November Already? Hmm

How's everyone doing? It's a new month already?! What did everyone do/dress up as for Halloween? As you can see I tried to improvise...that's as good as it gets in the mission world. It was cute because I think Halloween = black costumes and scary things. Which, if you look at the pictures again, there’s not a lot of color other than red and black. The activity we did on Wednesday though was super successful. It was so great to see less active members (especially the priesthood members) and a lot of our investigators told us they enjoyed it too. We made spiders out of chocolate and pretzels and little red candies for the eyes and played a game called mingle-mingle. The missionaries started this weekly activity to pattern it after the Church in the states...I think it's called mutual right? Anyways, some of the older members come as well so it makes it hard to cater to everyone's interest and ability to play games. However, this last Sunday three of the YSA received calling to be the activities coordinators, like we asked since the beginning of the transfer but better late than never. At any rate, the best part was at the end of the night. One of the less active members brought two of her friends and they were on their way out the door. I didn't recognize their faces so I ran outside and just asked for their names. After the younger girl told me her name, she asked, "Can I change religions?" I think I had a very interesting face because I had to slow down and re-wind to process what she just asked me. So I got her number and she came out to church yesterday. She's 13 so we need to teach her at her house and her parents know that she wants to learn and then she needs to come to church for 3 months. Other than that, She's golden too! Plus she already has a friend who brings her to church and these activities. 

Last week, President Senior announced that the Book of Mormon has been translated into Lao and now the members up there can have their own copy in their native language. It is not yet a branch up there but the work is going forward. As a fun announcement President is getting the iPad Mini for each companionship with the purpose of mapping houses of members and investigators, etc. We have a lot more technology in the mission than I expected. 

Well this week I had major problems with the computer. Sorry, I wrote about twice this email and then, the Internet shut down on me. So I had to save my email on a word document, put it on my jump drive but it wouldn't open up on this computer. Either way, I wrote that I wanted to commit you all to reach chapter 6 in PMG. Elder Radmall, our district leader gave us this commitment in district meeting and it has definitely been a blessing to learn more about each attribute. On top of that, during the last transfer President Senior challenged us to study the four gospels in the New Testament. I'm in Matthew 26, not too far but it's interesting to study both simultaneously because we come to understand how much the Savior did for us and how we can turn to him for everything. In the "Thanksgiving" season and with Christmas coming up, I know it'll be a fun activity for FHE or whenever you find time to study together. 

Love you all always, 
Sister Yeo 

p.s. You'll never guess what I did last night. Straight up watched a movie (it's approved don't worry) on our TV. Yes, we have a TV; in fact, we have 3…maybe a little too many for me. Haha. But we watched the Joseph Smith movie.  

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