New Area - Bang Khae

How is everyone doing?  How was the fourth of July??  Surprisingly, we celebrated American style too and when we went out to our area, we came across a fence that was red, white and blue.  It's strange to think about holidays though...

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the break from school.   I bet it's hot, but not as hot as my new area.  I moved to a place in Bangkok called Bang Khae.  My new companion is Sister Monterrosa.  She is AWESOME!  She is from Orem but her family is from Guatemala.  She’s 22 years old and graduated from UCAS (I think that's what it's called).  She taught Spanish before she came on her mission.  She is the 3rd of four kids in her family and she is so great!  

It's been a hard week.  I didn't want to leave Chiang Mai.  I cried for a bit because we were still teaching investigators and they were progressing.  Bon is doing great and Bam is still learning; just to clarify, she is the one that is in school and will get baptized in October when she finishes school.  It was hard to leave but I had the perfect last day in Chiang Mai.  Because we met our mission president and his wife on Monday, our p-day was on Tuesday.  So our district leader called us early in the morning and I kind of expected that I was moving (It's a long story to explain).  Anyway, because he called so early, I got some packing done and then we went and did last p-day activities.  It was the fourth so...we went all out and celebrated (as much as missionaries do - so basically we ate American food and ice cream!)  I spent my day packing because I wanted to just work all day Wednesday and teach our investigators there for the last time.  We got some inviting in and a funny story to tell--we went up to this house but the guy was leaving for work.  Two little kids came and stood by him because they were curious about what we were doing.   So they ask us for a pass a long card and then they start following us while inviting.   This one kid was especially adorable!  He's 11 years old and he showed us the hood.  He took us to all his friends’ houses and gave us the scoop on everyone.  Oh yeah, earlier I wrote my testimony in a copy of the Book of Mormon I had.  Seriously the last copy I had.  I was going to give it to a family we taught a few times and have a date to get baptized but I felt that I should give it to this little kid.  We did meet his parents and we set up an appointment to meet with them...I hope they are learning right now.  We finished our night at Bon’s and Bam's house.   They asked me to teach and bear my testimony.  It was hard not to cry...they fed us dinner and that was the end of my assignment in Chiang Mai.  Of course, we finished off the night by BOOKING it home so we could get our entire luggage and get to the bus station on time.  Super appropriate ending.  It summed up my experiences there.   

Although I was sad to leave, I am really grateful that Heavenly Father gave me a change to be a part of those people's lives and they are now a part of mine.  I know I'll see them one day.  SO, my new area is very, very different!  It's been hard adjusting because this is a walking area.  So I no longer ride my bike, instead we take taxis and songtaws and walk everywhere.  I had to take stuff out of my bag because it started to get heavy and hurts.  But I enjoy it here. The church is about a 5 min car ride away and it is BEAUTIFUL.  It looks like the Provo tabernacle but white.  I forgot to take a picture but I will and send it soon.  There's also "The Project," which is 39 buildings each with about 42 apartments (I’ll let you do the math).  I've been so exhausted these last few days.  1) I’m not used to walking.  2) There are stairs... after stairs...after stairs.  3) Its SO much hotter here!!  Anyways, I sat down and made some goals for this transfer.  It's going to be a great transfer...I can feel it.  This area has so much potential and the ward mission leader is fantastic.   Seriously amazing, think of the perfect ward mission leader; that's ours plus 10 times better!   He helps the missionaries so much!  

Right now we are teaching a family.  I feel that they are ready to get baptized but they have some issues with not being legally married and other issues.  p.s. their daughter is incredibly adorable.  She just smiles at you like you are her best friend.  But we taught them about faith and committed them to come to church.  The father said he wasn't sure but they would try to go.  Sunday morning comes around and THEY CAME! 10 mins before sacrament started.  The members greeted them and welcomed them warmly.  Our branch president talked to the husband (who is having some LOC and WOW problems) then our BP told us he would come with us to help teach them.  

There is another lady whose name is Mu.   She is pregnant with her third child and she is so faithful.  She can't read Thai so we will read with her.  But she and her husband were originally learning with the missionaries and one was ready to get baptized but not the other.  Then it switch but when both were ready, the husband went to Taiwan to work... for 3 YEARS@!  meh.  And she can't get baptized first because they aren't legally married.  There is a plan though, and Heavenly Father has it all figured out for them.  

Lastly, before I go we read with this lady named Dii.  She is maybe 70+ and lives with her daughter; she is also blind.   Makes reading the Book of Mormon a problem.  But we read with her's helped my Thai a lot.  (sidenote: I love reading in the Book of Mormon; it's actually addicting and sometimes, I can't put it down :P) Anyways, her daughter isn't really interested in learning and doesn't really take care of her mom and I feel like she doesn't love her.  I asked Sister Monterrosa if there was the scriptures in Thai on tape because I feel that it would give her comfort and hope.  This lady is seriously so sweet; she just needs someone to love her. 

Well I love being a missionary...always wearing a smile!! 

Sister Yeo 

p.s. The new address is 

1645/6 New Petchburee Road 
Maggasan, Ratchatewee
Bangkok 10400

I've been getting mail every week.   Haven't missed anything. I got the blue blazer (which is super cute!) The chocolates!! Such a good 5th of July surprise... yes the 5th of July :P and letters and teddy grahams and vitamins.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

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