On the third week of transfers, my mission gave to me, 3 hour meetings, vision for the mission, Siiiiissssttteeerrr Nok, more Church HQ referrals, 3 Christlike attributes and a really, really awesome week in Bang Khae.  
hahahhahahhaha.  Ok, I worked really hard on this song (okay kind of).  So you have to sing it to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas.  We just love to work hard and play hard.   It's Christmas in July right?!!?  So can I make my wish list?  J/K J/K.  But I do have one request, of which I will ask later. 

Anyways, how is everyone at home doing?   Squirt, how was your birthday?  I ate a cookie on your birthday in honor of you turning 11! :D  Mom, I got your letters!  Thank you, thank you.  Tomorrow we’re having zone conference and I'm not sure if they are bringing mail but if not I'll get things on August 16th at Transfers. 

This week was so much fun!  I haven't laughed so much on my mission.  So first things first.  CHANGE!   Our new mission president has a vision for Thailand.  He's making it known.  Last Wednesday, we had district meeting and we caught a little bit of his vision.  Basically, they want to split the stake in Thailand into two and our area/zone is a huge part of the vision.  We left the meeting so excited and ready to just get it done.  Heavenly Father helps us out a lot too!  Within this last two weeks, Sister Monterrosa and I have taught over 40 lessons and we have 20 plus new investigators 13 of whom, if not all, we hope to see get baptized in September.   We have a “potential calendar” on our wall for a few baptisms every Saturday.  I believe with all my heart we can do it.  Given that president changed the baptism rules; so now they need to come to church twice instead of 4 times before they can get baptized.  However, they also need to have a member fellowshipping them, home and visiting teachers already assigned, and a calling prepared for them, all before baptism.   I told Sister Monterrosa that I know we can do it.   Heavenly Father just blesses us so much and the more we trust Him and rely on Him from day to day...we'll see it happen.  So I'm hoping (praying even) that we will be companions for one more transfer...but the chances might be low. Either way, the work moves forward. 

This work also involves amazing members.   Sister “Nok” and Brother "Od" specifically.   They help out the missionaries SOOOO much.  Sister Nok came inviting with us for two days in a row, she worked with us for 8 hours!  Which is amazing!   She is 17 years old and she has such a great desire to be a missionary that it just amazes me.   Which is why we laughed so hard and had so much fun while seeing success this week.   She is stellar.   Brother Od is our ward mission leader and he too does so much for the missionaries while still being patient with the elders... 

Quick story: 
So this morning we went back to teach an investigator we met inviting and she had an interest to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  She was really sincere with her questions and was genuine about committing to reading the Book of Mormon.  Before we leave, we invite her to offer the closing prayer.  She was a little hesitant because she has never done it before.  We were able to explain what prayer is and why we pray and when we do, it's just like talking with Heavenly Father.  She says, "Really?  Are you sure?  Can I ask him to bless my son and to bless me?"  We respond and told her “yes.”  There was a moment of silence and she started to tear up.  She expressed how she misses her son when he is away at school and how she feels so lonely at home alone.  She only gets to see him on the weekends when he comes back; I believe he's 9 or 10 years old.  While we sat there in a few moments of silence, it just hit me...This is part of what I am called to do: "comfort those who stand in need of comfort."  We left her with a specific chapter to read in the Book of Mormon and a prayer.  I am really excited to teach her again this week! 

Sorry, there is a lot more I want to share about the week but the computer had a problem uploading pictures so it was slow.  Oh yeah, I was asked to be the English leader again.  The program here is suffering a little bit so I hope to turn it around.  Please pray for our area and investigators please!! :D   Tomorrow is zone conference and I'll be going on switch offs so I look forward to telling you about it next week! 

Sister Yeo

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