It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!!!

How is everyone??!!! Cold yet? Well, we are! Yesterday morning I almost froze on the way to the church! 

Good news first…JACK GOT BAPTIZED! :D He's so great and has so much faith. Things all fell into place and his baptism was personally very touching. He asked me to give a talk and so I decided it would be appropriate to talk about Faith in Jesus Christ and baptism. I wasn't as nervous giving this talk as I was when I was a greenie in Chiang Mai. Oh yeah, on the night before, we had our Christmas party and this year I personally had two foci, the Savior and the Thai people. Anyway, back to Jack…I brought him an early Christmas present (a white shirt and tie). This was his first Christmas and Christmas present. After opening it, he was quiet and looked at it for a few seconds. He looked back at me and smiled and said “thank you.” His eyes were red and later when we were standing in the foyer I asked him if he liked it. He pulled it up to his chest, held it with both hand, looked me in the eye and said, "Sister, this means a lot to me." It was such an awesome moment of happiness.

The next day at church--NO ONE was there! Literally depressing! The opening hymn started and I seriously would have cried but then, Jack showed up in his white shirt and purple tie and came and sat by me. All was well! Also, he shared such a solid testimony that I'm so happy that Heavenly Father let us learn with him. Elder Khanakam, President Seniors first counselor also attended our branch yesterday and was at Jack’s baptism.  After Jack's baptism, Elder Khanakam asked Jack if he wanted to be a missionary. Jack said “yes” and then they talked some more about how to prepare and what he needs to do. Jack came and told me about his conversation and I wish you could have seen the look of excitement on his face when he talked about it. 
I feel so blessed to know Jack. He has come a long way and he knows the church is true and what we taught him is true just by his commitment to live the gospel and how he is currently living. 

This week, we also went up to Chiang Mai for zone conference. I’ll have to show you pictures at some point. But we went up to Doi Pui--the mountain where we dressed up in those colorful costumes. (I'm not sure how else to explain it). Anyways, it was fun talking to Sister and President Senior. Essentially, they took us out all day and spent time together with us for Christmas. It was incredible! Sister Senior spoke for a while and she mentioned a talk by Elder Bednar called the “Characteristics of Christ” that I really loved from the MTC. She touched on a lot of wonderful things that truly help up focus our Christmas on the Savior and on others. Last night, at dinner Sister and Elder Harris were talking about marriage; because S. King is going home and so like always people get teased about that. So Sister Harris always has these amazing quote and this one was simple and true. JOY = Jesus, Others and Yourself. If God comes first everything falls into place. In marriage (not that I know but I assume so) in companionships and life. 

Well in the spirit of Christmas, I learned from zone conference, my district leader and other sources that when we think about Jesus Christ and Others before ourselves (Yourself) then we will truly find the JOY in Christmas. 

Love you all always 
Sister Yeo

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