Best Birthday Present!

It's December already?! Weird! I hope you're enjoying the snow for me...hehe…j/k but for real; it doesn't feel like the holidays without the white powder floating around.

Bad news first:
We started to teach Mark finally!! A week later his parents grounded him from coming to church activities and coming to church because his grades are bad. :(  

Now the good news:
So here's how the week went... all of our investigators basically left or are no longer interested. We didn't really teach any lesson this week to investigators, but there was a lot of rescuing done during the weekend. The Peterson’s are a senior couple and technically finished their 18 months in October but decided to extend. So they are working with re-activation and came on Friday morning when we went out all day and visited less active members. [Side note: Last Wednesday was the Thai Loygraton festival or lantern festival. (I’m not sure what it's called in English) Anyways it was pretty but then it down poured on us. The first time I've seen rain all transfer and we went home SOAKING wet! It was fun but it was quite the adventure. I was a little bummed because I've been looking forward to it for a while...Oh well. Okay, so Friday we saw Sister Noy, and she clicked with Sister Peterson who invited her to church. Unfortunately, she didn't come yesterday but I felt like it was something different and something she needed.

We seriously saw 15 less active female members. The Elders did about the same but with the male members. Yesterday at church the former district president came back with his wife and son and a few of the ladies we saw; Sister Jeng, Sister Doi and Sister Bin came to church. It was awesome! The Peterson's came with a vision and a plan and executed it very nicely by delegating it not only just to us missionaries and the leadership, but they also involved every member of the branch. Things are turning upward! 

Sister Dang was so ready to be baptized. I feel like we didn't even do much because the Lord prepared her so well. Then again all the people that have gotten baptized that I had the opportunity to teach have been that way. Her testimony is so strong and she is such an asset to this branch. She loves people so easily and she helps bring peace and unity. The Elders’ investigator, Sister Air got confirmed as well. Such a cool fast Sunday! 

FERN IS GETTING BAPTIZED!! Her baptismal date is set for December 15th. Sadly she lives in the Elders’ area so we won't get to teach her. But I trust and know that the Elders are going to help her make her date. I was so happy! At the beginning, she was always by my side at church but now she has friends and knows the other youth really well. :-) I was so happy when the Elders told me that she has a baptism goal. Thank you mom for putting her name in the prayer roll at the temple. Just wanted to share this because it shows, prayers are always answered! Thank you family as well for keeping our investigators and me in your prayers. :D
I got the General Conference Ensign you sent and I was reading from the Priesthood session. I just finished reading Teachings of the President: George Albert Smith and came away with so much respect for the Priesthood and then after reading that session...just sealed the deal. I'm not sure if it's because there are only 6 Priesthood holders in our branch and I miss it but even then those 6 in our branch are such strong members and they are such good example for the rest of the sisters and younger men. Conference is awesome! From President Monson's "count your blessings - inventory" suggestion I added to my list the morning that I am extremely grateful for the Priesthood and that in our home, Dad and Travis honor it well and are up to the call. 

Well just if you are curious, for my birthday I have planned to celebrate with Sister Harris, Sister Na and Sister Carter because all of us share the same birthday. Sister Na has been a member for 3 years, and I love her! She is so strong and she works so hard in her calling and does more without being asked and without doing it in a flashy way or to show off. The King of Thailand is also having a birthday so maybe the whole country will celebrate together. I don't have much planned but Wednesday is our district meeting day and our youth activity night so it should be fun! :-) Plus Sister Na is bringing me a cake and Mangos. :D

Well I love you all. I read in Moroni chapter 10 this morning verse 23 (I might be wrong...yikes) but faith. I could talk for days about it. 

Sister Yeo

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