New Area...I'm Back Home!!! :-) Well Close

Heya! How's everyone doing? It's October? That's strange! But hey, it was good to hear that everyone is healthy and happy. I hope that continues on during the cold season. We are going to hit cold season but I got moved to the furnace so I don't think I'll be having that problem. 

So transfers last week was crazy! Sister Carper and I both got moved and there were a few whitewashes going on. Bangkhae is one that got whitewashed. Anyways, good news first! Prachak is getting BAPTIZED!!!! :D He'll be baptized on the 6th and confirmed on the 7th! Sister Carper and I were so, so, SO incredibly sad that we aren't going to be there for it but we know that the Elder are going to take good care of him. Plus they helped us teach him so I'm happy for Prachak. Last week, as Sister Carper and I reflected about our time in BangKhae and even though we had a hard time, we felt that we had done our best and done what we needed to do there at that specific time. Especially with Prachak and teaching him and helping him make this covenant with God. Oh, and there was our Mango lady. I don't think I ever told you about her. But on our last day before transfers we went and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon with our testimony on the inside. We always buy mangos from her because she has the best and because we go so often, she ends up giving us free mangos and other treats. We left notes in our area book about her so I hope the next missionaries will teach her. 

Right now, I'm in Phitsanulok!! aka the furnace. It's blazing hot here! But on the plus side, I'm back in the Chiang Mai zone!! :D So I'll get to go back up there in a few weeks here! I was SOO happy (and still am :P ). There are so many people here ready to get baptized. Two days ago, Sister Na got baptized. She is a little fireball and so full of the spirit. I'm hoping to get to know her better. This week Sister Tukda is getting baptized and she also has come a long way in a short amount of time. She’s really excited to get baptized and wants her daughter to learn too! We have 4 other daters we are working with and have seriously 25 or 30 progressing/potentials that are ready to get baptized. This is definitely a turn around from my last area. Phitsaulok feels like home and the people here are so prepared. 

The members are really willing to assist because most of the branch consists of female members. Now, we got to work on getting priesthood members active in the church and finding people too. I've been trying to get a feel for the area and what the branch needs and how we can help the branch president. We are going to go visit the branch president and his wife at their home as well as the first counselor and his family at their home. Oh my goodness…and there are kids again in the branch!!! The daughters of the first counselor is so stinkin cute!! They speak English so it's the cutest little thing. The husband used to be a missionary here so they are halzies babies. 

This last Saturday during baptism, two young girls came to watch. They found out about the baptism through our English class and the following day the 14 year old girl, Fern came to church for all three hours. She helped me wash the dishes and was really willing to talk with us. She SO cute! I don't think I've ever mentioned this but one of my mission goals is to have a baptism every Saturday for one transfer straight and to baptized 3 families. I really, really want to teach her family but their situation is difficult so we got to work with both parents on this one. At any rate, she got a copy of the Book of Mormon from the church and we haven't even taught her yet. Her desire is definitely there and she is willing to come to church so that’s all that matters, eh? 

Here in the area, we have a senior couple--the Harris'. BTW, when do the Darringtons come? Well last night the Harris let us go over for dinner. We got to know them more and why they came on a mission, etc. Elder Harris is still funny as ever. I saw him a little while ago when I was up in Chiang Mai. His wife is from England so he'll talk in her accent sometimes. They're a really sweet couple. We live in a house across the street from the Harris' and the Elders live down the street. I think I sent home a video of the house previously when I came for switch offs. The house is super nice and I have a real bed again!! :-) My body is so happy every night. haha 

As far as catching people up with the gospel, President Senior is phenomenal! Mom, in the letter you sent me about the girl who made the comment on Elder Bednar's talk, well it's amazing what technology does for us these days. President Senior is doing the same for the mission. You saw our phones--so now he's doing that with our English program. He put those scan boxes (forgot what they are called) but they are black and white and you put your smart phone up to it and it'll direct you to our English website. I might send one home to see if it works in the states too!! 

Hey Mom and Dad, I want to thank you again for all you taught me growing up! I love you both so much and I'm glad that I have such great support from home! You two are the best and have been my anchors on the mission. “No other success can compensate for failure in the home” right? Well, I know that you both have succeeded. Travis, Trina and I love you a lot and look up to you always, 

p.s. Pictures again aren't working. Sorry about that. I'll trying again next week.  BTW, my new companion is Sister King.


Sis. Yeo 

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