So Many People At Church

With Bon and Bam and their parents

p.s. When is Chinese New Year?

So it's almost time for transfers again. In fact, on Wednesday it's unavoidable to some degree to not think about it but Sister Zatarain and I have decided that I will stay. :P Haha, of course I will gladly move to my next area and love the people there just as much as I love them here. It's interesting how this transfer has turned out. We didn't necessarily see anyone get baptized, but we saw the church get stronger! 

Yesterday, we almost had a full house for sacrament meeting and that is exactly where we want to be heading. In fact, President Senior came up here on Thursday and we got to talk to him for a little while. He has a lot of plans for P-lok and for the areas surrounding us such as Sukothai, Phigit and others. When we can get our church attendance up just a little more and maintain it, they are going to make this area a central district in Thailand. It’s so exciting! There are lots of details but essentially, our responsibility is to build a stake. S. Zatarain and I have talked about this all transfer.

I've now been in this area for four and a half months. The work never get routine but sometimes, as missionaries our brain can't think of anything else. For a long time, we've been feeling like we need to look through this member book (active and less active). We took it to a member named Brother Boy who is also a return missionary and he went through the whole entire book with us. He gave us soooo much good information and so much help! I'm so excited to start visiting these people and inviting them to come back. I hope I stay but if not S. Zatarain will do a great job! 

This week when we went to go find a LA named Brother Son. We found out that his nephew is Sister Fern’s really good friend that I met when I first came to P-lok. While we were riding to our next appointment, I explained it all to S. Zatarain after we visited him and we decided to stop and say a prayer to just thank Heavenly Father for preparing that situation. It really was blessed by the hand of God because typically, on Friday we have coordination meeting but this last week we didn't because Sister Harris was sick. So we had extra time and we left the house earlier and if we did have that meeting we might not have run into Fern’s friend again, p.s. his name is Bank. 

Chiang Mai was awesome as always! I got to see Sister Oui! She still hasn't come back to church but this visit, we talked with another LA and I always feel so loved when I visit them. They treat me like family and they are the sweetest. Anyways, he shared some of the problems that he has at church and how he feels, etc. He really does have a strong testimony as does she so we talked about using that to be examples for others. In addition, we go to church to renew our baptismal covenant with God, we don't go for other members. 

It's been an amazing week! Sister Zatatrain and I have cooked every single day and as cheesy as it sounds the saying, "The family that prays together, stays together." Except, we substituted pray for eat. As missionaries we pray all the time, but there was a week where we didn't eat breakfast together and so we just did our own thing. There were no problems it was just chill...there's a Thai word in my head but I can't translate it correctly. Anyways, we really do have so much fun and are closer every time we eat breakfast together. I think part of that comes from the fact that during the day, we work and we are talking about our area, investigators, members and so forth so during meal times, we can talk and get to know each other individually. It's really fun! Moral of the story--eat each meals together as a family. จบ

I feel like I’m forgetting something but it's probably not important. 

Final words, this morning we discussed the restoration. As missionaries we are to "declare the message of the restored gospel." We do teach the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Commandments; but our central message is that the Priesthood power of God has again been restored to the earth, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. Our message is so sweet, so simple and so happy. On average, missionaries probably teach this lesson the most because it's crucial and it's true. 

Well, I love you all. 

Happy almost February. Happy Chinese New Year!! (unless it's not here yet) 

Sister Yeo

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  1. Hello. I served in Phitsanlok back in 1978. I'm wondering about the Phadungsak family. Are they still there and active? If you can, please email a reply to Thank you.