I'm Thankful For...The Book of Mormon!

Whoa hey HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  How is everyone doing? You all get a break this week right? Sound fun!! I hope everyone is healthy and happy! :-) 

So this week I wasn't really up in my area. I got back from Chiang Mai on Thursday and everything seemed so distant. Overall, it was a really good experience. I went on switch offs with my MTC companion, Sister Stolworthy. I loved it! I feel that we have had a lot of the same mission experiences; especially, we have both served in two of the same areas. She has grown a lot and we have become closer. I was so impressed by one of their investigators, Sang. He has finished reading the Book of Mormon and when we taught him, I actually felt like he was teaching me. That was really fitting because on Tuesday for Mission Tour, the focus was on the Book of Mormon. Elder Watson is so awesome and gave some really insightful thoughts and actually inspired me to start a few new projects with the Book of Mormon. 

President Senior also talked about the gathering of Israel and in order to have a gathering, there initially had to be a scattering. The mission dynamic has really changed since President Senior has come. We no longer ask for referrals or go inviting knocking door to door. As a result, our monthly mission average of 30 baptisms has increased to 72 baptisms and this month the mission goal is 100. It's so amazing seeing the progression of Thailand. On a smaller scale, we have been seeing it here in our branch! When I got here, there was an average of 40 members coming to church. For the last few weeks we've had 65-70 people in attendance and a few people getting baptized this week and next week. Heavenly Father is doing so many miracles here in P-lok. 

I was really humbled yesterday by an experience we had a church. I don't think I'll share this week, because I will cry for sure. But I promise and testify that the Book of Mormon solves all our problems and our heartaches. I understand that sentence a lot differently than I have in the past. I love this book! One of the projects I started a week ago was to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover but along the way I'm marking all the Christ-like attributes from PMG chapter 6. (yes, it is color coded) p.s. I sat next to Elder Watson during lunch at mission tour and he told me of some of the things he does. He is marking all the body parts of the Savior in the Book of Mormon. "arm" "mouth" "ear" "hands" Right now I'm in Alma with the Christ-like attributes so I think I'm going to start that project next week after I finish this one. 

Another thing Sister Senior said this conference made me think about the uniqueness of the Book of Mormon. She asked, "How do you teach about the Savior differently because you have the Book of Mormon?" It was many good lessons and thoughts from Mission Tour. They just added more to my basket of memories. :D 

Yes I realized President Obama is here in Thailand. Weird?! Our investigator called us last night and was really excited for us that our President came to visit Thailand. She talked to us about how we need to love each other no matter where we come from. haha She is the one getting baptized on the 30th (Sister Deng) 

As another fun side note, I ate mash potatoes for 4 days in a row. hahaha ... can't live without it. It made me oober happy. 

At the end of the day, Heavenly Father realized what we need. Sometimes he wants us to go through trials but that's only because He loves us and wants us to use our agency. If He gave all the answers to us and every experience had an easy way out then there is no purpose for us here. We all have something that isn't going perfectly or as perfect as we like it to be, but like President Monson told us at conference in April, the race of life isn't against each other, it's against sin. If we aren't doing all we can to be closer to Him and the Savior, we need to repent and try harder. The gospel is great. I love it!

I love, love, love, love, LOVE all of you. My heart is so THANKFUL to have such a phenomenal family. 

Sister Yeo 

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