Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This week was another fast one! I'm not even sure what to share at this point. We are in Chiang Mai right now. I'm going on switch offs again, but I feel like this time will be my last opportunity to visit Chiang Mai. The transfer is ending in 10 or so days and I feel like this time I'll be moving. I love being with Sister Zatarain and it would be nice to stay with her for one more transfer, but I’ll go where I'm called. I'll let you know for sure if I do more. 

For now, work in P-lok moves forward. We saw so many cool miracles this week! Last night, when we were reviewing our week together, we talked about the day when we went looking for a less active member and another day when we gave an investigator a form for her to fill out.

The first experience happened on Wednesday. Sister Zatarain and I planned to expand our range and to find more less active members to bring back to the branch. We had no idea where this person lived. All we had was a very general map and an outdated address. We prayed and just let our faith guide us. When we got to the general area, we stopped at the side of the road to look at the map again and right as we stopped, we heard someone behind us ask, "Sisters! Who are you looking for?" It was a member named Brother Boy. We showed him the picture of the LA and he said, “Oh I know them!” He then called them for us and led us to their store. It was such a blessing because it was such a hot day and more so we wouldn't have found it otherwise. 

Again on Friday, we went looking for one of our investigators, Sister May. We didn't know where her school was but the Elders helped point us in the right direction because it was in their area. We pull up to the school and decided we just have to try asking around. The hard part about going to schools is, if you want to find someone you need to know their real name--meaning their full name. Most people go by their nickname in Thailand so it was almost impossible! We tried calling her a few times and she didn't answer and as we pulled up to the parking lot, the first person we saw was our cute little member, Sister Bang! She knew exactly where we needed to go and again it was a miracle. 

This transfer, we've seen a lot happen without directly planning for it. I’m not sure how to explain that, but basically there are some days that we really want to find new investigators and reach our weekly goals but by the end of the day, it doesn't happen. It's not necessarily discouraging but more so it gives us a sense of urgency to meet our 80 people at Sacrament meeting goal this transfer. Long story short, we've trust in Heavenly Father that he will invest and grow P-lok and how he needs to at this time. He always sends us help and works along side with us (like it says in Jacob). It was really nice to meet all our goals this week and to even exceed them. It's very fulfilling in life. 

Finally on Sunday, we had a goal to have two new daters and we had 0. This mother and daughter I taught on Tuesday showed up and honestly, we weren't expecting them because we had called them all morning and they never answered. The two of them are so prepared. We talked about baptism for 30 minutes and about their lives. They accepted to get baptized and we're working with them and helping them prepare. Again, more reasons why I would love to stay in P-lok but S. Zatarain would take good care of them. 

I think tomorrow we are going to see Bon and Bam. I think it'll be the last time I'll see them in Thailand. Weird! Sister Stolworthy and I were talking this morning about how we are already at our 1-year’s mark. It's interesting to see the things that have happened in that time. 

Well, I don't have much else to share about this week. 

Sister Yeo 

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