Another Amazing Week!!!

How's everyone doing? Is there snow yet?  I was freezing cold today....while I was eating Sushi for lunch, I sat right under the AC. :P 

On Sunday, someone asked me how old I am and I told her 21. I had to re-think and then told her my real age -- 22. I still feel the same! Well this week was awesome!! It already feels like forever ago. Last P-day, Sister Peterson took us out for pedicures and manicures. It was so sweet of her and a lot of fun to just sit back and relax for a day and get to know her.

On Tuesday -- BEST THING EVER happened. We've been teaching Brother Jack for about 4 months now. This kid is awesome but I'll admit that sometimes I get a headache because we are not sure how to help him build his faith. Then on Tuesday, we had brother Art help us teach. They learn at the same school, they are the same age and the have very similar situations. So during the lesson (after reading Alma 7) we ask, “if you got baptized and you didn't have to face problems by yourself, would you get baptized?” He said, “Yes.” We asked Brother Art to share his experience and essentially share his conversion story. We turned it back to Jack and told him that we want him to pick the day he wants to get baptized. (He's had a date before, back in November.) He looks at the calendar and then he looks at us and says, “Sunday?" meaning yesterday. So, we told him that we still have to teach him a few commandments and then he needs to get interviewed but he's getting baptized on Sunday!!!!! :D We were so happy that night! Especially, because we had come out of a week where we hardly taught any lessons. It was such a boost to the week (a really awesome early birthday present) and he's really ready. We've seen/taught him almost every day and he looks happier. On Sunday, he wore a button up shirt for the first time. For his baptism I want to get him a white shirt and tie because I don't think he has one. I'm SO, SO, SO excited for this Sunday. 

Wednesday was fantastic! I was spoiled all day! In a nut shell, we cleaned the road and watered the plants in the morning because it was Sister Harris' birthday too and that is usually what she does in the morning. I thought for her birthday it would be nice to give her a break. I asked the Elders to help too so it was pretty fast. I ripped open birthday presents from all of you! :D S. King decorated my desk and the Harris' missionary room. After studying, we went and taught another investigator. Her name is Wow and we've seen her on and off for almost two months. She said she's been busy with work so that’s why she hasn't had time to meet us. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she really got it. At the end of the lesson, we committed her to a date and she's getting baptized in January!!! Again more amazing B-day present...hehe. We went back home and I made some mash potatoes (of course) before district meeting. 

Following district meeting, they brought in a cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to me. It was a lemon Cheesecake. Sister Harris also got me knitting needles. So the story behind that is, I saw her knitting one day and in passing I mentioned how I used to crochet (sp) and how I always wanted to learn how to knit. So she got me my own set and now I've made a few wonky squares that aren't straight. Yeah, I'm still a noob! They also took us to Swenson’s for Ice cream...I won't go into detail. ;-)  Later, we taught Sister Dang, the lady who was baptized last week. She still going strong and she is so ready and willing to help us teach and to serve in the branch.  I really wish you could meet this lady!!  Okay, to make this short…by the end of the night I ended up with dinner and two more cakes and a tub of chocolate chip cookies. Sister Na, my absolute favorite member brought me dinner and a big chocolate cake. Sister Mink and Bell made me a brownie fudge cake and cookies. Don't worry Trav, I did work out all week. Haha. All in all, Wednesday was totally awesome! P.S. everyone wore yellow because it was Father's day here in Thailand.  

This week should be interesting. We are going up to Chaing Mai on Friday and we are having our ward Christmas party on Saturday. Speaking of Christmas, I'll call on Wednesday at 7:30am (our time) I'll let you know if it changes. For right now Wednesday at 7:30am, if that doesn't work let me know. I don't know the time change but I was thinking that it would be Christmas day for you at around 6pm. Let me know if I’m wrong on the time. Also, next week I'll be in Bangkok for transfers meeting so email will come at a random time but it will come. Promise :D 

I just wanted to share a quote I read this morning from General Conference. It’s from Elder Daniel Johnson (page 103). He says, "Our discipleship will be developed and proven not by the type of trials we are faced with but how we endure them." I hope that no matter what you're going through, we'll find comfort in the fact that Heavenly Father and the Savior are always around and ready to encircle us in their arms. I know it’s true. The gospel is wonderful and brings us things that are priceless and happiness we aren't able to describe. 

I love you all always, 
Sister Yeo 

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