Recent Pictures up to July 16th

The view from one of the buildings we were inviting in. The church is on the other side.

Bringing the world His peace ;P

Night traffic

Branch activity - That's our branch president in the red stripes .. doing push ups.  The other brother doing push ups is one of the Mission President's counselors.  Haha He interviewed Sister Bon for Baptism 

When our branch president the Elders and some members.  The Elder on the left is from Chiang Mai...His mom is Sister Deng; who helped us teach a lot.

The usual...always food...just the Thai culture.

"The Project"

Haha I had to share this :P we were in a taxi 

The church...Beautiful huh?!

The view from our balcony.

We ate at sizzlers today...hehe

At The Mall

In the Mall.  Pretty sure American Malls won't be enough when I come back. j/k 

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