Small And Simple Things

Sister Carper and I. 

More of the Wat.

And then I fell in the mud and two Thai ladies helped clean my dress. :P 

We just got back from Ayutthaya, one of the prettiest places I've been to!! You should Google it if you have some time :) haha. Well this week we did a lot of travel down to Asoke, which is where the mission office is. We had zone conference and we had a stake sports day activity and we did switch offs with the Bang Na sisters. It's been an eventful week! This week is transfers so I’ll let you know next week where I'm at and who I'm with; but I would be happy to stay here with Sister Carper. For zone conference, we talked a lot about conversion coupled with faith. Our zone leaders gave us the talk “The Doctrine of Christ” to read. Overall, it was another good conference. Then for switch offs, I went with Sister Zatarain who came in last transfer. It's definitely different being the older missionary but we went and taught a few lessons and also visited a less active member. She's from Texas and she's doing really well as a new missionary. 

We had our first house inspection. So it was Wednesday night and I was sitting at my desk and I looked at Sister Carper and said, lets move the furniture! Not sure why but I had a sudden impulse. Our apartment was a MESS! We were cleaning as well as re-arranging so in the middle of it all, we get a phone call from Elder Jones who does the house inspections and asks us if he and Sister Jones can come over in the morning and look at the apartment. Sister Carper and I just laughed for the longest time because of course, it would be the one day we decided to get all Fung-shui. To be fair, we did a good job because our apartment now actually looks like an apartment and there is a study area and living area as opposed to just desks and stuff in random spots. We love it! I'll have to show you a picture; but the process was therapeutic for us. haha

The transfer has been slow, but there are still moments when I realize that yes, we are making a difference here. We had a stake sports day activity (which p.s. I got to play volleyball again!!!!! :D and believe it or not some of the members here are way good!) So we've been working with a less active member named Sister Balm (she was the one that started crying when we went to visit her) Anyways, for the longest time, she's just been heartbroken because her son has gone inactive and he still hasn't received the priesthood. This sports day activity was a huge opportunity because he came! AND he came to church!!! The members, especially the young men his age, welcomed him back in and it was probably the best Sunday all transfer! :-)  His mom is also no longer considered less active because she has been come back consistently. Next, we want to work with her husband and introduce him to the church. OH YEAH, her baby is SOOOOO stinking cute. If there's one thing that's hard as a missionary, it's not being able to hold people's babies!! But obedience is what we shoot for. This is it though, families in the gospel being happy together...eternally. One day, we hope that we'll hear they are going to get sealed in the temple!  :D

Prachak is also doing really well. Somehow on my mission, I have been able to meet those who are just so prepared and so golden! We didn't teach him a whole lot because we still don't have a member to help us but the Elders have taught him and yesterday, all four of us went over to visit and he has changed! He is reading, understanding and he knows his relationship with Heavenly Father. Before we left we didn't have homework for him but he asked for it himself. And it wasn't just something to read, he specifically asked for homework about baptism! He's SO great! So he'll be getting baptized in the next few weeks! :D 

I'm not able to send pictures so it might have to wait till next week. Sorry. 


Sister Yeo  

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