He Drank All The Water

The weeks are whizzing by.  School is starting soon?  Good luck Trav and Trina.  How was pioneer day?!  So, that was the day we had zone conference and we went on switch offs.  So I taught English in BangNa and gave the spiritual thought about pioneers and families.  That was my tribute for the day :P  Sometimes I forget about holidays.  In case you're curious, the 12 of August is Mother’s day here.  Unfortunately, I won't be calling again, although it would be cool to call on my birthday because technically, it's Father's day aka the King's birthday. 

Well, it's been another great week in Bang Khae (and BTW, that's the right way to spell it...then again, I've seen it BOTH ways on street signs).  So, even the Thai people can't decide how they want to spell it.   Haha, but we had zone conference in Asoke.  So, let’s just say we woke up early to get there on time for interviews.  My first interview with President Senior was so good.  President is hilarious and he's so smart; he has quite the sense of humor but he also is serious about the work.  We are all fired up about the vision from zone conference, which was super fitting because this week Sister Monterrosa and I found "Heaven!”  So the place we call, "The Project," has 38 buildings right?  Each has 5 floors and 8 rooms on every level.  Well, "Heaven" has 51 buildings and also 5 floors and 8 rooms every level.   We talked about it and decided that we are going to “tear it up!!”  During weekly planning this week, we set our goals and we're shooting for the moon because with that many apartments, that's like 2 wards all by itself.  It's going to be a lot of walking and climbing stairs but that's not a problem.  Sometimes, we stop on the stairs only because we are laughing so hard.  My companion's so much fun...I absolutely love working with her.

Switch off this week was also super fun.  Sister Wallace is like a pocket of sunshine.  She's this short little thing but she's so full of energy.  They are doing such great work in their area.  While I was there we got to visit 3 of their investigators and one of them is getting baptized soon!  He's paralyzed but he's so independent.  I'm not sure about his whole story but basically, he got into an accident with a car and so he's in a wheelchair and he lives by himself.  I'm not sure how the sisters found him but he keeps the commitments the sisters extend and he read and prays and just so optimistic about his situation.   So great!

Our investigators bummed me out a little this week.  THEY DON'T COME TO CHURCH!  It's seriously so frustrating.  They are all willing to read and pray but when it comes to church they either have to go to work or they are going out of town or some other crazy excuse like I have to watch my dog...uhhhh what?!?!?!?  Except, one of our investigators surprised us at church.  He's a very smart man and he's reading in Alma right now and he understands it pretty well.  He just needs something that I feel we haven't quite figured out.  He definitely could increase in his faith, but then again couldn't we all.  He's somewhat like the “show me the miracle, then I'll believe” type investigator.  But we are going with Sister Lidta on Wednesday to visit him so we'll get to follow up with him about church as well.  

Ok I LOVE our branch president.  He is phenomenal!  So for the last two weeks, President Senior and the zone and district leaders have been getting us fired up about the vision for Thailand.  So far, it's just been discussed among the missionaries.  The next step is to take it to the branches and leaders.  We have our coordination meetings on Friday nights.  BTW, our ward mission leader is perfect.  Seriously!  He's the perfect branch mission leader plus it's really nice that coordination meetings are established here; something that we didn't have in Chiang Mai after the split.  However, I hear they have a BML now so that's good.  Anyway, he came in a little towards the middle of our meeting because he also teaches a scripture study class for anyone who comes.   The elders told us that about the new rules: 2 times at church, fellowships, home/visiting teacher assigned and a calling prepared.  He says: เีีหน ดวย!!!  He was so supportive and he goes off for 20 minutes or longer about how this is exactly what the branch needs and how it will help them grow.   This far on my mission I have felt the spirit in a very distinct and strong way.  First was when Elder Holland spoke to us in the MTC; second was when we met President Senior and he gave his opening remarks to us in Chiang Mai and that night was the third time.  Same feelings!  It was so great.  I came away from that meeting so excited and energized about doing the work here in Bang Khae.  I love it! 

So lastly, I wanted to share with you most of the greatest times on my mission.  That is from 8am till 9am during personal study.  I wrote you all a "family letter" about it this morning so that'll be one story but another was Sunday.  Currently, I am in 3 places with my scripture reading:  I am in Mosiah 18; Joseph Smith History Verse 46 and Matthew 6.   It's amazing to see how truth is always connected.  I admit that I've never really studied the scriptures before my mission but I'm so grateful that every single day I get so many answers to every single question.  Every time we teach investigators, I have no reservations about telling them that if they will really study and ponder they WILL get an answer.  Heavenly Father is so great!  He always keeps promises and I learn so much…this work is so important; it's true and it's the Lord’s.  I won't boast in my strength for I know that I'm nothing but I will glory in my God.  Amen to that! 

I love being a missionary.   

Sister Yeo 

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