Counting Down Over Utah, I Assume ;-)

Almost a Heart?  haha

The Last Huzah

This week has been phenomenal! I love the ward and the Thai people so much. Surprisingly though, I haven't cried much. I still don't feel like I'm at the end of my mission. So, we'll wait till Thursday and see how that goes. Yesterday, Sister Mullen and I did two musical numbers and I gave a talk and had lots of food to eat! We also have a new dater!! She's a referral from a recent convert and she wants to get baptized!! :D Her name is Jane. She's 17 years old and way cute. He sister comes sometimes so we are going to go visit her family at home. Her mom seems open to the gospel because she signed her paper and gave her permission to learn. Sister Oh was also confirmed yesterday! She has such a solid testimony and she has come a long way. It was a very sweet day, very happy. 

Well I'll be talking to all of you at the end of the week... weird. 

Right now, we are going to prepare for our (my last) family home evening. One of my stretch goals for the end of my mission is to testify of the Book of Mormon everyday and help members and investigators read it. So that is our theme and it's perfect because President just sent us an email about how there is a "Book of Mormon Reading Challenge" across all of Thailand! It is our 'Gift to the Savior'! It's going to be great. 

Well I love you all. Now I can really say, "see you soon!" ;) 

Love always,
Sister Yeo 

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