Killing Birds???

Sports day :-)


How's everyone?! I forget about holidays in the States that for a moment, I couldn't even remember what Labor Day is for. :P I hope everyone gets some rest and has fun!! 

Right now, I'm in Saphaansung with my companion and Sister Knutson. We had sports day here so we had all three zones here ... meaning all the missionaries in Bangkok. So fun and this place has such good fruit!!! We went to a market early this morning and so we missed playing volleyball. I was super bummed but I think it was probably best. 

Things in Bangkhae are just about the same but hopeful. We don't have a lot of investigators at the moment but we have one really golden one. He's been seeing missionaries for a while but never learned with anyone because he was never invited. He sells roti's by the church and we see him almost everyday and on the days we don't have a member to teach with us the Elders are going to team teach with us so he can reach his goal to get baptized. This last week we talked about baptism and we were asking him what his understanding of sin is. He responds that it’s when you do something wrong towards another person. We asked him if he's every had any serious sins and he gets really quiet and he says, “Sisters, I've killed in my past.” We were thinking's ok it'll just take much longer till he can get baptized. But then he gets quiet again and he says, “yeah Sisters, I've killed two birds.” OH my goodness, best-thing-in-the-world! Because he's seriously the most innocent person we've ever met. He's really quiet and almost fragile and probably can't do any wrong. He always will smile at us when we past by and he is seriously so kind-hearted. We're excited to see him baptized and he is progressing so well and so fast. He was the one that I think I told you we couldn't teach because we didn't have a member but now we have one and within 3 lessons he went from not sure if he believed in God to having absolute faith. How?! The Book of Mormon and the Spirit!! I know 100% and agree with Preach My Gospel that the Book of Mormon and the Spirit are the best tools for conversion. There's hope!! :D 

This last Sunday our family came to church!!! We met this family inviting. This was the one that we knocked on 250 doors and got rejected except for the last one. I really, really, really want to see this family get baptized. The mom stays at home and takes care of the kids and she has a 17 year old girl, 11 year old boy, and such a cute little 6 year old! They all came to church except the husband and it was probably the best Sunday we've had in BangKhae. We've had to get creative here...a lot! Sister Carper is awesome for that! Because everyday inviting is not fruitful, we came up with a list of things on how to just get the work moving, and fast! President Senior is awesome; basically, if he want's something done, he's going to make it happen. Last month, the mission set a record for the highest number of baptisms at 77 people.  This month we have a goal of 106. Gonna get it done! As for new ideas, if you have any please feel free to send them our way. This week we are having a dinner and fireside with the leaders in our branch. We are making them American food and going to talk about Faith and how to help the branch reach baptism goals! I also asked Sister Carper and the Elders if we can do Dan Jones at the market. So we are going to do that this week too! :D We are having a member fireside in the future. Visiting part-member families and less-actives. Really, just everything we can think of doing. Sister Carper shared something with me this week during companionship study that I really liked. She said that the “less-actives” at one point was someone's recent convert. And right now if I were to see Sister Bon, in Chiang Mai less active (which she's not...obviously; from what I've heard) anyways, I would want someone to take care of her and love her the way I love her. 

This past week we went and saw a sister who hasn't been to church in a few months because she just had a baby. She totally opened up to us. This was our second visit but the first time we went with members, so she mostly talked to them. At first, we weren't really talking a lot but we got to know her and asked her about her conversion story. I told her your conversion story (mom) - just the part where, missionaries would come by and sometimes, you didn't want to meet with them - and she just started crying. She could relate to that feeling of not wanting to meet with the missionaries but then at one point she also wanted to know about Joseph Smith and so she opened her heart and was baptized. That was Wednesday when we saw her and guess what... she was at church! She brought her kids too and then shared her testimony during sacrament meeting. Sunday was such a special day. Seriously, EVERY fast Sunday has been fantastic. 

Things with Sister Carper are great! She works hard and she loves the people. I love serving with her! She used to serve here in Saphaansung (which btw, is 3 hours away from Bangkhae) so she's been showing me all the fun stuff she's done here. We eat SOOO much fruit and we've been eating a lot of fish. My body loves it and feels healthy. Oh yeah and mom I wear 3 layers of lotion :P Sunscreen, the foot cream you gave me and bug spray. hehe 

Ok well I'm not sure how much time I have left so I'm going to send some pictures. 

I love you all!! This work is so important and I love it! 
Love always 
Sister Yeo   

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