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So much to say about this week! Ahhhh. I’m so hungry right now…haha…I’ll be going to find breakfast after this! This week I had my very last zone conference :( I’ll tell you about that in a moment. We also had a huge mission-wide Dan Jones activity and we had a car wash! (never thought we'd do that in Thailand!) 

The Dan Jones activity was really successful and a great help for our area this week. We were also on switch offs and I was with Sister Stewart. We talked to every person we could find and we found some potential "priesthood investigators." Honestly, it made me nervous to go up and talk to some people and as I wonder why that was so, I just think I was scared they would reject the only message that is going to help them improve their life. However, we learned from zone conference that sharing the gospel is what we came to do and that reminder helped us communicate effectively with everyone. It was tons of fun and I had to remind myself that it's what I've been doing every day. The only difference is we report the number of people we talk to. 

This week, Sister Mullen and I are focusing on Sabbath day because we have noticed that church attendance is not consistent. Yesterday, we had 86 people at church and so we evaluated areas that we need to work on and how we can teach both members and less actives the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. We had decided to make/give out little notebooks to try to commit members, investigators and less actives to spiritually prepare for Sunday and during church by writing down thoughts or feelings they have in their notebook. It's the worst feeling waiting at church for members to show up. All our investigators are at church now and we still have to wait on LA's and members! Ahhhh! Our goal is 120 by the end of the transfer. 

During zone conference there's always the last 30-45 minutes for missionaries who are finishing to share their testimony. I remember almost a year ago watching Sister Yinn give her testimony and feel like that day was so far away. It was an interesting feeling. We all got up to the stand and I had to say a prayer because I hadn't emotionally collected myself. I thought about how I could even summarize the last year and a half of my life. I was actually the first person in the queue to share my testimony and so it took me a minute but I didn't cry! (amazing huh!) I just teared up.

In summary, my mission has been a change. Since the time I was a new missionary to this very day, SO much has changed and I feel that I have as well. Repentance has been the focus on my personal study this last transfer and I think about all the people we are teaching and how much we all need the Atonement. We are imperfect people, living in an imperfect place trying to do better but need the help of others to succeed. Life is always going to change. I have to accept the next transition in my life in 3 weeks but we aren't meant to stay in one spot. Our purpose is to progress forward and prepare for something better, prepare to meet God. 

I am sad to leave Thailand but I know it's going to come. Things will change but in the end, it's only a change of attire. Pants instead of skirts, textbooks instead of pass along cards but still Sister Yeo. I love my mission. I’m still not done yet. 

Our investigators Sister "Oh" is getting baptized this Sunday. I couldn't be more grateful to see someone decided to change one last time before I come home. 

I love you all!! 
Sister Yeo 

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