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I have a lot to tell you about this week. I hope everyone is well.   Thank you for the letters and packages!  So first of all... I'm done with Training!! Tomorrow, we are going down to Bangkok for transfers and sadly, I'm leaving Chiang Mai.   So just to clarify, everyone does 2 transfers (3 months) of training.  Don't worry; I wasn't put on a special case. :P It's been fun here in heaven and now I'm ready for my next assignment.  Originally, I was super bummed about leaving but I realized there are other people in other areas I get to meet.  A few weeks ago I thought, "What have I done in Chiang Mai and whom have I helped grow in their faith."  I couldn't think of it because I was new and I couldn't speak the language with people other than bear my testimony.  But I thought more about it this morning during personal study and I'm grateful for what I've experienced these last three months.  Heavenly Father has let me be a part of Sister Bon and Bam's life and Sister Kwan and her twins ( story about this family this week) and just a handful of people and members who have also been put in my life.   I'm grateful for my companion, Sister Yinn and my district leader.   So I'll find out at transfers where my next area is.   Since today is p-day, I'm trying to pack all my stuff so I can just work all day tomorrow and teach our investigators before I leave.   

Also, I don't think I mentioned that we were in a threesome this week.  Because Sister Yinn left, her companion Sister Farnsworth joined us.  Yes, another threesome.  But I loved it; Sister Farnsworth was actually the one who I went out with doing “Dan Jones” on my first day in the country.  She is spectacular!  She really understands her purpose and just commits everyone to change and be baptized.  So I saw a lot of tender mercies from Heavenly Father this week, A LOT.   

The ward is so amazing!  They are taking care of Sister Bon.  Our branch president gave her so many of the church manuals and then extended a calling already!  She is serving in the young women and taught her first lesson Sunday. The relief society is already on visiting teaching.   Such a great ward!!!! 

Yesterday, we met our new mission president, President and Sister Senior.  Last Saturday, President Smith and Sister Smith flew home so our presidents only overlapped in country for about 2 hours-ish.  I already love our new mission president.   He gave a few remarks and I had a very spiritual experience that I treasure and want to share just a little.  

It starts with fast Sunday.  I had a lot of questions and I felt like I wasn't getting answers.   I knew it was on the Lord's time but it was something that was on my mind since being in country.  One question was about being happy and how do I know that I am genuinely happy not just something I do all the time.  The other question was specific problems with investigators.  I remember giving one of the most sincere prayers for the twins’ family.   I LOVE those two cute little girls with all my heart.  It's sad to leave them but we've been teaching them because we are trying to help the mom and dad be strong and active in the church; specifically the dad.   Except every time we go teach, he leaves or avoids us.  I want their twins to have the gospel in their life, one day during a lesson they were coloring and I started visualizing what their futures are going to be like and who they will be, either with or without the gospel.   I pray every often for their dad and so the night we were fasting, I asked Heavenly Father about it and I remember being very hopeful that he will come to church.   Sunday comes around and typically they ask me to lead the music.  I love serving in that way. (It would be good to have the members do it but I enjoy it)  What I love about it is seeing everyone's face and watching investigators and less-actives trickle into the back seats.  I think I smiled till my cheeks hurt.  So after the sacrament, I got off the stand to sit by one of our investigators, Lolee, who is leaving to America next week.  :-(  Testimony meeting started and one of the members who I've gotten to know pretty well got up to bear her testimony.   I look back because the twins are sitting behind us and I see their dad!!!!!! I don't even know how I contained all my happiness.   The member that was sharing her testimony sang a hymn, “Each life that touches ours for good;” and it just made me cry.  I got an answer to my prayer; Heavenly Father keeps His promises.  Every experience with fast Sunday since being here in Thailand has been so memorable.  Now, Monday morning comes are we are getting ready to meet our new mission president.  We also sang a super pretty arrangement of amazing grace.   Our new president doesn't speak Thai, but I know he's supposed to be here in Thailand with us.  Earlier in the MTC, Elder Holland came to speak to us.   I remember how I felt the spirit during his talk, I can't describe it, but I remember it very distinctly.  As we listened to our new president I felt the exact same way I did in the MTC four months ago.   More answers, more promises kept.  

I haven't shared my testimony with you but I feel that I should now because I know I am exactly where I should be.   Everything I have in this life is because I have a loving Heavenly Father who just knows what I need and how I need it; although I don't deserve it at times.  I know He's given me this special opportunity to represent His Son because He trusts me and wants me to know and understand my potential by serving others.   I testify He keeps His promises when we do our part.  I've had a lot of rewarding personal study hours because He knows I need to be taught a lot of things.  I have gained a greater testimony of faith in the last two transfers.   Why do we go to church?  Why do we read our scriptures?  Why do we get baptized?   That’s because faith in Jesus Christ will bring us happiness.  Like my experience in Church seeing the twins’ dad and hearing that song; it's the kind of happiness that you don't get anywhere else except in this church, because it’s the only true church established by the power of God.   The Savior led the way; He not only redeemed us He gives us hope to become someone better than we were yesterday or in our past.   A lot of times out here I’ve expected way too much out of myself and then get discouraged when I can't reach my goals.  I remember praying and expressing that and being comforted that I don't have to be perfect right this second.  I need faith that I will be perfect one day and then work everyday by being exactly obedient to reach perfection.   I know all these things are true.  The gospel is perfect!   Nothing frustrates God's work and it's a privilege that I am a part of it. I leave you a little of my testimony in our Saviors name, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Have an amazing week! 
Sister Yeo 

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