First Mission Leadership Council

The Four of us Sister Wiganda, Me (Bangkok) Sister Rod (North) Sister Stolworthy (Esan)   

Haha. I'm not sure how I forgot but we had Songkran yesterday. The FUNNEST P-day of the year. Lots of water and clay and foam!! It was great; that's all I have to say :P We played at the church on Saturday and we also played at Siam and Central world yesterday. 

Sorry, I don't have pictures from yesterday but a member took them and will send them to me later. So I'll pass them on when I have them.    

One of the Elders in my MTC group. Came back into the field! Elder Martin   

Sister Steele and I.  [Sister Steele is the daughter of Dr. Frost Steele, a faculty member in the Nutrition, Dietetic, and Food Science Department at BYU.  Traci was/will be majoring in that program]
Sister Weed and I. [Sister Weed and Traci used to work for the Life Sciences Student Services Office at BYU]    

How is everyone doing at home? It's been cold here for the last few hours but soon it's going to get hot! I have so much to tell you about this week, so here goes. 

My new companion's name is Sister Mullen. She got here with 34 other missionaries last Tuesday, full of faith and ready to work. She is from California and she is half Thai. Her mom is from an area in Thailand near Phitsaulok and her dad served his mission here in Thailand and know some of our ward members. Therefore, her Thai is amazing! She is ready to work and I'm already learning so much with her. 

Conference was amazing! I love President Monson's talk the most! It was the answer I needed to a very specific question I had prepared before listening. I also enjoyed Sister Dalton's talk about virtue and knowing who we are and whose we are. I remember thinking during her talk that, that is how I want to live and be an example of to my companion, investigators and members, etc. P.S. I saw Ms Dixon [Traci’s 3rd grade teacher] in the choir during one of the sessions! That was neat! 

Okay, here’s an update on the house. The noises continue but there is no need to worry. Sometimes it's the neighbors and I'm just learning to get used to it. In the very busy week we had, I found that the more I focused on the work and purpose we have here in Bangkapi, the less time I had to consult my fears and worry about if something was wrong. It's been a full week and we haven't heard from Mr. John. Also, President called me last Monday night about it and I 'm keeping him updated on the situation. 

Now for history part. On Tuesday, President Senior called us again. Sister Kittima (who is now transferred to Korat) answered the phone and I expected him to ask us about the house situation and maybe, how we slept the previous night. After speaking briefly with her, she gave the phone to me and said President would like to speak to me as well. The conversation starts like this…

"Sister Yeo, how are you doing today? I have an assignment for you. Are you willing to accept it? As you know, the mission is evolving here and around the world. I would like to call you as one of the Sister Training Leaders for the mission. Will you accept?"

He went on to explain the details of the assignment; specifically for me. I'll have stewardship over the 12 sisters in the Bangkok area, as well as Sister Wiganda. But essentially, because of the increasing number of sisters that are entering the mission, there is a need for sister leaders. It's close to the responsibilities of a Zone Leader but not quite the position a zone leader. The correct title is a Sister Training Leader: not Zone Leader. :P I am one of the first four to be a SL in Thailand and I am excited but anxious at the same time because of my inadequacies and weaknesses. We are all trying to build and understand what the apostles want and expect from this calling and of course, we will need the spirit to guide us in everything.  

Friday morning, we attended the first Mission Leadership Council (no longer called Zone Leader Council) at President and Sister Senior’s house. It was a very special experience and I feel privileged that God loves the sisters and loves women to give us the chance to serve in leadership callings such as this. As appropriately, we talked about goals and what we need to do and we received a lot of revelation. President has a vision for this work and I support him in all aspects of the work. I've been studying humility and obedience because I hope to make Heavenly Father proud, President trust the sisters, and the Yeo name proud. :D 

Well, I look forward to the transfers to come. Training with Sister Mullen and as a Sister Training Leader and baptizing!! 

I love you all!!! 
Sister Yeo 

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