I can't believe it's almost April and still snowing! The world on this side is blazing hot! But it's great because the hard work pays off. This week we had so much help from everyone... again! 

I thought whitewashing would be hard because the first time we did it in Chiang Mai; I was a greenie and had no idea what Thailand was. But this time we have such a solid ward and our district leader is awesome and my companion of course knows the culture and how to get around. Our Bishop also helps us with everything. He's been serving for 7 years and on Sundays he is at the church at 8am and after church is done he visits members at their homes till 11pm. I've been really blessed that the branches I've served in and now this ward have leadership who understand the vision and work diligently.

 I'm not sure if I ever mentioned, but in our mission we don't go inviting. In fact, President Senior has almost made it against the rules to go inviting (knocking on doors and such). This week, we found ourselves sometimes during nightly planning wondering what is the best way to use the Lord's time. We spent a lot of time visiting members and teaching investigators at the church or at their homes and trying to find less actives. We also spend some time exploring the area and putting up posters for English Class. 

We've found a few new investigators and one of the girls who has been learning for about 2 months has a date to get baptized next Saturday. We taught her the first time and she said that she just wanted to learn for a while then when she felt ready she would get baptized. We taught her the restoration and told her straight forward that we are willing to teach her but we are going to meet with her less often because we need to go find and spend out time with those who will make a goal and are ready to be baptized. The next time we met with her we followed up if she prayed about baptism and she said that she wants to get baptized on the 6th! :) Her name is Sister กระต่าย (Graadai ..?) 

Another cool experience was on the bus going to an investigators house. It's takes about half an hour by bus to get to our investigators house, Sister Sai. At one of the stops a tall black guy got on the bus and sat in the seat across the isle from me. I felt like I should ask him where he's from and what brings him to Thailand. At first I didn't but then I looked in his hand and he had this small little black book. The pages looked a lot like scripture pages so after much debate I prayed then asked him those questions. We talked until we got to our destination. His name is John and he's from West Africa, he's catholic and came to Thailand to find a job hopefully teaching English. We got his contact information and later in the week we got to meet him and teach him about the Book of Mormon. I'm trying to encourage my companion to learn more English because it was actually really hard to teach in English when my brain processes gospel lessons in Thai. However she said the prayer in English and she is trying! :) Brother John also came to church and we are going to invite him to get baptized tomorrow! :) I'm really grateful that Heavenly Father helped me during this whole week. I've never felt as nervous as I did during that bus ride and that lesson but the Spirit works with us in many, many ways! 

Today we are going to one of the prettiest Wat's in Bangkok. Ps This week is also General Conference right? Or is that next week? Either way I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Yeo 

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