It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Wow, I had such a good week!  First off! How is everyone at home? I hope you all ate a lot on Thanksgiving and on Mom's birthday! :-)

Speaking of Turkey day, I'm proud to say that I cooked a 6 pound turkey, 4 pounds of mash potatoes and made a Thanksgiving awesomeness feast!! I shouldn't be too proud about it, but it was pretty awesome. Don't worry, Ill send a picture! I asked everyone to share things they are grateful for because that something we usually do in our family and so even though we are missionaries and we are in Thailand, we still can celebrate our culture and holidays. 

There was a miracle at church yesterday. The Elders had a baptism that was scheduled for 12 after church but we had a major problem--there was no water. It is kind of a necessary element for baptism. So for the third hour of church, I went on splits with a member while my comp was in RS. Sister Mink and I ran around trying to find every possible option for hoses and filling up the font. I just have to say, faith is so necessary as a missionary. The former branch president, President Swat is phenomenal! I have so much respect for him. He did so much yesterday to get the baptism on schedule. The baptism did happen and it was a miracle. Satan really does all that he can so that people can't be baptized but faith is the first principal of the gospel and the foundation of our lives. Like it says in the scriptures, with it we are able to do all things. 

In other news, our investigator is getting baptized on Friday!!! :D We are definitely checking the font and amount of water before then. She's really ready and prepared to be a member. The sisters in Relief Society welcomed her in and are friendly to her. Tonight we are reviewing with her about the restoration and the proper authority restored to the church as well. 

I've been reading the Teachings of the Prophet George Albert Smith and this past week, I was in chapters 5-15. In Chapter 5, I loved the awesome discussion about the priesthood. There was a paragraph that I thought was really profound. I didn't' write it down but essentially it said, “Without the power of the priesthood all the blessings we've enjoyed, the knowledge of being an eternal family and the door to the celestial kingdom would be closed to us. How blessed we are to have the priesthood power restored on the earth. Don't trifle with such a privileged.” Although I don't have the priesthood, the last line really struck me and it was really a serious responsibility to respect God's power. Those who hold it and those of us who are part of a divine plan to respect and honor the priesthood. I really liked it so I thought I'd share! 

Lastly, this morning I noticed something in my personal study. Over the time that I have been a missionary, I have kept quote book; specifically quotes from general conference. Every night, I'll read a talk from conference and if I like it I'll keep it for later. This morning, I read over in my book and the dominant three people I've kept quotes from are President Monson, President Uchtdorf and President Eyring. I didn't realize it till just now. So I thought, there must be something coming up in the world that we all need to prepare for. We don't have the Ensign yet, but I'd encourage/commit all of you at home to spend time re-reading conference in FHE or whenever the family has time together. Talks from our First Presidency have saved me so much on my mission. Along with the Book of Mormon it strengthens our testimonies and really does make us happier. 

Well I love you all. I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Sister Yeo 

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