Hastening The Work of the Lord

My adorable companion. We went to the doctor and found out she has pneumonia so she's been taking a lot of medication. Despite the health problems she works so hard every day! So blessed to have her has my child.

Sister Jane's Baptism!!! (She's an investigator of the Elders) 

Sister Jane and I

How is everyone doing? The weather is warmer and everyone is almost out of school I assume? Yay!! 

Well, the weeks fly by and they get busier and busier. For starters, my companion is wonderful! She is such a phenomenal missionary and the members and investigators are so impressed with how advanced her Thai is for being in Thailand for just one week. I can't explain how blessed I feel to work with her and train together. I'm learning so much from her and realizing that I have even more that I need to improve on. This week, as we've been training, we've been working on how to begin teaching and inviting others to be baptized. We increased our pool of investigators with 3 more people, all with baptism dates for next month.  Also, yesterday we had 6 investigators attend church!!! It was such a wonderful day yesterday. At the end of the night, I felt a little flustered while accounting to the Lord for the day. However, we gave Him everything we could and used every minute of the day! 

This week, we got the instruction that as Sister Training Leaders, President would like us to call all the sisters every day and follow up with how their day went.  Furthermore, on Sunday nights, we have to follow up with the junior companions about their training and how they are adjusting. Yesterday was the first night that I made calls and it was a little stressful playing phone tag with the missionaries.  What’s more-- we still need to talk to the District leader and be accountable to them. I mentioned this to President and told him that it would be more efficient to make up a calling schedule so that everyone can be contacted in time and also that we can all be obedient and go to bed on time. If you have any ideas, changes and improvements, they are always welcome! I think if the Elders can manage to do it, then it's possible for us too. I also think I'll call the AP's and ask them how they like to do their nightly phone calls. Overall, my responsibilities as a STL is to inspire, uplift and build our sisters. First and for most is my companion; then, the other sister here in Bangkok. We still proselyte as normal and invite others to be baptized!! 

Our investigators are progressing! They have all been a lot more responsive to the gospel this past week. I firmly believe it is because of the faith of Sister Mullen, (it’s the new missionaries in general, with their greenie fire syndrome) which helps us all. On Friday, a sister from the ward called us during companionship study and asked for the Elders’ number. Then 5 minutes later, the Elders called us and said that the husband of this sister just found out that he has cancer. He asked for a priesthood blessing and is beginning to open his heart and wants to start learning about the gospel. He came to Sister Jane's baptism on Saturday and to church yesterday. We are teaching him tonight and he has a date to get baptized next month! It's really amazing to see how trials humble each of us and bring us closer to the Savior as well as our families. Their 2 children are both members but currently less active. This strong sister has prayed for 10 years that her husband will open his heart to the gospel. She keeps saying that now is the time and you can just see how much she trusts the Lord. The gospel truly does unite families, whether in this life or in the next. 

Well this week our investigator Sister Gradai is getting baptized!!  Yesterday, when we taught her after church, I was so touched that she would even come to church. She's been out of town and got home at 5:00 a.m. When I called her in the morning, she sounded so tired and she looked even worse (completely exhausted). However, she still came to church, and for all three hours. She even stayed after the meetings to meet with us. Her fellow-shipper Brother Bob, also a recent convert has been such a great help! He has only been a member for one month but when he teaches, it's as if he's been a member for years. He really understands the Atonement and repentance. 

Well I love you all. 
Have a wonderful week!! 

Sister Yeo 

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