Time Flying By Fast

Wat Phra Keoa
Wat Phra Keoa

Sister Eve's Baptism

Sister Kittima is always funny :-)

I might have fallen asleep on the floor.
But then, I studied real hard! And Sister Kittima is still funny...haha.

The weeks are going by like nothing. I'm sitting in the exact same chair I emailed you last week and it feels like that wasn't long ago. The reality of 12 weeks left is slowly starting to hit me. Even though three months is a long time, this transfer went (even though it was a special 4 week transfer) by so fast.

Sister Kittima and I find ourselves either really busy or really free some days. During our long planning we thought of ideas of productive things we can do during 1-3pm. The first councilor told us that it's usually the hottest and dangerous time to be outside. Sisters tend to work smarter than Elders, well at least that's what all my senior companions told me and so we haven't had to spend a lot of time outside in the heat. 

This week we really build a strong relationship and trust with the Bishop. Because yesterday was the fifth Sunday we had a combined RS and Priesthood class. This whole week we've been working on translation for the family history video and it was quite the process. We pretty much spent out whole week doing this. (Last night I found out from Elder Appleyard; our DL that this translation is to be used throughout all of Thailand.) All I can say is that I'm glad my companion is Thai because my Thai is not that good. Haha.  At the end of the week the Bishop was really happy that we gave all our efforts. We haven't finished working on it but we will in the coming weeks. 

Easter Sunday was great at church! We had a special program and I sang a solo. Kinda. I started singing that there were a few sisters that wanted to sing too and so they did and then everyone slowly joined it. It was really funny. The Bishop is so musically talented! I'm excited because I've missed doing special musical numbers. Since being here I think I've done 4 or more. His daughter also plays the flute but she just left to America so I want to ask another member if I can play theirs. 

This week we are focusing on finding new investigators by building trust with the members. We think that if they see that we are willing and ready to give all our effort they too will want to have involvement. The ward is already so strong but yesterday during sacrament when I looked around, two of the front rows were completely empty. That's 16 not coming to church. During our zone conference this past week when I interviewed with President Senior, I asked him what the vision is for Bangkapi. President is the type that loves surprises, so he didn't tell me much but he said he wants to split the areas to make 3 stakes not just 2. I think that is (obviously) inspired. I'm just wondering what our part will be in 3 months and on. If it happened in P-lok over 6 months then I guess we need to work twice as hard. :) 

Don't spill the beans. :P We won’t watch it till the 13th. 
OH YEAH! We are having that huge water fight soon. Remember last year? 
This year, I’m going to try to take pictures! :) 

Sister Yeo 

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