Happy New Year

Hi, sorry my email’s a day late but I guess you're all up counting down for the New Year so...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yesterday, we went up to a mountain with a member. Long story short we were there for 14 hours. Two reasons--lots of traffic and the car broke down. Therefore we had quite the adventure. 

Before that, Christmas was so fun talking to everyone. As always it felt like it went so fast! After that we went and made another turkey and a mountain of mash potatoes. We also went up to Chiang Mai for specialized training and that was fun as always. This time I got to see Bam!! :D :D Just as we were leaving the church she walked in. I was sooo happy. We've done a lot of cleaning this past weekend. The church and our house. Everything is pretty sparkly. 

On Sunday, Brother Jack received the priesthood and Brother Mark got permission to come back to church and Brother Oh showed up too! We also went to go see a recent convert on Sunday, it was so stressful getting to his house but we eventually made it. We met his mom and she is the sweetest lady. Sadly, she doesn't live here and she works in a different province but one day, she will be given the opportunity to learn. As of right now, she still has an open heart and her son (who is the member) will be such a good missionary because he invited his sisters to read the Book of Mormon and they've been reading!! 

Oh yeah, so we also ate dinner with them on Sunday. They fed us fish and noodles and sticky rice. Last but not least, WE ATE SNAKE! was actually really yummy. It taste just like tuna--not gonna lie, I would eat it again. haha For more weird things on the mountain we ate banana cheese ice cream. Can't say I liked that one, nor will I eat it again. 

Well I gotta go but I LOVE you all 
Sister Yeo 

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