And The Rain Came Tumbling Down

Our Elders hanging off the Songtaw in the rain.

Flooding ... it got to our knees.

This was the aftermath .. apparently it was worse.

This week turned out better than the last. Then again just about anything could be better than the last. But then again that's life, giving us the bad so we can later realize the happy. :-)

We had to get creative again because we've been talking with President Senior about ideas to help the area grow and so on. Tuesday we sat…of a bus for about an hour and a half and we essentially did some tracting by sitting by people who were going to work or home or wherever. Believe it or not, we got two phone numbers/potential investigators. That hour and a half was more productive than our previous week collectively. 

Prachak is doing great! He's recovered from his medical issue and the whole experience turned out pretty amazing. We went over for our usual daily visit and we explained to him what a priesthood blessing was. We asked for permission if the Elders could come over and give him one. We went back on Tuesday and Sister Nok, the Elders and the two of us are all sitting in his front room. After that he had THE biggest smile I've ever seen on his face. It was just pure happiness; I can't even being to describe that experience. Sister Nok, has never received or seen a priesthood blessing for the sick so she said it was a special experience for her too. We go back on Thursday and Sister Tan goes to teach with us. He explained that the doctors did an x-ray of his brain and said that it was a miracle that he is recovering the way he is. The best part about it all is that Prachak himself recognizes that the blessing is straight from God.

So after the blessing, we were going to start our lesson but something was wrong with Sister Tan. Her motor functions had shut down and she wasn't responding and it just wasn't normal. Usually this lady does NOT stop talking but she was absolutely silent and when we would talk to her, her responses wouldn't make sense. Prachak was sooo amazing and helped us get her into a Taxi and then we took her home. Her mom thought it wasn't a big deal so she just had her sit in a chair at the house and they watched TV together. The next day (Friday), we get a call from her mom saying that she's in the hospital and if we can go to visit her. We had to move district meeting so we left with the Elders to go see her in the afternoon and she's in bad shape. I'm not sure how to explain it but on Thursday when she wasn't quite normal, Sister Carper and I came to the conclusion that she's not in the right mental state and essentially, she wasn't. She tried to do something in her house, I think she was hanging up laundry and she fell down three stories!! She broke both her feet and broke two vertebrae in her lower back!!! When we saw her at the hospital she was still not responding but after about 2 hours she started to make sense and after being given a blessing by one of the members and the Elders, I think she's starting to come back mentally; not quite physically. We are going to go visit her tomorrow and see how she's doing. 

In other news, the work in this area is still really, really slow. Members still aren't free to help us teach which makes my heart breaks because Prachak was suppose to get baptize this Saturday. Sadly, if I get moved next week at transfers, I won't be here for his baptism. :-(  Even if I'm not here, I'm worried that the ward members won't fellowship him enough and help him build his testimony. I would be so sad if he went inactive because he is SO golden! In order to teach him so that he can now make his date, we've been team teaching with the Elders. On days that we don't have a member, which is just about every day except for two days, they teach him. It hard because 1) we don't get to teach - so I feel like I'm already losing my Thai and 2) he's in our area so it just feels like he’s "our" investigator. Of course, he is the Lord’s and we feel it's more important that he receives the gospel. Our Elders: Elder Jex and Elder Christensen are great too so we don’t mind working with them! We probably have the most district unity ever. I love this district and it's so fun! 

Oh and it's flooding again in Thailand. We went to go visit a new investigator we found and a less active member and the rains have come down and the floods have come up. It's the best time to show people how much we care and we want to help. Our 3 new investigators are a mom and her two daughters. We taught them earlier in the week and the mom started crying during the intro lesson. Apparently, she had seen and talked with the missionaries before and when she saw us she was just so happy because it was another chance to talk to us again. So she cried because we were talking about ways we are happy in this life and she said she doesn't have happiness right now. We told her that what we want to share and teach her is going to fulfill that. Essentially, SHE NEEDS THIS. Then a few days later, her house and the whole neighborhood flooded. We told her to call us because we're going to help her.  Even if we don't get to teach her this week, we want her to feel loved and that we care and of course that she deserves to be happy because there is hope. 

Don't worry too much about the flood; it's not gotten that high. So we're ok here! :P  This week we have switch offs and specialized training in Asoke, so it should be fun.  Anyways, I'm grateful for last week and the trial that it was because we were able to see such a turn around this week. We definitely still have very hard challenges this week but we always do our best and God does the rest. It's His work after all and we are blessed to be part of it. 

Sister Yeo 

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