whole life but she learned about Christianity in College. So she worked for some really big companies and so has her husband. She's somewhat religious but the one thing she's always wondering is, 'if we all believe in Christ, how come church's contend with each other and essentially say bad things about one another. She looked on Facebook one day and one of the CEO's for the company had on his profile that he is Mormon. So she sent him a message and she honestly didn't think he would reply because 1) he is a CEO and 2) he lives in America. But lo and behold, to her surprise he sent a response and told her he is a member of the church and then gave her the link to the church’s website. Then she looked up the address for the church and drove up and down the road until she saw the church and got the phone number off the English sign in front of the church. They taught her twice but she actually lives in our area so she's now our investigator. She wants to meet every day and she has a date to get baptized on November 17. She's golden! 

Another one of our investigators, we haven't seen her a lot this transfer, so we were going to meet her a least one more time, and if she wasn't interested we were going to put her on the shelf and let Heavenly Father work with her. Today, when we taught her, she had read 14 chapters in the Book of Mormon and she is understanding easier and she just looks happier! :D The power of the Book of Mormon is real. I'm glad that you are still working toward your goal to finish it this year. And in answer to Dad's question, I finished it on transfer 3 so...3-ish months ago. [Note from Dad:  I asked her when she finished reading the Book of Mormon in Thai]  It was interesting because although I only understood 90% of it (as far as language) once I finished it, the way I received and answer that it was true, was exactly the same. I love, love, love the Book of Mormon. 

Okay last thoughts, I found my purpose specifically here in Phitsanulok. And that is the youth. I wish so bad that you could get to know all of them and love them the way that I do. In the time that I've been here, they never cease to amaze me. Yesterday, the sacrament room was overflowing. Literally no room for people to sit, so some had to sit outside and just listen to the speakers. Then there was time for the youth to share their testimonies about a district activity they went to up in Chiang Mai. The first one to go up was Mark; who is one of our investigators. By the time he finished sharing his testimony, I was in tears. He is so strong and he's not even a member. Then two girls who are less active shared their testimonies and finally Brother Gap; another one of our investigators. Seriously, they’re all amazing. So I feel like I stumbled on my purpose but certain things that I studied, revelation I received and personal attributes/talents Heavenly Father has given me; made me aware what I can do here. 

We were having our Thursday night activity and I heard brother Mark singing some hymns I asked him if he's want to sing in Sacrament one day in a choir and he just beamed. So the young men got in a group and we practiced the primary song, the armies of Helaman. On Sunday all our appointments fell through and my companion was washing dishes, so since we had a lot of youth I got them all in a room and we sang love at home. The young women knew the song because they have been members longer but the 4 young men: one is a recent convert, another a less active (PS he's the one we've been working with all transfer and HE CAME BACK! :-)) then the other two young men are investigators. They didn't know a lick of the song, the notes were everywhere. After teaching them for 20 minutes, they sang it as if they learned it when they were kids. I'm so, so, so impressed with our youth. I'm so excited to work with them. I feel like the opportunities I've had to serve in Primary, Young Women's and as and FHE coordinator for the YSA Ward before I left are helping me a lot now.

Fern is doing better, happier and healthy. Mark is still chipper and Gap got a stronger testimony of the gospel after going to the activity in Chiang Mai. There's hope here and they are awesome. 

Well I love you all and I hope you stay healthy!! 

LOVE always
Sister Yeo 

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