April Showers Bring May Flowers!!!

Sister Kratai's BAPTISM! (The first baptism S Mullen and I have together)

Sports day this morning - President Senior got way into it. :P 
How is everyone doing? The semester is now closed and it's time for a break right? Well on the flip side, we are doing the opposite with the work and picking up the pace big time.

I can't believe how incredibly busy missionary work could be. This week has been insane and in attempt to describe the work that is going on, I felt it would be best organized in chronological order.

Monday: We met with two of our daters and had such a wonderful lesson with both of them. Brother Somnik is progressing so well. During the first lesson, he would hardly look at us when we taught him and he couldn't remember things because of health issues he can't process everything. (BTW, he is the husband of the member who has been praying for 10 years that he will open his heart) However, as the lesson progressed, he was happy! He smiled back at us and he was responsive! The gospel is already blessing his life. 

Tuesday: Honestly I had a hard morning. The night before, I was still getting the hang of calling all the sisters and talking to the district leader and zone leaders and coordinating zone training with them. I also was trying to find time to write in my journal and talk to my companion and figure out our financial problems with house money and so many things. I had a bunch of stresses bottled up and then, it was 10:24 p.m. and I only had time to brush my teeth, scribble some things on a sticky note so I could write in my journal the following day and get ready to sleep. Back to the morning, meeting with our bishop helped a lot but we also had a missionary meeting and a few comments were made that pushed me over the edge. I got up and went to the kitchen and just had a nice cry for 10 minutes. It all got better during English class because we had so many new people come and a lot of potential investigators. In my nightly prayers, I felt so blessed that Heavenly Father knows the load that we are trying to carry and then blesses us for at least trying. 

Wednesday: MEETINGS! I never thought that planning for a zone training would be so hard. With my new SL responsibilities I met with the zone leaders and we planned out what we wanted to present on Saturday. We also had a very Spirit-filled day. Earlier in the morning, I told Sister Mullen that I felt that today we shouldn't be going to see Juen. We changed our plans and decided to invite and use what we've been learning in training. It sounded odd that we would choose inviting over an investigator we are already teaching. But we went to the elders’ house to pick up a flyer that we needed copied and they told us that there was a lady at the church who is waiting for them but they don't have a male church member available to help them teach. We went over and taught Sister Newt and she's golden!! She came to church and she is meeting with the elders regularly. We wished she was in our area and we could teach her but it was nice to be part of that experience. 

Thursday: English class renovation. We had another meeting. I feel so bad for my companion that her first experiences in the country is waiting for these meetings to be over. She just smiled at me and said, “But I get to learn my teaching points!” She's great! :-) In this meeting, President shared some awesome changes and vision that is going to be implemented in the mission as soon as possible. First, regarding English classes and second, how we work with the ward and with branch/ward mission leaders. My former district leader and I are putting together the pamphlet for this and I hope my English skills are up to par for this task. :P  I met with the zone leaders again for more finalization of zone training and we rushed home and taught two lessons to finish our evening.

Friday: Meetings!! SO MANY!!! I feel like it's almost too many. We spent our whole day at the church preparing for a million things. My companion played the piano for almost 3 hours and again so blessed with the patience she has. Started with a zone training conference call, then the Asoke elders came and met with me to start constructing the new English pamphlet. Then, we were supposed to have Sister Kratai and Brother Bob come and prepare their baptism outfits but the person with the key to the closet didn't show up. Instead, we went and got her baptism record signed by her dad and then finished the program and long planned for the evening. 

Saturday: Zone training! I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be and it turned out to be a very uplifting training from everyone's contribution. We rushed back to our area and got to the church and prepared for the baptism. Everything was ready and everyone was at the church but when 5:00 p.m. hits, Brother Bob who was baptizing Sister Kratai wasn't there!!!! I went through every single emotion on Saturday night. However, in the end she was baptized and all was well. 

Sunday: We had 6 of our investigators come to church. Two new ones and a partridge in a pear tree. jk but Sister Kratai was confirmed! :-)  Sunday was one of my favorite days and there are so many blessings that come from Sunday worship and actively participating in classes and truly preparing ourselves for self-inspection during the Sacrament.   

Today, we went to Chaengwhatana for sports day. The elders played dodge-ball most of the time. So, I am now a professional hula hoop-er. I played with the elders for a bit but I figure it's not worth the risk. This week will be just as busy. I'm teaching another zone training on Wednesday in the Bangkok North Zone and then we are going on switch offs on Thursday and last night, President said that he wants us to help out the sisters in the west zone so we'll be doing another special switch off. At the end of the day, we are so blessed. I have a wonderful companion--the best! The area is progressing and our investigator pool has doubled, almost tripled. Our investigators with baptismal dates are showing commitment and coming to church as well as preparing to get baptized. We are healthy and happy. I laughed when I read Garen's question--if I'm trunky. I think I would be lucky to just breathe and have time to write in my journal for 10 minutes every night let alone be trunky. So no, I don't have time to be trunky.  

I will testify that the Lord is hastening the work. We can ALL catch the wave or just be left behind. So here in Bangkapi, we work hard and play hard! We are on the Lord's errand and we just want to be obedient so that if He needs something done we're going to be there to take care of it. 

Love you all!! 
Sister Yeo 

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