Fast Week!!

My Adorable Companion.

Why I won't come home skinny :P haha
I'm not sure what to say today. This week has been so fast and I'm trying to catch a hold of all the things we need to do before transfers this Thursday. Overall though, I love how functional things are in this area. Yesterday during Sacrament meeting, it was so full and people know what classes to go to and to welcome the new people and everything.

This weekend we’ll be in Songkran and viewing General Conference. It such a challenge to get people to go listen to conference for a few hours instead of playing in the water and rubbing clay all over each other faces. It'll be a great weekend though. 

This week, I learned the power of faith and looking to the Savior in all things. We had some weird experiences this week and my companion and I got really scared. So we started to sing and we said a lot of prayers. Soon the fear went away and we have been alright. It was so interesting because I read a talk that Bishop Bilbro gave us titled, “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” In one of the paragraphs, Elder Peason says that faith and fear cannot co-exist. After reading this I thought about how we felt during these experiences. Our initial human instinct is to be scared or doubt right? So it took us a little bit to come back to our senses and realized that every single day we teach others to have faith. We teach them that if they are doing the right thing they would be blessed and protected. If we teach that then we should live it to. However, hopefully we don't have to live through it again. 

Well I'm excited for this week!!! :D 
I love you all. 
Have a great Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! :) hehe

Love always,
Sister Yeo 

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