Yindee, Yindee

This week went by so fast and last night as I reviewed it and right now as I'm thinking about it, it all seems like a blur. Sorry if my thoughts are jumbled. 

Well, this week at church we had 49 people at church and throughout the meeting, there were people coming and going. I feel like all our week’s work and efforts add up to Sunday and sometimes it's hard not to be continually asking, “What more could I have done?” Sister Zatarain and I talked about it yesterday and took a glimpse into an eternal perspective. We talked about Jacob chapter 5 on how the Lord of the Vineyard; after laboring and pruning and so forth, there still was no growth or fruit. What Godly sorrow we might feel when people chooses not to step closer to God.  

I read Doctrine & Covenants 123: 12-14 this morning and it answered my questions. There really are things that my “eyes can't see” but like in verse 13, I just want to “waste and wear out” [my mission life] by bringing light and truth to both, investigators and members also with great earnestness. It's been a really enlightening week and in our efforts inviting others to know the Savior, I know I've grown closer to Him myself. 

Our investigators Sister Boom, Brother Air and Brother Gap attended church yesterday and they stayed for all three hours!! I’m already loving watching Sister Boom change. She has so many concerns and so many questions and after learning in the Book of Mormon, it gives her solace. Sometimes, her questions multiply but the gospel is understandable and the Spirit confirmed it to her. 

On Saturday, they had children's day and we did some service at this huge carnival at the airport base. It was pretty sweet and there were SO many families there. It was probably the most perfect place to try to contact people. We prayed, got started and managed to talk to a few families. It wasn't the best environment with the loud music, kids running and screaming everywhere but one day those people will want to learn the gospel. 

OH yeah, almost forgot, remember how last week I wrote about the question concerning how people pick between their parents and God...? Well our investigator Sister Boom, asked that exact question in our lesson last Monday. I had to stop and process and then I thought, “Oh hey, I know the answer to this.” Lately, I feel like Heavenly Father is just carrying us and any and every time we open the scriptures with our investigators, the answer lies in front of us. The Spirit is fantastic! :D 

Sister Yeo 

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