She's Baptized

Sister Mullen and I at Stake Conference :-) 

Sister โอ๋ Baptism! :)

Mission Photo with Elder Andersen

Hey, this week will be a little bit short because I'm trying to finish 3 projects in the next week and a half. 

How is everyone doing?!! 

Yes, I've come to this point in my mission but I've never been so busy in my life. My companion is wonderful and I love her. She helps me out so much. p.s. Her parents are in Thailand! They planned this trip before she got her mission call so if we run into them we've asked for permission if we could eat with them. Cool stuff. 

Sister Oh baptism was beautiful! I was telling Sister Mullen that on June 23rd a year ago, Sister Bon was the first baptism I saw in Thailand and exactly one year later, Sister Oh is the last baptism I'll see on my mission. Cool huh?! It was such a spiritual experience and I'm so grateful for it all. She'll be confirmed this Sunday and we'll be playing a special musical number. Sister Carter let me borrow her flute so we are going through a list of songs to see which one we would like to do! :-) 

Ahhhh, so much to do. We are actually at a random Internet place and I only have 3 minutes. We are going to get on again at around 4 p.m. our time because we only had 30 minutes to email so far. 

I love you all

Sister Yeo 

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